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Culture du viol

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8 choses que les hommes peuvent faire à part "nous croire" #StopCultureDuViol. WHAT IS RAPE CULTURE? 3 Ways My Parents Unintentionally Taught Me That My Consent Didn't Matter. Shifting Cultural Sensibilities and Valentine’s Pleas. By Lisa Wade, PhD, Feb 13, 2013, at 11:30 am Originally posted in 2011.

Shifting Cultural Sensibilities and Valentine’s Pleas

Re-posted in honor of the holiday. I recently posted a vintage cartoon featuring men showering. This Guy's Hilarious 'List of Rules for Women' Is the Perfect Rebuttal to Misogyny. After last week's nude photo leak of more than 100 celebrities, more than a few Internet denizens (mostly men) ridiculously blamed the women for their own violation.

This Guy's Hilarious 'List of Rules for Women' Is the Perfect Rebuttal to Misogyny

In other words, these people argued it was the victim's responsibility to prevent the crime. Not surprisingly, it's the same argument that has been used to minimize rape culture. Confounded by this never-ending list, DJ Jay Smooth, founder of New York City's longest-running hip-hop radio program, WBAI's Underground Railroad, has come up with a "List Of Rules For Women" video: "Does anyone have a complete, up-to-date list of everything that women are supposed to do and not do so that they qualify for having their humanity respected? " Surprisingly astute and comically tongue-in-cheek, Smooth is a guy who seems to actually "get it," according to the Huffington Post. Finally, some rational thinking from a man on the Internet!

Smooth joins the ranks of other men who have recently spoken out in favor of feminism and gender parity. 3 Simple Posters Expose 3 Simple Truths All Women Understand. That's ... Not A Good Thing. The May 2014 shooting in Santa Barbara left 7 dead and 13 injured.

3 Simple Posters Expose 3 Simple Truths All Women Understand. That's ... Not A Good Thing.

Shortly after, the killer's video diaries leading up to the shooting were found, where he blamed women for never dating him despite the fact that he's a "nice guy". When people argued, "Not all men are like that! " Twitter user @gildedspine responded by creating the #YesAllWomen hashtag to start a bigger conversation about violence against women.

The hashtag quickly went viral, with women around the world chiming in and sharing their personal stories. No, not all men are violent toward women, but let's all agree no one should put up with this. Click image to Zoom News One did a really great story, "Why everyone should read #YesAllWomen on Twitter after Elliot Rodger’s rampage in Santa Barbara" that delves into the importance of the hashtag and the women who contributed to it. An Example of Successful Community Intervention. There’s something undeniably important in celebrating community victories in activism.

An Example of Successful Community Intervention

I’ve found that often, amazing accomplishments go un-celebrated due to the overwhelming amount of systematic injustices that exist, and the feelings of knowing that there’s always more work to do. Heyo~ Eunice here, representing Hollaback! Victoria. Veille-permanente: "Boîte à outils et conseils... Most Of These People Do The Right Thing, But The Guys At The End? I Wish I Could Yell At Them. Stop Harcèlement de rue. A modest proposition. To: QPOC Everywhere, All the time Re: Let’s do each other, maybe?

A modest proposition

“I know the anger lies inside of me like I know the beat of my heart and the taste of my spit. It is easier to be furious than to be yearning. Easier to crucify myself in you than to take on the threatening universe of whiteness by admitting that we are worth wanting each other.” Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches. L’agresseur sympathique et les fausses victimes   25 Everyday Examples of Rape Culture. If He's Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It's Not Because He's Drunk : Shots - Health News. Hide captionWe used to think they behaved badly because they were drunk.

If He's Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It's Not Because He's Drunk : Shots - Health News

Now we know they were just behaving badly. iStockphoto Young women are often the targets of aggression when they're out in bars, but the problem isn't that guys are too drunk to know better. Instead, men are preying on women who have had too much to drink. When researchers at the University of Toronto and the University of Washington observed young people's behavior in bars, they found that the man's aggressiveness didn't match his level of intoxication.


What Is Rape Culture. Vidéo buzz pour faire réfléchir les gars. GUERRILLA FEMINISM. McGill Law Feminist/Collective/Action: student paper takeover re “consent” Contraception & Consent: Hutchinson v.

McGill Law Feminist/Collective/Action: student paper takeover re “consent”

The Queen comes out this Friday about 1 month ago - No comments The SCC is set to release Hutchinson this Friday, so here’s a brief note + some links. Hutchinson was committed for trial by Justice Derrick in the NSPC R. v. Hutchinson, 2008 NSPC 79 (CanLII) The case was heard in 2009 by the NSSC R. v. L'affaire Gab Roy, miroir de la culture du viol. J'ai parlé un peu, ici et là, de l'affaire Gab Roy.

