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Famous Buddhist Quotes & Sayings. Ten Must-See Art Documentaries. Edwin Long. Edwin Longsden Long RA (12 July 1829 – 15 May 1891) was an English genre, history, biblical and portrait painter.

Edwin Long

Life and works[edit] Queen Esther (1878) Ant-fungus mutualism. Overview[edit] Fungus-growing ants actively propagate, nurture and defend the basidiomycete cultivar.[3] In return, the fungus provides nutrients for the ants, which may accumulate in specialized hyphal-tips known as "gongylidia".

Ant-fungus mutualism

In some advanced genera the queen ant may take a pellet of the fungus with her when she leaves to start a new colony.[4] Types[edit] Hdr ex colonia. Jose Rivas “HART COLOR