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Marketing digital : 10 chaînes YouTube à suivre absolument. Ripl. 3 ESSENTIAL TIPS for recording ON Location Audio  11 things filmmakers need to consider about audio. RedShark Replay: Roland Denning, a cameraman by trade, lists 11 things that those that live behind the lens should consider when it comes to getting the audio right.

11 things filmmakers need to consider about audio

Here’s the thing: sound is often the last thing filmmakers worry about when they shoot but the first thing they notice when it’s not right - audiences can tolerate fuzzy pictures much more than they can tolerate fuzzy sound. Great sound makes good pictures better (although the sound department seldom gets the credit). I have seen so many student films where great care is taken to achieve beautiful pictures and sound is just left to the camera mic or a mic somewhere the other side of the room. I’ve been a cameraman most of his life, not a sound recordist, but I’m writing this partly make amends and apologise for all those sound recordist jokes. I’m fully prepared for all the sound recordists out there to point out all the mistakes I’ve made. 1. 2. 3. As in most things, you get what you pay for. 4. 5. Comment choisir le bon micro pour son réflex. Dans cette nouvelle émission Merwen et Frédéric Robin vont vous conseiller sur le choix de la meilleure solution audio pour filmer avec votre réflex.

Comment choisir le bon micro pour son réflex

Des microphones Rode, en passant par Sennheiser et pour finir sur les mixettes XLR et enregistreurs Beachtek, Tascam et Zoom vous aurez une vision plus claires des différentes solutions de captation audio qui s’offrent à vous. The Top 10 Best Microphones for DSLR Video Cameras. Although it really depends on which camera you have, most of the DSLR video cameras come with decent sound quality.

The Top 10 Best Microphones for DSLR Video Cameras

Outils pour créer des capsules vidéo. 10 conseils pour bien filmer avec son reflex – 1ère partie. Après notre article sur le matériel, je vous propose aujourd’hui un « petit » article sous forme de 10 conseils pour réussir vos vidéos réalisées avec un reflex.

10 conseils pour bien filmer avec son reflex – 1ère partie

Avoir du bon matériel est une chose, savoir s’en servir correctement en est une autre ! Comment réussir votre montage vidéo. Comment créer vos propres vidéos en ligne (en 30 minutes ou moins) Lorsqu’il s’agit de créer des vidéos pour promouvoir votre entreprise, engager votre audience et présenter vos produits, il faut généralement payer le prix fort pour bénéficier d’une qualité professionnelle.

Comment créer vos propres vidéos en ligne (en 30 minutes ou moins)

Mais parfois, vous n’avez pas besoin de produire des vidéos d’une qualité hollywoodienne. Dans certains cas, vous n’avez besoin que de vidéos de bonne qualité pouvant être produites rapidement et gratuitement (ou à un coût relativement faible). Si vous n'avez pas encore pensé à intégrer la vidéo dans votre stratégie de marketing, vous devriez envisager de le faire — après tout, le format vidéo est un format incroyablement polyvalent : Les vidéos peuvent être publiées sur différentes plateformes.

La même vidéo peut éventuellement être utilisée sur Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, intégrée sur votre site web/blog, etc.Les vidéos permettent de créer des annonces et publications sociales accrocheuses. iPhone-Photographie. iPhone Photography Tips for iPhone X Users. Mobile Photography Tips Part 2. Today, more than ever, mobile photography is redefining the way we see and share our worlds.

Mobile Photography Tips Part 2

Back by popular demand, we put together 10 more tips on how to perfect your mobile photography craft. We gathered a group of extraordinary artists that are pushing the limits of this new art. Explore the way they see the world, their approach and learn what's in their toolkit. Tip 01 Identify Your Subject @alexstrohl Alex's Advice: When you are out there taking a photo, take a step back and think about why you are about to capture this image - what is your real subject ? To me, it is very satisfying to see the viewer's eye instantly drawn to my intended subject. Mobile Photo Tips: Part 1. Tip 01 Look for Leading Lines With Pei Ketron Pei's Advice: When composing, look for lines (literal or figurative) that will provide a sense of movement and direction to your image.

Mobile Photo Tips: Part 1

Leading lines help draw your viewer into an image and encourage their eyes to travel fully across and around it. The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Smartphone Filmmaking - Mobile Motion. This guide is intended for people who haven’t done any, or little, smartphone filmmaking. Often, the feeling is – where do I start? Because you feel there’s so much to know, and it’s overwhelming. The mountain just looks too big to climb, so you put it off for another day. I’ve tried to put enough information here to get you started, without burdening you with too much information and technical jargon (which can sometimes be off-putting for new filmmakers). Firstly, when you’re shooting on a smartphone, the basic principles of filmmaking apply. You will learn a lot from shooting and editing. Secondly, there really are no rules. However, when it comes to smartphone filmmaking, there are a number of things to think about, specific to the device. The best camera is the one that’s with you: 19 smartphone photography tips for the mobile traveler.

No matter how you travel — whether it’s cross country on vacation, hiking or biking on a weekend getaway, or commuting to school or the office on your daily grind — your smartphone is always with you.

The best camera is the one that’s with you: 19 smartphone photography tips for the mobile traveler

This provides you with a unique opportunity to take pictures anytime, anywhere. Use it to your advantage to capture your best mobile moments every day. Here are 19 smartphone photography tips to help you become a better mobile photographer. Note: All images featured in this article have been taken with a smartphone camera! 01. Before you start tapping away on that shutter-release button, take a few moments to consider the fundamentals of photography. The lack of complex camera controls allows you to focus more on composition and creativity. For the sake of keeping things as straightforward as possible, let’s concentrate on taking simple, attractive images.