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Code University - Google Code. Learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything. It's even more Peer Powered We know learning is more fun with friends.

Learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything

We've kept the best part of the School of Webcraft and made it the core of everything we do to #TeachTheWeb. We work alongside our peers, ask each other for help, and offer expertise to those in need. The Webmaker Community supports each other in our community forum. Come join us! Mozilla & P2PU Mozilla's mission is to keep the web open, and to work together to enable anyone to take part in building it's future. We support each other. Webmaker's #TeachTheWeb program is part of Mozilla's commitment to help educators and others teach vital web literacy skills. Programming. Programming. Learn HTML5, JavaScript and CSS With Mozilla's "School of Webcraft.

Mozilla is getting ready for the January semester of School of Webcraft, a 100% free developer training resource run in partnership with Peer 2 Peer University.

Learn HTML5, JavaScript and CSS With Mozilla's "School of Webcraft

Last semester, the School of Webcraft offered 15 classes; now, Mozilla is trying to get around 30 classes going for the January semester. Classes will be between six and 10 weeks long; they'll revolve around topics relevant to web designers and developers, including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Previous classes have also included non-developer topics such as organic SEO. Requisite skill levels will run the gamut from novice to expert. The volunteer-run courses will begin on January 26, and proposals for new course ideas are still being accepted. Students learn through a combination of free and open learning materials, online study groups and hands-on assignments that test their hacking skills. If you're a leader in the developer community, you can also step up and lead a course yourself. Learn To Code At Any Level With Google Code University. Whether it’s for fun, for work, or for something else, programming knowledge is becoming more and more relevant in today’s world.

Learn To Code At Any Level With Google Code University

We’re spending more and more time online, so it’s only natural for us to need to have more knowledge of how to build and maintain the sites and applications we know and love. Thanks to Google, in collaboration with schools around the United States, there’s a massive resource for learning how to program and code on the Web. It’s called Google Code University, and is a great place to learn coding and programming, or just to brush up on your skills. GCU is broken into a few different courses ““ AJAX Programming, Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Web Security, and Languages.

There’s also a section called Tools 101, which helps you learn how to use Linux, databases, SQL, and the like. Before you really get started with Google Code University, you might want to take a look at the CS Curriculum Resources link. Within each course, there’s a ton of useful information. Programmer 101: Teach Yourself How to Code.

5 Great Resources To Learn How To Code. However, more often than not, there seems to be a problem of actually finding good content online that can teach you to code.

5 Great Resources To Learn How To Code

Experimenting with a language can only get you so far. To master it, you need to have proper guidance from people who actually know what they are talking about. So where can you find expert guidance without shelling out a fortune for it? You could start with checking out the websites below: Dream In Code Just taking a look at their logo ought to tell you that the community at Dream In Code isn’t something to mess around with. They have everything. They also have a video channel and links to developers’ blogs if you want to look deeper. W3Schools If what you want to master is a Web technology, you’ve got to give W3Schools a look. You can get tutorials ranging from plain-Jane HTML, right up to AJAX and the likes. Eloquent JavaScript If you’ve ever had to use a Greasemonkey Script or a Bookmarklet, you have a clue about the kind of power that JavaScript possesses.

Video Game Development.