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Digital-photography-school. Photography can be a fun and rewarding thing to learn, but where do you start?


The Ultimate Photography Cheat Sheet Every Photography Lover Needs. The almighty photo is quickly taking over the world.

The Ultimate Photography Cheat Sheet Every Photography Lover Needs

As our attention spans grow small, we really only want to see the photo and possibly a short sentence describing it. I mean look at social media avenues such as Instagram or Facebook, not to mention the newly coined term “selfie.” We just cannot get enough images in our lives. RAW vs. JPEG: An Ultimate Guide. I did not plan on writing a dedicated article on RAW vs JPEG.

RAW vs. JPEG: An Ultimate Guide

Why? I thought this ship had sailed long ago and the time of heated debates over which format is better was well into the past. But, what I realized in teaching photography is that this topic is still confusing and unclear for every generation of newcomers who decide to join the exciting and wonderful realm of photography. Redirect Notice. Shutter Speed Chart as a Photographer's Cheat Sheet. When we talk about the Shutter Speed in photography the first thing that comes to mind is its is relationship to Exposure.

Shutter Speed Chart as a Photographer's Cheat Sheet

The Shutter speed is the essential part of Exposure Triangle (Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed) and it helps photographers to get perfectly exposed photos. But my belief is that to understand and to master Shutter Speed for taking the perfectly exposed images is the easiest part of the equation.


The Ultimate Guide to Learning how to use Your first DSLR. If you’ve bought yourself a DSLR and, after unpacking it from the box, you are intimidated by the number of buttons and dials, and by the thickness of the manual, it can be very tempting to put the manual down, flick it onto ‘Auto’ and start shooting.

The Ultimate Guide to Learning how to use Your first DSLR

Whilst that is fine for some, it may not be long until you crave the creative control that inspired you to purchase a DSLR in the first place, but where do you begin? If you consider yourself a beginner who is unsure of how to make the most of your camera, this post is designed for you. It’s intended to be a brief, a one-stop shop to help you take your camera off auto, and take control of your DSLR. It isn’t intended to be a replacement for your camera manual, so will not explain every last setting in great depth, but will cover enough of the basics to get you in control of your camera, and give you the key topics to go back to your manual to read. How to Take Photos with the Zoom Blur Effect [Includes Printable Cheat Sheet] I was walking around London recently with my camera and I got a bit bored, as I had been wandering by the same part of the city a thousand times, waiting for inspiration.

How to Take Photos with the Zoom Blur Effect [Includes Printable Cheat Sheet]

To make it more fun I thought I would try experimenting with long shutter speeds. A Visual Guide to Photography for Beginners. Huawei Watch Stand / Charging Cradle by AZ360VR. TRIM Support for Solid State Drives - Enable or Disable in Windows 10. How to Enable or Disable TRIM Support for Solid State Drives (SSD) in Windows 10 InformationThe {*style:<a href=' command is essential to maintain the performance of solid state drives (SSDs) at an optimal level over the lifetime of the drive.

TRIM Support for Solid State Drives - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

TRIM functions by actively deleting invalid data from the SSD’s memory cells to ensure that write operations perform at full speed. Since a memory block must be erased before it can be re-programmed, TRIM improves performance by pro-actively erasing pages containing invalid data, allowing the SSD to write new data without first having to perform a time-consuming erase command.EXAMPLE:SSD pages contain no data.User writes data to SSD pages.User deletes some data. Pages are marked as "not in use" by the OS, but data remains on SSD.TRIM command tells SSD controller that pages contain invalid data. Pages with invalid data are cleaned.Data is written back to SSD memory cells. Stuck on a bootloop? OS is fried? Huawei watch resuscitation for dummies: … Stuck on a bootloop?

Stuck on a bootloop? OS is fried? Huawei watch resuscitation for dummies: …

OS is fried? Huawei watch resuscitation for dummies: Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk, understand the steps and don't rush anything. 1- First let's try a factory reset. Connect to the charger while doing this (plug into a wall, not PC usb). 2- Put your watch in fastboot mode: long press the button until the huawei logo appears and a long vibration occurs. Cheat Sheet: How Hyperfocal Focusing Works. Maximizing Depth of Field Without Diffraction. How camera flash works: free photography cheat sheet. There is a time and a place for flash photography.

