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2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally; See What Happens Next. 8 TEDtalks That Will Change Your Life Forever. 1.

8 TEDtalks That Will Change Your Life Forever

Juan Enriquez: Will our kids be a different species? Juan asks in this compelling TEDtalk ‘can we upgrade ourselves?’ His answer immediately puts humankind in perspective. So far, there have been 29 upgrades of humanoids. Multiple versions co-existed. Read more in his book Homo Evolutis. 2. Brené tells us a story about expanding our perception in a way that could change our lives forever. Read more in her book The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are 3. Jane is a gamer. Read more in her book Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change The World 4. We often hear that success is a choice, that it is right around the corner and is for everybody to grasp.

Read more in his book Status Anxiety 5. Daphne shows the world how an outdated education system can be outperformed in many ways by something new. 6. Do you eat? Learn more about Incredible Edible here 7. 8. Traktor racing volvo terror. A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors. Most incredible volcano footage ever. Floating Soccer Pitch on

A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE. Turntable spinning and biking come together at last with insane new technology - The Feed Blog. Top 10 Amazing Chemical Reactions. Our World Chemical reactions are part of our daily lives.

Top 10 Amazing Chemical Reactions

From cooking in the kitchen, to driving a car, these reactions are commonplace. This list is aimed at some of the more exotic and amazing reactions that most of us have not seen or experienced. My knowledge of science is limited, so if I have made a blunder in my descriptions, please let me know so that I can correct them! Here are the top 10 amazing chemical reactions. Sodium and Water in Chlorine Gas Sodium is a highly combustible element and the addition of water can make it explode. Magnesium and Dry Ice Reaction Magnesium ignites easily and burns very brightly. Potassium Chlorate and Candy Reaction Potassium Chlorate is a compound containing potassium, chlorine and oxygen. When a superconductor is cooled to below its transitional temperature, it becomes diamagnetic: this is when something is repulsed from a magnetic field rather than drawn in to it. Sodium Acetate Super Saturation Floating on Sulfur Hexafluoride. Make Sure You Share.

Indiana State Police ERT Breach. HILARIOUS GUN PRANK!! MUST WATCH!! Funniest Japanese Girls Prank. When Good Bananas Go Bad. Matts Revenge: No, NO. NO! Scare Prank - AWESOME. Pine-Sol® Pranked. Creeping Oobleck. Prince Ruperts Drop. Chemical Party. How To Make Glow-In-The-Dark Mountain Dew - Video. Solid Nitrogen, Vacuum Cooling and Dry Ice. Its Unbelievably Freezing in winters of 2010-2011. Nitroglycerin And Nitrogen Triiodide - Video. Free chemistry Animations- Cool Science: Restore Silver with Electrochemistry. Nitinol - Metal That Remembers Its Shape. Fun with chemistry #24 - The amazing Pharaoh's Serpent reaction - The Blogs at HowStuffWorks - StumbleUpon.

By Marshall Brain | May 18, 2010 The reaction you can see below is called Pharaoh’s serpent, and it is both bizarre and amazing to watch: So how does this work?

Fun with chemistry #24 - The amazing Pharaoh's Serpent reaction - The Blogs at HowStuffWorks - StumbleUpon

The starting chemical is mercury thiocyanate (also known as mercuric sulphocyanate – Hg(SCN)2). Which sounds really bad, because it contains the poison mercury combined with a cyanate (i.e. cyanide). For more info see on mercury and cyanide see: - Are you poisoning yourself with fish? - How does potassium cyanide work? The fumes from the reaction contain mercury, and so does the solid left behind. Today you can buy fireworks that look a little like Pharaoh’s Serpent, but are not quite that dramatic. Making Black Snakes or Glow Worms. The Page Turner. Six famous thought experiments explained quickly. Did You Know? "We are living in exponential times" (A Must Watch, Really) Student Presentation 9 - Chemistry Career Advice. Camel gets tickled. 河馬拉屎好霸氣啊,一定要躲遠點才行!!! Extreme Sheep LED Art. Eye of the tiger :-) Harderwijk 2010.

Cordyceps Fungus - The mind-control Killer-Fungi. Slow Loris Eating Rice ball. Selfless Dog Displays Amazing Altruism in Chile / Perrito Demuestra Impresionante Altruism... Mission Impossible Squirrel. Why everyone should have a dog. Hilarious Cat. 25 Awesome And Funny Animal GIFs. If you’ve seen our lists of 25 epic fail gifs and 25 epic win gifs then you know how entertaining it can be watch people do ridiculous things over and over again.

25 Awesome And Funny Animal GIFs

Not to be outdone, however, our furry four legged (and two legged) friends now have a featured list of their own. So sit back and relax as you watch some of the animal kingdoms biggest jokers strut their stuff in this list of 25 awesome and funny animal gifs. Guy Gets Hit By Lightning Twice and Lives. 15 year old got mad guitar skills. BMW 1M - Walls - MPowered Performance Part 1.

How Differential Gear works (BEST Tutorial) Simple animation to explain complex principles - Electronics. 1, aircraft radial engine 2, oval Regulation 3, sewing machines 4, Malta Cross movement - second hand movement used to control the clock 5, auto change file mechanism 6, auto constant velocity universal joint 6.gif 7, gun ammunition loading system 8 rotary engine - an internal combustion engine, the heat rather than the piston movement into rotary movement # Via World Of Technology.

Simple animation to explain complex principles - Electronics

The Aerial Atom Vs a Supercar Selection - Top Gear Series 16 Episode 1 - BBC Two. DUI test Perfect Score. Crazy Ping-Pong Player. Krispy Kreme and Money Maker Mike - Haters Wanna Be Me. Monkey man. T-SHIRT WAR!! (stop-motion music video) Making of a Shade. If animals were able to talk... The opposite effect of Helium. Mad TV - Lorraine Buys a Bed.