L'affaire Gab Roy, miroir de la culture du viol

Patty O'Green et le Wild Wild Web. On dit souvent que le peuple cherche toutes les raisons du monde pour s’enflammer.

Patty O'Green et le Wild Wild Web

Ce serait extraordinaire, si seulement c’était vrai. Je veux comprendre... la culture du viol. Nous vous avions parlé il y a quelques temps du slut-shaming ; continuons sur ce thème avec la culture du viol. La culture du viol décrit un environnement social et médiatique dans lequel les violences sexuelles trouvent des justifications, des excuses, sont simplement banalisées, voire acceptées. Fun-Loving White Girls Just Asking to Be Raped (TW) The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons. To the Parents of U.S.

The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons

Teenagers, Remember that intimate conversation you had with your son? The one where you said, “I love you and I need you to know that no matter how a woman dresses or acts, it is not an invitation to cat call, taunt, harass or assault her”? Or when you told your son, “A woman’s virginity isn’t a prize and sleeping with a woman doesn’t earn you a point”?

How about the heart-to-heart where you lovingly conferred the legal knowledge that “a woman doesn’t have to be fighting you and you don’t have to be pinning her down for it to be RAPE. CHVRCHES on the Internet: Stop the Misogyny. CHVRCHES' singer is stricking back against the glut of sexist messages the Glaswegian band regularly receives via social networking and online comment threads. Lauren Mayberry, who holds a Masters in journalism, has written an editorial for The Guardian in which she calls out the atrocious behavior she's witnessed on the Internet since the group launched in October 2011. "I am in a band that was born on the internet," she begins, explaining that she and her bandmates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty field their fan interactions personally because "the blogosphere and social networks have arguably been the key reasons anyone knows about us at all.

" But the good comes with a whole heaping lot of bad, she reveals. "Last week, I posted a screengrab of one of the many inappropriate messages sent to the band's social networks every day," Mayberry writes, referencing a solicitous message she shared on Facebook. From the Mouths of Rapists: The Lyrics of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Trigger warning: Graphic descriptions of sexual assault. Note: The opinions expressed in this post belong to Sezin Koehler alone and should not be attributed to anyone involved with Project Unbreakable. Robin Thicke’s summer hit Blurred Lines addresses what he considers to be sounds like a grey area between consensual sex and assault. The images in this post place the song into a real-life context. They are from Project Unbreakable, an online photo essay exhibit, and feature images of women and men holding signs with sentences that their rapist said before, during, or after their assault.

J’ai subi la « bonne baise» (viol) selon SeductionByKamal. This is Why We Published a Rapist’s Story. Poissonnes sans Bicyclettes. Finally, Date Rape Ads That Put The Onus On The Raper. Combat de rue. Souvent masqué sous le couvert des compliments, le harcèlement de rue est une forme de violence encore tolérée. Et qu’il faut combattre. Quatre fois par semaine, dans les rues de mon quartier, je cours. Pour garder la forme, me défouler, décompresser, pour le sentiment grisant de liberté que ça me procure. Quatre fois par semaine, je cours pour MON plaisir, pas pour LEUR divertissement.

Quatre fois par semaine, ils s’imposent sur mon chemin, comme pour me rappeler que je ne suis pas encore tout à fait libre d’occuper, au même titre qu’eux, cet espace public qu’est la rue. Pas une femme; une chicks, une poulette, une volaille sans cervelle. God love wanda sykes.  this skit was perfection. ... Joystick : apologie du viol et culture du machisme. Retour de Mar_Lard, pour un coup de gueule contre Joystick, un magazine de référence sur les jeux vidéo. Eve Ensler: Dear Mr. Akin, I Want You to Imagine... Dear Todd Akin, I am writing to you tonight about rape.

It is 2 AM and I am unable to sleep here in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am in Bukavu at the City of Joy to serve and support and work with hundreds, thousands of women who have been raped and violated and tortured from this ceaseless war for minerals fought on their bodies. Pourquoi nous ne nous tairons plus. Compte-rendu de l’atelier non-mixte sur le viol, les agressions sexuelles et les tentatives de viol. Cet atelier a été organisé à l’initiative de trois membres du Collectif Garçes.

