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Faith. About « HK Girl Talk. Hello!

About « HK Girl Talk

My name is Jin Wong, a Hong Kong blogger who writes about fashion, art and culture. You can find mostly my articles are about opinions in fashion and occasionally some shots of my outfits and streetstyle. I launched this website 3 years ago as Remedy Rouge (which I cancelled and changed to the current URL of my name) because I’m in love with fashion. Geek in Heels. HackCollege.

Elephant Journal. Design Mom. CafeMom. Kevin Cook's Photo Blog. Jet Set Zero - Travel Show. Season 6 – Teaser Jet Set Zero: A jet set life on zero dollars.

Jet Set Zero - Travel Show

Jet Set Zero is the belief that the adventures, experiences, and awe of a jet set life are possible for anyone willing to take risks and follow a dream with passion and dedication. We are a community of adventurers who have chosen to begin a new life by following the ideals of Jet Set Zero. We start simply, work locally, and live immersed in a culture with our traveling companions for 90 days, sharing our experiences and friendships in order to inspire others to find their own path. Whats-your-billionaire-age: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.

The concept of a billion dollars is pretty hard to fathom, which is okay because about 99.999% of us will never really have to deal with it.

whats-your-billionaire-age: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

According to Forbes, the world has 1,011 billionaires out of nearly seven billion people, so it's not exactly an everyday occurrence. Those that do become billionaires seem to do it through a mixture of ingenuity, intelligence and timing, or they just inherit it.