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carl246.amplify Amplify is shutting down immediately. We’ve had a wonderful run and we are grateful to everyone for taking the journey with us. We’ve arranged for all of our users to be granted Clipboard accounts, which we believe is the best place for you to continue clipping the Web. Our existing users will receive an invitation by email, but anyone else can request an invitation directly at . Clipboard will hold Amplify’s databases in trust and if there is sufficient interest they will provide a migration tool to import Amplify clips into Clipboard. carl246.amplify
Your personal data is rapidly becoming something of value to the organisation and you need to be aware of how it is being used, why it is being used and what it is being used to achieve. Today the world is driven by an increasing array of data-producing devices and media and consumers must become far savvier when it comes to protecting themselves in this steady stream of information.Personal data can be roughly divided into three broad categories:Data that is ... People have been trying to measure influence online for a good few years now.

memeburn | web-savvy analysis & startup news for emerging markets

memeburn | web-savvy analysis & startup news for emerging markets