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Interactiu. Trapcode - Blog. Interrogating the field of interactive documentary. Ficción sonora - La vida de Brian - 01/02/12, Ficción sonora. AfterEffects. Cómo podemos tener éxito con la publicidad en vídeo digital. Los estadounidenses cada día se están descargando más vídeos y las marcas invirtiendo más dinero en alcanzarles mediante publicidad en este medio.

Cómo podemos tener éxito con la publicidad en vídeo digital

El cambio continuo de adaptación del vídeo al móvil da un impulso adicional a la accesibilidad. Los consumidores ya no están únicamente vinculados a los ordenadores o televisores, sino que ahora pueden utilizar también los smartphones o las tabletas. En estos momentos la publicidad en vídeo digital es crucial. Webdocumentaires : liberté et engagement by Florent Maurin on Prezi. Créer la liberté :Narration linéaireNarration concentriqueNarration en "arrête de poisson"Narration à embranchementsNarrations parallèlesNarration en canauxNarration sémantiqueLe corps incarcéré : rue de la Garenne : Bucharest Below Ground : : - Facile à concevoir, facile à utiliser.

Webdocumentaires : liberté et engagement by Florent Maurin on Prezi

C'est écrire un documentaire classique, avec des “pages”, des chapitres thématiques qui se tournent au rythme choisi par l'utilisateur.- Contrôle de l’arc dramatique plus élevé : on peut plus facilement transmettre des émotions à l'utilisateur.- Alerte « tsunami d’information » (sentiment info vue/info disponible) niveau faible à nul.Inconvénients :- Très peu interactif, donc très peu impliquant.- L’interaction ne fait pas du tout partie de l’histoire. Chaque consultation est semblable, chaque utilisateur a la même expérience.Exemples :C’est la façon la plus classique de raconter une histoire : un début, une fin et des péripéties. O Construire un univers riche... mais pas à tout prix. PAGE NOT FOUND. Percepción. Psicofísica. Ley de Weber-Fechner. La ley psicofísica de Weber-Fechner establece una relación cuantitativa entre la magnitud de un estímulo físico y cómo éste es percibido.

Ley de Weber-Fechner

Processing & Android: Mobile App Development Made (Very) Easy. Creating apps for Android with processing is ridiculously easy.

Processing & Android: Mobile App Development Made (Very) Easy

How easy? Let’s get a from-scratch Android app working on a device in 25 minutes (15 of those minutes will be spent installing software). ** You don’t need to have an Android device to do this tutorial, since we can see the app that we’ll build in a software emulator. But it’s much cooler if it’s on a device. ** Before you start on this tutorial, I’d recommend that you make sure you have a recent version of Java installed. Cv.jit – Computer Vision for Jitter « Jean-Marc Pelletier. Cv.jit is now compatible with 64-bit Max I had a lot of requests from people who wanted to use cv.jit with the latest version of Max.

cv.jit – Computer Vision for Jitter « Jean-Marc Pelletier

Unfortunately, I have been too busy to rebuild the externals for them to be 64-bit compatible. Fortunately, Cycling ’74 has been kind enough to do the port themselves. Here’s the new Github repository: Also, you […] Read this entry. Software - VJForums. Micros Professional Video - Roland Systems Group EMEA. Programming Interactivity  The animals on the cover of Programming Interactivity are guinea fowl (family Phasianidae, subfamily Numindinae).

Programming Interactivity 

Sometimes known as guinea hen, wild guinea fowl originally hail from western Africa. Featherless heads with black crests and dark gray or deep blue plumage distinguish guinea fowl from other birds. Domesticated guinea fowl (descended from Numida meleagris) make popular additions to farms, as farmers value the birds for their ability to control insects (guinea fowl dine on insects, leafy greens, and seeds).

In Max 6, Big Banner 3D + Animation Features for Jitter, Alongside Usability Improvements. We’ve been waiting for some time to learn what was next for Jitter, the 3D, matrix data, animation, and video side of Cycling ’74′s Max 6 graphical multimedia development environment. (Phew!) The wait is now at its conclusion: Cycling has released details of what’s changed, as well as an extended video sneak preview above worth a full watch. Processing - OpenVoxel Wiki. Processing is a programming language, development environment, and online community that since 2001 has promoted software literacy within the visual arts.

Initially created to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context, Processing quickly developed into a tool for creating finished professional work as well. Processing is a free, open source alternative to proprietary software tools with expensive licenses, making it accessible to schools and individual students. Its open source status encourages the community participation and collaboration that is vital to Processing's growth. Contributors share programs, contribute code, answer questions in the discussion forum, and build libraries to extend the possibilities of the software. Max/Msp/Jitter to MadMapper. In this tutorial, we will quickly learn how to send Jitter’s output to MadMapper.

Max/Msp/Jitter to MadMapper

To share video frames between these applications, we’ll use Syphon, a framework developed by the v002 team. Note: this tutorial assumes you have some knowledge of how to use Max/Msp/Jitter. STEP#1 Download the Syphon Max object. Cycling 74. Drowning New York City. A web documentary exploring the prison industry. Background information for the Supermax discussion 18 messages It is sickening that we are treating human beings so in-humane!

a web documentary exploring the prison industry

Yes, they have committed awful crimes and deserve to be held accountable and punishished; but what rights do we have to punish another human being with crimes of abuse-sexually, physically, mentally, medically and so forth? That makes not… by mama-sherry on Jun 26, 2013 in 6:31 Cell production in prison – background information 12 messages. Online screening: Journey To The End Of Coal.

A project powered by Klynt Editing & publishing app.

Online screening: Journey To The End Of Coal

Journey To The End Of Coal tells you the story of a sacrifice. A sacrifice millions of Chinese coal miners are making everyday, risking their lives and spoiling their land to satisfy their own country’s appetite for economic growth. Your journey begins in Datong which is located just a couple hours away West from Beijing. Paolo Cirio - Media Artist - Sculpting Information Flow. How Storytelling is Changing (by @baekdal) #media. Here is something for the weekend, especially if you just need to relax and wind-down without wasting time with whatever is on TV.

How Storytelling is Changing (by @baekdal) #media

About a year ago, Center for Storytelling produced a 9 part video series about storytelling, with great people like Clay Shirky, Ian Condry, Joshua Green, Dean Jansen, Henry Jenkins, Joe Lambert, and Nick Montfort. If you haven't seen it yet, it is definitely worth your time. Change of Storytelling Video. Ignition. We're looking for one of the top creative minds in digital—someone capable of leading teams to create the world's best creative products for web, mobile, social, video, built spaces, and other media. You are a swiss-army knife of creativity, a visionary, creator, motivator, leader, salesman, mentor, and above all, a master orchestrator. We want you to help us expand into new frontiers and further our quest to define the future of entertainment. We're seeking a kick-ass, idea-driven copywriter with a passion for storytelling and all forms of advertising. You've got a sharp writing portfolio that shows creatively fresh, strategically sound ideas across a multitude of formats.

You are adept at your craft and can write compelling copy for all types of clients and challenges.