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Chris Keegan. Nina Geometrieva - Dribbble. Omori ひきこもり. 1041uuu. Behance. Varvara Yaikova. Affinity - Professional creative software. Digital Painting. Creative Freedom. Black Sails – Poster Spy. GIF Art Reveals The Secret Lives of Paintings. Scientific diagnostics can tell us a lot about the world around us.

GIF Art Reveals The Secret Lives of Paintings

But they’re far more powerful and appealing when they’re visualized appropriately. For every exciting x-ray, infrared, or ultraviolet image that tells art historians and architects about what lies beneath the image or wall visible to the naked eye—before and after images were the only way to go. Until now. Jlhesh Blog: FAMOUS PAINTING GIFS. Animated Versions Of Van Gogh Paintings Are Both Gorgeous And Creepy. Famous Artist Animated Painting Gifs at Best Animations.

On this page you will find famous paintings gif animations.

Famous Artist Animated Painting Gifs at Best Animations

Amazing animated Van Gogh paintings, Munch The Scream, Picasso, Monet, Manet, beautiful Venus and classical art in animated form. Great set of Bob Ross gifs, whom is also a famous one of a kind artist. I used to watch Bob painting on TV when I was young. You can share or download all the animated art painting images entirely for free. Use the share tools provided on the page to quickly share out the images.

To save the gifs. Selected: Clever Animated GIFs of Famous Art With Missing Subjects. London-born Mike Guppy created this series of animated GIFs a few years ago titled “Selected“.

Selected: Clever Animated GIFs of Famous Art With Missing Subjects

With a little bit of Photoshop, he has removed the subjects from a few famous pieces of artwork, and cleverly added an outline of the “marching ants” animation around the missing subject. This is only particularly funny to those familiar with Photoshop “Select” tool, but I thought it was a really great series of GIFs that left me wanting more. The paintings that he has manipulated range from The Birth of Venus to The Scream. In an interview with It’s Nice That, Guppy spoke about that how he blurs the line between art, technology, and the world wide web: Amazing Photo Editor and Designer Studio at your fingertips. WL OP. Hark! A Vagrant: Kevin Phung. Picturing Shakespeare’s characters. My last post was about processions of people dressed as Shakespeare’s characters, especially in relation to David Garrick’s The Jubilee.

Picturing Shakespeare’s characters

It’s as if they have a life independent of the plays, so nobody would be surprised to see Falstaff, Juliet or Shylock walking down the street. But artist have also imagined those characters and have also placed them outside the play in which they appear. Thomas Stothard, Shakespearean Characters. Tate Gallery. Mine MY EDIT dc comics fave starfire dc comics koriand'r Kory Anders dcedit comicedit starfireedit hellakoriandr feministkoriandr character: my only sunshine barbaragordan. Digital painting and drawing video tutorials and step by step: September 2009. How to draw Spiderman.

Digital painting and drawing video tutorials and step by step: September 2009

Learn to draw comics superhero. This video tutorial shows you how to draw Spiderman. Step by step images is also included in this tutorial below. Stormalong by RQuack on DeviantArt. Lolly Poopdeck by kezeff on DeviantArt. These Game Of Thrones Pin-Up Girls Are Just Absolutely Stunning. - INTVSERIES. These Remarkably Endless Looping GIFs Were Created by a Blind Artist. Native American artist George Redhawk using his remaining sight to create wonderful GIFs even though he’s legally blind.

These Remarkably Endless Looping GIFs Were Created by a Blind Artist

With help from computer software, the designer employs the art of gif-making to show others how he perceives the world as a man who suddenly lost his vision. His current work, a mesmerizing fusion of still and morphing motion, titled ‘The World Through My Eyes.’ Behance. 9 Artists Who Use the Nude Figure to Tell Powerful Stories.

Warning: Contains nudity.

9 Artists Who Use the Nude Figure to Tell Powerful Stories

Throughout history, the nude figure has been a staple of Western art. Ancient Greece was heavily focused on the subject, using it to express the ideals particularly of male beauty. With the Renaissance, the body was a revival of antiquity models, embracing humanism, religion and symbolism. Today, the naked body still acts as a blank emotional canvas, able to convey both power and vulnerability in the same instance. Fredão Oliveira (@fredao_oliveira) Art.

Concept Art by Donglu Yu. Medieval lord Donglu Yu is a Montreal, Canada based artist who immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was at her young age.

Concept Art by Donglu Yu

She uses digital art as means to explore the maximum possibilities of artistic directions that a piece would have. Currently she works as a Game Concept Artist and you can see Chinese heritage through the majority of her creations On the horse Morning market Arriving. Selected Works - simon goinard. 40 Examples Of Eye Popping Pixel Art.

Pixel art was brought to the mainstream with the release of gaming consoles in the early eighties.

40 Examples Of Eye Popping Pixel Art

30 superbes illustrations de Will Murai. C’est le genre d’illustrateur qui met les nerfs à certains, qui impose le respect à d’autres mais tous ne peuvent être qu’admiratif du travail effectué par ce jeune illustrateur Will Murai.

30 superbes illustrations de Will Murai

Illustrateur basé à São Paulo au Brazil, il a su se créer un book avec de très belles références qui fait de lui une pointure dans le domaine. Marvel, DC comics, Décathlon, Marie Claire et bien d’autres comme LewLaraTBWA, c’est des grands qui on eux recours à ses talents d’illustration. Ci-dessous 30 de ses plus belles créations rien que pour le plaisir des yeux. 40+ of the Best Illustrations of 2014. The Martian Art Print by Matt Harrison Clough. Sci-Fi Spacecraft Art (page 4) - Pics about space. Indie Shuffle. Tags: Anime, Fanart, BLEACH, Inoue Orihime, Ulquiorra Schiffer. Sail: In Two Movements - Charles Demuth. Pretty Disney Princess Yzma. Muybridge Art Refrence - Capybara Looping Walkcycle - Plate 746.