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School Design and Development

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Codes. Good Shepherd Services - GSS Model. A Model That Works Good Shepherd’s two transfer schools provide a full-day, year-round academic program for students who have been truant or have dropped out of school following initial enrollment in 9th grade in a high school.

Good Shepherd Services - GSS Model

Our schools are designed to both help students meet their unique academic requirements and to be flexible enough to be continually responsive to their varying needs. Good Shepherd’s school model is organized around five core principles and five essential components. Together these ten key elements inform our schools’ philosophy, policies, and practice. West Brooklyn Community High School. West Brooklyn History and Vision An interview with West Brooklyn's founding principal, Liliana Polo.

West Brooklyn Community High School

(May 2011) Liliana PoloFounding Principal. Support Services « East Harlem Scholars. Support Services We hold our students to very high standards of academic excellence.

Support Services « East Harlem Scholars

Recognizing that each child comes from diverse backgrounds with different learning needs, we provide a wide range of services to ensure that all students are equipped to excel. The East Harlem School - InQbate: Beyond the Walls. Fully technology-enabled, but not technology-driven, the Sussex creativity zone provided teaching staff with personal, pedagogic and technical support, along with resources that could be used in a variety of configurations.

InQbate: Beyond the Walls

It was hoped that this would support more innovative and effective teaching and learning – in both the InQbate creativity zone itself as well as other teaching spaces on campus. Our two key remits were to support both the teaching of creativity and creative approaches to teaching and learning. While use of the zone for teaching purposes took priority over all other uses, the zone supported a wide variety of extra-mural activities. Designing Classroom Spaces to Promote Active Teaching and Student Learning — Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence. [NOTE: This is the first of a series of suggestions for making modest changes to the College in order to strengthen student learning] Whether stated or implied, a tight link exists between classroom design and learning theory.

For planning reasons, we tend to organize our classrooms (leaving labs and studios out of the question for the moment) on the basis of class size. The largest spaces (King 106 and 306; West Lecture Hall, Craig, Hallock, Severance 108, Warner, etc.) are designed for large numbers of students; the King, Peters, Bibbins, Severance, and Science Center classrooms (e.g. Organizing or Mobilizing. Untitled document. Unusual High School Classes: 8 Awesome Courses From Schools Across The Country. There's nothing worse than spending your symmer dreading an upcoming year of Physics and American History.

Unusual High School Classes: 8 Awesome Courses From Schools Across The Country

But classes don't always have to be a drag, and forward-thinking schools across the country are getting creative with their course offerings to keep students engaged. Would you be interested in taking a class assisted by video games, or one that analyzes and critiques comic books? What about a class designed to help you break into the fashion industry, or a course that brings history to life by reenacting battles in the classroom? (We know we'd sign up for "Art of the Graphic Novel"!)

We rounded up seven high schools across the country with course offerings designed to pique your interest. ProGrowing - home. Cure for the Common Core: Transitions - Amherst, NY. So what’s your plan?

Cure for the Common Core: Transitions - Amherst, NY

What are you doing to start your Common Core transition? This is a followup to my previous Blog Post called Common CoreZilla: Shrink The Change In my work with districts on Common Core integration and implementation, many want to know what they can do right now. Many changes and opportunities for growth are coming, but to look at it as a complete package is very overwhelming. The main message is still the same as the last blog post: First step? You cannot expect your transition plan to be that tomorrow you will be on board with all of the coming changes. Those pieces include the following, which I think are imperative to bringing everyone on board in a manageable way: to Change - School Coaching for Systemic Reform.pdf. Coaching: The New Leadership Skill:The Year We Learned to Collaborate. October 2011 | Volume 69 | Number 2 Coaching: The New Leadership Skill Pages 54-58 Every school has watershed moments that mark a distinction between past and present practices.

Coaching: The New Leadership Skill:The Year We Learned to Collaborate

For Colegio Inglés, a private, bilingual preK–9 school outside Monterrey, Mexico, 2008–09 became a watershed school year. That year, teachers and administrators embarked on a collaborative professional development initiative precipitated by a collision of challenges. A Cordial Community Steps Up Our first challenge surfaced in spring 2008. Second, we realized that many of our teachers would soon need help preparing to implement a new math program. As Colegio Inglés administrators, we knew teachers would need more than a one-day workshop to successfully adopt and sustain the student-centered focus this curriculum required. Our professional reading led us to a professional development model produced by the Boston Plan for Excellence (Platt, Tripp, Fraser, Warnock, & Curtis, 2008).

Snapshot of Collaborative Coaching. Resources « McTighe & Associates. Schedule Brochure 2009-2010.pdf. How it Works > Comer School Development Program. Like the operating system of a computer that allows the software to do its specialized work, the Comer Process provides the organizational, management and communication framework for planning and managing all the activities of the school based on the developmental needs of its students.

How it Works > Comer School Development Program

When fully implemented, the process brings a positive school and classroom climate, stability, and an instructional focus that supports all of the school's curriculum and renewal efforts. Click English or Spanish for an illustration of the model. Three structures comprise the basic framework on which the Comer Process is built: