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Perl Regular Expressions. Troubleshooters.Com and Code Corner Present Copyright (C) 1998-2001 by Steve Litt Without regular expressions, Perl would be a fast development environment.

Perl Regular Expressions

SpamAssassin: Welcome to SpamAssassin. Dovecot. Procmail Homepage. Python Programming Language – Official Website. Red Hat Asia Pacific. The Universal Operating System. Kerberos authentication explained | markwilson.it. Authentication and authorisation are often thought of as a single process but the two are actually distinct operations that may even use separate storage locations for the authentication and authorisation data.

Kerberos authentication explained | markwilson.it

Authentication is about verifying identity, based on one or more factors, for example something that someone knows (e.g. a password), something that someone holds (e.g. a smart card), something that someone is (e.g. biometric information). Obviously the use of multiple-factor identification increases security. Authorisation is about controlling access to a resource based on access control lists and other policies; however secure authorisation is dependant on authentication in order to ensure that the security principle requesting access is who they say they are. BIND. Open Source - Sendmail.com. The Postfix Home Page.