How camera flash works: free photography cheat sheet

It will often kill the atmosphere at a party, but there are other times when your camera flash is the essential ingredient for a successful shot. The secret to success is to use the built-in camera flash on most DSLRs with caution. The key to getting good results is often a matter of exposure, ensuring you use settings that make the flash look as natural as possible. Using camera flash complicates the usual problems of exposure. You not only have to choose the best shutter speed, aperture and ISO to suit the scene, you have to add the flash power into the exposure equation too. 12 Tips for Mastering the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop. You will not often find the stairs of Opera Garnier in Paris free of people, so you will need to put the Clone Stamp tool to work to remove the people if you want a clean picture.

12 Tips for Mastering the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

This applies at many other tourist destinations as well. How to Take Photos with the Zoom Blur Effect [Includes Printable Cheat Sheet] Getting Sharper Images - an Understanding of Focus Modes. The longer you shoot, the larger the repertoire of subjects and assignments you photograph becomes. You start off photographing flowers in the garden, your neighbour’s dog, your sister’s kids, your friend’s wedding and then before you know it you’re doing product shots for your friend’s new company.

How to use lens flare to create atmospheric photos. Jason Parnell-Brookes reveals how to use lens flare to your advantage to create atmospheric, summery scenes. Usually photographers work hard to avoid lens flare. It can be distracting, causing metering issues and introducing specular highlights. Sometimes, however, you can take advantage of it. For this technique to work, the sun needs to be near the edges of the frame, so check the forecast before you head out, and shoot early or late in the day when the sun is close to the horizon. The Path to Better Photography. Ed Verosky is a professional photographer and author based in New York. In this article, Ed presents his recommended path to learning photography. If you’ve ever wanted a little guidance when it comes to learning photography from top to bottom, this DPS post is for you! There’s a lot of information out there, and tons of books, tutorials, workshops, etc. to learn from.

How Cameras Work Infographic. What is maximum aperture? Which lenses go widest (and why it matters) What is maximum aperture? It’s a question we often hear from new photographers who are getting to grips with their lenses or trying to understand depth of field. In this guide we explain what it means to set the maximum aperture, which lenses go widest and what you actually gain in terms of your images. Click on the infographic to see the larger version, or drag and drop to your desktop to save. The aperture setting of the lens controls the amount of light that passes through, so you can use this setting as part of your exposure adjustments.

In dim light you can use a wider lens aperture so that more of the light gets through to reach the sensor, and in bright light you can use a smaller lens aperture to reduce the intensity. There are other exposure adjustments too, of course, including the shutter speed, or exposure time, and the ISO, or sensitivity setting of the sensor. Where to Focus When Taking a Photo. Deep Depth of Field vs Shallow: 10 common questions and answers. Ever wondered why some backgrounds are pin-sharp and others are out of focus? This is what’s called deep depth of field and shallow depth of field. Find out how to take full control of this in-camera photography effect and answer any of the common photography questions you may have.

Cheat Sheet: Getting Control over Your Camera in Manual Mode. O FATOR CROP DAS LENTES FOTOGRÁFICAS. A Beginner's Guide to Choosing Shooting Mode. Even the most seasoned veteran photographer may use a pre-programmed mode occasionally in order to concentrate immediately on a shot rather than take the time to calculate exposure and miss the opportunity for the great image. But if you are a beginner at photography or want to advance your photography skills beyond the use of Auto mode, begin by adventuring away from the green box. Tipos de Luzes na Fotografia e Como Usá-las. Faturas: tudo o que precisa de saber. Na declaração que entregar em 2016, o Fisco vai deduzir 35% das despesas gerais familiares. As compras do supermercado, os sapatos novos, os abastecimentos do carro, o carregamento do telemóvel, a luz, o gás... tudo pode ser incluído. No entanto, só irão contar os gastos comprovados por faturas com o número de contribuinte (NIF).

As despesas dos filhos, por exemplo, com saúde e educação, também devem ser comprovadas com fatura. Nela, tem de constar obrigatoriamente o NIF da criança. Só assim as despesas podem ser automaticamente registadas no sistema e-fatura e consideradas pelo Fisco para efeitos de IRS. Cada contribuinte pode deduzir até € 250 dessas despesas. Casados podem entregar o IRS em separado Tal como os casais em união de facto, os casados poderão entregar a declaração de IRS separadamente em 2016. Pode ser vantajoso entregar em separado, por exemplo, quando não existem diferenças significativas entre os rendimentos dos cônjuges.


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