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Abortion Clinics Are Burning, But No One Seems to Care. On Friday, September 4, a Planned Parenthood in Pullman, Washington, was set on fire a few hours before dawn; security footage shows a "flammable object" being thrown through the clinic window.

Abortion Clinics Are Burning, But No One Seems to Care

Twenty-eight days later, a clinic in Thousand Oaks, California, was firebombed in an almost identical manner. In mid-July, there was an attempted arson at an abortion provider in Aurora, Illinois, and on August 1, there was a car fire outside of a Planned Parenthood construction site in New Orleans. But most national media outlets didn't report on the attacks, and even fewer still connected them. Last week, NARAL Pro-Choice America released a petition calling on the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to direct the FBI to investigate the recent spate of arsons and clinic vandalisms as acts of domestic terrorism. The 24 week abortion limit and viability of premature babies: exploring behind the emotive headline. The 24 week legal abortion limit has been in the news again, with a couple calling for a review after their daughter was born alive at the same stage of pregnancy.

The 24 week abortion limit and viability of premature babies: exploring behind the emotive headline

This issue is far more complex than how it has been reported. It is about more than the rights and wrongs of abortion and the legal limit. We need to look past the emotive headline to consider the reality of the challenges faced by babies born at 24 weeks. These challenges are rarely highlighted. Baby Adelaide tragically lived for just an hour. I send Adelaide’s parents my most sincere condolences. Yes, it is possible for babies born at 24 weeks to survive. Can You Be a Pro-Life Feminist? One of the reasons why I write is to attempt to convince people that feminism isn’t the movement a lot of people think that it is– we’re not a bunch of bitter, vengeful hags.

Can You Be a Pro-Life Feminist?

Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to hate men, or burn your bra, or that you can’t shave your legs, or that you’ll never be able to wear makeup again. There’s a lot of stereotypes out there, stereotypes intentionally created by those who fought (and fight) against gender equality. I read a lot of feminist writers who are trying to do the same thing– we consider ourselves advocates and educators, and we put ourselves into that position of being the person willing to explain the obvious over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over . . . and something that we end up saying, ad nauseum, is: Last Abortion Clinic in Canadian Province to Close. When Kandace Hagen told the nurse at her family doctor’s office she wanted to terminate her pregnancy, the woman abruptly stopped speaking to her.

Last Abortion Clinic in Canadian Province to Close

But she scribbled the name of the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on a piece of paper before quickly leaving the room. My 28-week pregnancy and the 20-week abortion ban: why choice still matters. Tea and Feminism. L'avortement sexo-sélectif : L'hypocrisie des anti-choix. En septembre 2012, le député conservateur Mark Warawa a déposé la motion 408.

L'avortement sexo-sélectif : L'hypocrisie des anti-choix

Cette motion vise à « condamner la discrimination exercée contre les femmes au moyen d’avortements sexo-sélectifs. » Cette initiative a été considérée par l'opposition comme une tentative détournée de rouvrir le débat sur l'avortement et elle n’a pas été traitée. Avortement : c’est leur histoire. Ça fait 25 ans cette année que l’avortement est décriminalisé au Canada.

Avortement : c’est leur histoire

Pourtant, la question refait surface dans l’actualité. L’automne dernier, la ministre de la Condition féminine, Rona Ambrose, a appuyé une motion demandant la réouverture du débat sur l’interruption volontaire de grossesse (IVG). Ce printemps, la Chambre des communes débattra d’une motion visant à condamner les avortements basés sur le sexe du fœtus. Pro-choice on Amtrak: The time I told a group of anti-choice teenagers about my abortion. There Are Only Four Docs Left Who Perform Late Term Abortions. Women in their third trimesters whose pregnancies have something really wrong with them will fly to these providers—who get patients from all over the country for just this reason.

There Are Only Four Docs Left Who Perform Late Term Abortions

Women (and men) who really want to do something will go to college, knuckle down on the science courses, go to med school, take OB-GYN residencies, and arrange to train with one (or maybe several) of these docs. The last part is speculative. I know that Medical Students for Choice arranges for training rotations with abortion providers. ( However, terminating a late-term pregnancy is surgically and medically trickier than an earlier one (for one thing, if the termination is due to health problems of the mother rather than fetal nonviability, you have to work around those health issues). So if these four physicians aren't training replacements, someone should be talking them into doing so. » Les troupes de Stephen Harper et l’accès à l’avortement. Photo PC — Le député Warawa et sa collègue Stella Ambler Un député conservateur de la Colombie-Britannique, Mark Warawa, présente une motion invitant la Chambre des communes à condamner l’avortement sélectif.

» Les troupes de Stephen Harper et l’accès à l’avortement

Canada Is No Safe Harbor for Reproductive Rights. Every election year, disgruntled Americans threaten to move to Canada if the vote doesn’t come out the way they want it to, and 2012 was no different.

Canada Is No Safe Harbor for Reproductive Rights

Prior to election day, progressives prepared to move north; once the results were in, conservatives took to social media to announce similar plans, and were immediately mocked for their lack of knowledge about this socialist paradise. In one area, however, Republicans were not as far off the mark as you might think: women’s reproductive rights. Earlier this year, Conservative Member of Parliament Stephen Woodworth (CON-Kitchener-Waterloo) introduced Motion 312, which sought to reopen the definition of when a human life begins for the purposes of Canada’s Criminal Code. You may recall a number of similar “redefinition” attempts in the U.S., including VP candidate Paul Ryan’s failed 2012 bill to grant full personhood to fetuses.

Is There a 'Wrong' Reason to Have an Abortion? I was getting a pedicure earlier this year (this already sounds like a crappy sitcom premise) when two women next to me, one pretty darned (7 mos?)

Is There a 'Wrong' Reason to Have an Abortion?

Pregnant and one not, started talking about how their mutual friend was just at the testing point in her pregnancy. And they both spent the entire time they were there tearing down even the idea of prenatal testing, because what kind of monster would even check, because you'd only check if you were hoping for a designer baby, and she's always been pretty selfish anyway, and ... I was flabbergasted. I can't think of anything less worthy of contempt than a pregnant woman waiting on those results. Everyone I know gets tested and thankfully I've not known anyone who found out bad news, but I didn't know that it was a thing outside of Duggar circles to think that prenatal testing was a sign of low moral fiber.

As debate heats up, Canadian support for unrestricted abortions skyrockets. A Forum Research poll for the National Post recently asked 1,735 randomly selected Canadians 18 years of age or older when abortion should be legal. A full 60% of Canadians said always. That’s surprisingly high. Even more surprising: That number’s skyrocketed in recent months. In a similar Forum poll conducted last February, only 51% of Canadians took that position. That Canadians are pro-choice isn’t news. NEWSFLASH: Rep. Todd Akin’s Immaculate Non-Conception. In a stunning display of misinformation, sexism and chutzpah, anti-choice Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) said yesterday that, from what he understands, “legitimate rape” rarely results in pregnancy, because women’s bodies can somehow stop it from happening. In an interview with The Jaco Report, aired on the news station KTVI-TV (a FOX affiliate), Akin justified his no-exceptions view against abortion, even in cases of rape, by saying, First of all, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. … If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

Every woman’s reason is unique: Why rape exceptions and abortion stereotypes are harmful. One super important conversation that’s come out of uproar over Rep. Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment is how rape exceptions are total bullshit anyway. Irin Carmon explains: But when progressives cede the moral center to the rape exception, they are implicitly buying into the idea that some reasons to have abortions are more justified than others — and that we should be interrogating these reasons at all.