Five problems with Dr. Phil’s tweet. Trigger warning: discussion of sexual violence and rape apologism. Last night, Dr. Phil sent out a quickly deleted — but more quickly screen-grabbed — tweet about sexual violence and alcohol. “If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her? Reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused.” Rightfully so, the feminist internet erupted in outrage, forcing a representative to justify Dr. Every Street Should Be a Safe Space. Whether it's getting catcalled or being told to smile, almost every woman deals with street harassment.

But it took until this summer to stage the first-ever international conference on street harassment, which took place over the weekend of July 25th at New York University. Grassroots anti-street-harassment group Hollaback organized the event, welcoming community organizers, nonprofit members, and just plain angry folks to share histories and to air out grievances about everyday sexual harassment.

It's clear that at the end of the event that street harassment is all about ownership of space. Writer Tanisha Love Ramirez, for example, lamented the social anxiety she's developed over the years, dealing with street harassment so often she became a recluse and stayed in the one space she knew she could control: "I didn't want to go to the store, I didn't want to go out and buy food… and I wouldn't even go out with my friends or my own little brother.

It just got so bad. " Rehtaeh Parsons, Amanda Todd et la culture du viol. Every Street Should Be a Safe Space. Guest Blogger Starling: Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced. I was raped at 55. Here is how I responded. TWEETS ET PRÉJUDICE – Menacée de viol sur Twitter, une journaliste veut avoir le dernier mot.

From The Classroom To The Courtroom, Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder. And The Beholder Is Always A Man. Les femmes, ces bébelles ostentatoires. UN CANADIEN SUR CINQ CROIT QUE LES FEMMES ENCOURAGENT LES AGRESSIONS SEXUELLES LORSQU’ELLES SONT EN ÉTAT D’ÉBRIÉTÉ. Cortnie. L'exemple des «creeper cards» À ta gauche. Youth Can Prevent Violence Against Women & Girls. In Rape Tragedies, the Shame Is Ours. Oui, nous vivons dans une culture du viol. À propos de la belle Rehtaeh Parsons – Droit criminel citoyen – Véronique Robert. Watching slut-shaming. On Calling Things By Name: Rape, Exploitation and Victim-Blaming Aren’t Bullying - Shameless Magazine - your daily dose of fresh feminism for girls and trans youth. RIP Rehtaeh Parsons: Victim of Victim-Blaming. Toula Foscolos: Rehtaeh Parsons: Yet Another Rape Victim to Blame? Three Ways Straight Dudes Can Help End Street Harassment.

WTF HAPPENED IN STEUBENVILLE? So you’re tired of hearing about “rape culture”? I Am Not Your Wife, Sister or Daughter. I Am A Person. Responses to the Steubenville Verdict Reveal Rape Culture. Steubenville and the misplaced sympathy for Jane Doe's rapists. Steubenville teens are found guilty but rape culture remains alive and well. Roxane Gay is Spelled With One "N" : What Empathy Is. The Careless Language Of Sexual Violence. 'Help! False Rape' Framing the Occidental Fight for a Better Sexual Assault Policy. Ten Things to End Rape Culture. Le silence des femmes. – Léa Streliski – Lea Streliski. The Enliven Project – The truth about false accusation. And just when you thought the Good Men Project couldn’t get any worse… I’d Rather Risk Rape Than Quit Partying. Against “Asking For It”: Another Anti-Rape Ad Aimed at Men. Welcome to Rape Culture: Sex with Drunk Girls is Funny.

Another Fashion Ad Implies Sexual Violence. When the Perpetrator Goes Free and the Victim Is Imprisoned. Raped policeman: 'I never thought I would be a victim' Sexual Violence on Campus: The Damage Done. Do Women Lie About Rape? “Rape Is Rape”: Joe Biden Channels Ms. Magazine Cover. Sexual Assault Awareness Facts. She Drinks, She Flirts, She Passes Out … Is It Rape? “Denim Day” Counts All the Ways We Excuse Sexual Assault. Did The New York Times Blame the 11-Year-Old Victim of a Texas Gang Rape? The New York Times Puts Another Alleged Rape Victim on Trial. What Did Ashley Judd Mean By “Rape Culture”? L'art de culpabiliser les victimes d'agressions sexuelles. Rapists Explain Themselves on Reddit, and We Should Listen. Anatomy of a Successful Rape Joke. The best response we've heard to Daniel Tosh's 'misquoted' rape jokes - 2012-Jul-12.

How to Make a Rape Joke. Sarah Silverman demonstrates how to make a rape joke. How to Out a Rapist.