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34 best bloggers who advocate mental health

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5.lists. The 34 Best Bloggers Who Advocate for Mental Health and Wellness - Australia Counselling. With over 152 million blogs in the world today and more than 3.5 million blog posts published every single day, there’s no doubt that bloggers have enormous influence in our lives.

The 34 Best Bloggers Who Advocate for Mental Health and Wellness - Australia Counselling

We still have so far to go to reduce the stigma of mental illness and increase education about effective treatments, yet there are many bloggers who are writing about their own personal experiences of mental health issues and sharing helpful information and knowledge to improve the mental wellness of their readers. Australia Counselling decided to search the internet for the best bloggers throughout the world who advocate for mental health and wellness. So here are our top 34 bloggers (in no particular order). 1. Life and Other Crises – Kerry Sackville Kerry Sackville is an Australian author, columnist, blogger, speaker and social media expert. 2.

AnxietyGuru.Net is a blog that was born out of Paul Dooley’s passion to help those that struggle with anxiety, panic and depression. Dr. Nancy O'Reilly Resources, Media Files, Testimonials. To all media representatives: Thank you for your work to empower women to create a better world for their families, their communities and themselves.

Dr. Nancy O'Reilly Resources, Media Files, Testimonials

Because of my mission of women empowerment, I make time to share my expertise as a clinical psychologist with reporters in television, radio, internet and print media. For nearly 30 years I’ve worked to educate and inspire women to do their best at being exactly what they want: strong, powerful, effective and happy. I’ve devoted my time, talents and treasure to this mission.

I’m an author of good books for women, a podcast interviewer, philanthropist and community activist. All of my writing and speaking serves to benefit the 501(c)3 Women Connect4Good, Inc. foundation, which I established to help create a better world. How can I help YOUR work of women empowerment in the world? Dr. Dr. Video Library Click here to see Dr. What Our Clients are Saying Linda Rendleman, MS, CEO/Co-Founder Women Like Us Foundation. 30 Transcendent Sites for Stress Reduction >> Nurse-tacular. Anacostia Yoga Anacostia Yoga is named after the neighborhood in which it was founded, located in the heard of Washington D.C.

30 Transcendent Sites for Stress Reduction >> Nurse-tacular

The demand for the yoga classes has been extraordinary and has expanded to include pilates, zumba, and African Martial Arts, among others.Zen Moment – Yoga in Anacostia Mastery of Meditation, Yoga, and Zen is a blog for yoga enthusiasts that focuses on how to correctly do various yoga poses. The site also has videos of yoga sessions and links to free books.Zen Moment – Meditation Certification Bram Levinson Yoga After a massive change in the direction he desired to drive his life in, Bram Levinson found himself working to become a yoga instructor, not only for the benefit of his own life, but for others as well.

The Daily Om is fantastic for any yogini just looking for more resources they might be interested in. Books, Top 10 Lists, and life tips are some of the components that make up the website.Zen Moment – Detoxing Your Body.

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Pages in Top Personal Development Blogs. Change the World: Our Search for the 2013 Next Global Thought Leader #CTW13. Certified Competent Coaches. The following life coaches and business coaches have earned the SCM Certified Competent Coach Credential.

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Certified Competent Coaches 2015 Francesca Ceretti, Brescia, Italy Certified Competent Coach awarded 11-10-15. Best Coaching Blogs 2013. Women For Change Coaching Community. Testimonials on Life Coaching with Ang! New Testimonials!

Testimonials on Life Coaching with Ang!

Coaching with Ang is like talking to your incredibly wise, supportive and creative best friend! Andrea My coaching session with Angela was comfortable and empowering. She enabled me to see solutions and ways of doing things that have inspired and motivated me to get over this ‘hump’. Angela is a beautiful human being with a lot to give the world and I wish her all the very best in all of her endeavours! Lexi Stefanski, Maryvale, Queensland, Australia, 0403615800 Lance ThurstonChief Administrative Officer at County of Grey Angela is an exceptionally skilled professional with highly developed leadership and people skills. January 6, 2013, Lance managed Angela indirectly at City of Kingston E.G. December 4, 2012, E.G. was Angela’s client Nora WhalenPresident at Institute for Beautiful Business Angela is a joy to work with.

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