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Small balcony design ideas. Expansive lounge furniture is unsuitable for small balconies.

Small balcony design ideas

For this reason, many manufacturers offer lounge furniture for small outdoor areas. Weatherproof furniture that can be left outside in summer in any weather are recommended. When it rains, only light items, such as the seat pads, have to be brought dry. Folding furniture doesn't take up much space either. A foldable mini dining table and two chairs are usually suitable for small balconies. The following pieces of furniture also help to use the available space sparingly but sensibly: - Hanging tables are an alternative to classic dining tables. . - Side tables are lower than dining tables and are particularly suitable for a cozy coffee party. RE/MAX "The Right Agent Every Step of the Way" RE/MAX, the #1 name in real estate, announced the launch of a new national advertising campaign, "The Right Agent Every Step of the Way".

RE/MAX "The Right Agent Every Step of the Way"

The campaign kicks off today with 12 spots across radio, digital, TV and social media outlets. For the first time, the package also includes a video concept for The RE/MAX Collection, the network's luxury property brand. The campaign showcases the value RE/MAX agents provide buyers and sellers, leveraging technology, tools, experience and skill to support them in what is likely the biggest financial transaction of their lives.

"Last year was a big reminder that human connection is the most important thing" said Abby Lee, RE/MAX Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications. Velvet cushion - Home decor. The cute Finn, the dog with a barber. This cute dog has such fabulous hair that he became famous on Instagram.

The cute Finn, the dog with a barber

There are many magnificent dogs around the world. Some have very long lashes, others have eyes of different colours, and others have really fabulous hair. I like Finn! Finn is an English Springer Spaniel and has an amazing hairstyle that many people would envy. Its owner, Rebecca Munday, found an online ad in April 2016 for an adorable and unique puppy.

5 tips for a good winter (avoiding fatigue and depression) For many of us, winter is the most difficult time of the year.

5 tips for a good winter (avoiding fatigue and depression)

To get through the winter well, or at least survive it, all you've got is barricading yourself at home with Netflix and a hot chocolate. Thanks to the wise advice of my shrink that I started to put in place solutions to live better in winter. Would you like to get through this season more easily? I will explain to you what I have put in place to avoid excessive fatigue, depression and various minor ailments. 1 - Rest and take care of yourself! Garage doors in London. The advantages of a convertible corner sofa. The living room isn't complete without an upholstered piece of furniture.

The advantages of a convertible corner sofa

It's the place where family members gather to talk, watch movies or relax. Considering its frequent use by all members of the family, choosing a good quality sofa is essential. In addition to quality, special attention must also be paid to the choice of colour and fabric, since the sofa more or less determines the general appearance of your living room. Why choose a convertible corner sofa? Because convertible corner sofas are a flexible solution to save space. Which sofa model to choose for daily use? LEDs can reduce light pollution and save up to over 90% of energy consumption. Recently, a debate has arisen about LED and light pollution.

LEDs can reduce light pollution and save up to over 90% of energy consumption

LED is a revolution from the lighting industry and the best light source on the market now. We can control the light exactly as we want and greatly minimize light pollution. Why LED? Replacement with LED is an important goal to achieve the UN's climate goal of reducing energy consumption. And even though we have become accustomed to the yellow light, LED can provide a better aesthetic experience of the surroundings by dimming and warmer colour temperature and provide a higher degree of security.

We can save up to over 90% of energy consumption on lighting compared to traditional light sources, and LEDs also have a much longer lifespan. LED is a digital light source that is easy to control together with smart control systems. Does LED provide more light pollution? All outdoor lighting will in one way or another add an element of light pollution - regardless of the choice of the light source. Increased interest in lighting. This apartment is a complete fantasy for lovers of the pink colour. The psychology of colours has taught us that colour stimuli are an active part of our development.

This apartment is a complete fantasy for lovers of the pink colour

They are found in our environment and, they are loaded with cultural meanings while allowing us to evoke sensations, perceptions, thoughts, ideas and judgments. Today we fully immerse ourselves in one of them, in the pink colour. Twelve different shades of pink create the identity of this rental apartment that the Patricia Bustos Studio designed in Madrid. The pink apartment measures 55 m² and originally housed just one bedroom and one bathroom, but now the floor plan has been reconfigured to accommodate larger groups coming to town for vacation.

Presently, the apartment has two bedrooms and an additional bathroom, while the kitchen has also been separated from the living room so that, if necessary, two more guests can be accommodated here. The pink scheme is interrupted only by a few details like the kitchen cabinets. @ Patricia Bustos Studios: Website @ JC de Marcos Photographer: Website. 4 advantages of installing photovoltaic panels at home. Got it!

4 advantages of installing photovoltaic panels at home

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