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Prepositions of time, place, movement. Excellent English Grammar Books - free online. Cambridge English Write & Improve. Translation activities in the language classroom. It does not consider the role of the L1 as a teaching tool, for example for classroom management, setting up activities, or for explaining new vocabulary.

Translation activities in the language classroom

This question has been discussed elsewhere on the Teaching English site. The article starts by looking at what we mean by translation as an activity in the language classroom, and then briefly reviews the history of translation in language learning within the framework of various methodologies. An experiment with Google Translate in introductory-level language courses. CORPUS CONC ENG. Comicshead digital storytelling. BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets For Busy English Teachers.

Sentence dictionary online - Good sentence examples for every word! Learn Languages with Music Videos, Lyrics and Karaoke! Google Tools for English Language Arts. English Phonetic Transcription) Text to Phonetics. 37 – Earworms 2 – Would you like a … July … liar? – Speech in Action. Last summer (2016) I was invited to IH London to give a two-hour seminar to teachers of English from the Basque country.

37 – Earworms 2 – Would you like a … July … liar? – Speech in Action

They were amazingly enthusiastic and very receptive. I had given (as I usually do) a talk/workshop on how to prepare students for their listening encounters with normal everyday speech, focussing on examples of fast speech. At the end of the session, one of the teachers came up to me and told of her experience shopping at a local supermarket, and more particularly, a question that she was asked at the check out.

The question was ‘Would you like a receipt with that?’ But it was spoken so fast that the teacher had – at first – no idea what had been said. But, I thought I might make another ear-worm out of it, for the purposes of demonstration at the latest IATEFL conference in Glasgow. The reason that we have a July version of the Jungle version is because part of the sound substance (the end of would the whole of you and the beginning of like) is hearable as July. 101 Idiom Practice Sessions. Image challenge - How to teach IDIOMS using picture?

Image challenge - Week three I'm so happy that more and more teachers join our IMAGE CHALLENGE.

Image challenge - How to teach IDIOMS using picture?

I'm still wating for more feedback from you. How do YOU use images in the classroom? What are YOUR methods? This week, I want to present you a great way to teach idioms. The Top 10 Work Opportunities for Online English Teachers. Teaching a language online has become a great opportunity to earn a side or even a full income from home.

The Top 10 Work Opportunities for Online English Teachers

Working from home has many advantages such as flexible working hours, an improved work-life balance, the establishment of a family-work equilibrium, no commutes and more time for cooking and cleaning the house. In times of the crisis, an attractive side income can give you the backup you need. So if you have a good knowledge of English grammar, a clear voice, and the skills, patience and persistence you need to teach adults, teenagers and even kids, teaching English online might be the right thing for you. There are numerous teaching opportunities that have surfaced in the last few years and more and more companies are offering online language training all over the world.

50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Virtonomics - Best free business simulation. Serious strategy game. Tycoon online. 85a2b77991d813584e55491aa1a96a4f. ESL discussion material based on TED talks. PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH! 25911 sample. A Dogme Cat Translation and Video Dictation « designer lessons. A designer lessons ESL lesson plan developed by George Chilton This is a lighthearted, interactive video lesson aimed at teenagers and younger GE classes.

A Dogme Cat Translation and Video Dictation « designer lessons

The learners produce their own language and material, using the video as a base. They perform, correct and compare dialogues and also complete a listening dictation. Yes, that’s right, it’s a cat translation. Speech in Action – In touch with real speech. Read Listen Learn - digital graded readers with audio to help people teach and learn English as a foreign language. Tubequizard. Learn english by speaking. Ademic Phrasebank – Signalling Transition. Previewing what is to follow in a paper or dissertation is like showing a map to a driver; it enables them to see where they are going.

ademic Phrasebank – Signalling Transition

So it is useful to think of a preview section as a ‘road map’ for the reader. It must be accurate, but it must be easy to follow. Writers are also expected to indicate to the reader when they are moving from one topic to another, or from one section of text to another. These are known as transition statements and examples of these, together with some previewing statements, are given below. Previewing sections of text The section below describes … What follows is an account of … In the following pages, I will present … The following is a brief description of … In the section that follows, it will be argued that … The problem of X is discussed in the following section.

» #ELTchat Summaries Index. Here is a list of all of the ELTchats which have ever taken place, including links to the transcripts and summaries where available.

» #ELTchat Summaries Index

Please let us know if you would like to write a summary for chats which don’t already have one. These summaries have been coloured like this. Summaries are listed from newest to oldest. On occasion, you may see two summaries on the same topic; this is not a mistake, but two people offered to write summaries of the same #ELTchat.

We hope you enjoy these summaries which contain hundreds of useful teaching ideas and links and do please check this listing before you submit your topics for voting. Photo Credit: SamikRC via Compfight. Wisdom from 20 Years in the TESL Trenches. VOA - Voice of America English News. Flo-Joe: THE place on the web for Cambridge English exam preparation: PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - For English as a Second Language.

Learners. Perfect English Grammar. Publications and materials from TEFL lifer Alex Case. See the drop-down menus under the photo for thousands of photocopiables and articles, and for how to support TEFLtastic.