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Cursory Dashboard Principles — Darkhorse Analytics. Last week I received an email from Bernard Lebelle, who is apparently updating his book on dashboarding in Excel and will be including screen shots of the three winning tools from Chandoo’s Excel Salary Contest.

Cursory Dashboard Principles — Darkhorse Analytics

You can download my submission here. Mr. Lebelle’s book is in French so I can’t speak to its quality, but my hope is that it will espouse good dashboard design principles that make knowledge transfer and decision making easier. I was asked to send “a few lines presenting the design principles behind your creation.” I’m not sure how much of my response will make the book, and given the book is in French, I may never know, so I thought I’d post it here. The data should be the star of the show. Don't distort the data.All the bar chart axes start at zero, so comparing bar lengths is meaningful. Use color judiciously to highlight and provide meaning. Alignment is important. Provide context. Bullet Graphs for Excel: A Simple Way?

A guest post by Matt Grams discussing an alternative solution of creating bullet graphs with Microsoft Excel Preamble: We proudly present the first guest post here on Clearly and Simply: Matt Grams describes a very interesting alternative approach of creating bullet graphs in Microsoft Excel without using VBA.

Bullet Graphs for Excel: A Simple Way?

When you need one or more horizontal bullet graphs in an Excel spreadsheet, what do you do if… you work exclusively in Excel 2003 or earlier, you don’t want to use a 3rd party add-in, you want your spreadsheet to be free of VBA, and your bullet graph must have a professional appearance? Faced with this scenario of apparently limited options, you’re sure to come across Charley Kyd’s tutorial at ExcelUser. This post describes an alternative and simpler approach of how to create bullet graphs with Microsoft Excel, including step-by-step tutorials and an example workbook for free download. Chandoo’s sports dashboard tutorial Stacked Bar Chart with a Secondary Axis Robert’s note: Bullet_graph_excel_single_row.pdf. Bullet_graph_excel_single_row.pdf.

Bullet_Graph_Design_Spec.pdf. Fr effective dashboards 0. Learning. Get the help you need quickly and easily.


No matter how you learn best, everything you need to master Tableau is available here. You can access as many Live Webinars, On-Demand videos and visual examples as you want for free. For those looking for an in-depth learning experience, we also have affordable classroom training. Click into your favorite method below and discover how quickly you can become a Tableau Jedi. Visual Gallery Thirty of the most powerful Tableau visualizations ever created. Get inspired Live & Online Training Learn online with On-Demand videos, or sign up for a live webinar.

View all training Hands-on classroom training Our 2-day classroom trainings will give you the skills you need to master Tableau. Find a location. Lecture n°11 : Show me the Numbers par Stephen Few. Enfin !

Lecture n°11 : Show me the Numbers par Stephen Few

Le dernier livre du bloc « Communication » du Personal MBA : Show me the Numbers. C’est le livre ultime sur le design de graphes et de tableaux. Avant d’ouvrir ce livre, je ne me rendais pas compte à quel point ce sujet est complexe et méritait un ouvrage entier. Chapitre 1 : Introduction L’utilisation de tableaux et de graphiques est chose commune aujourd’hui dans le monde de l’entreprise, pourtant peu nombreux sont ceux qui ont appris les bonnes pratiques du design pour les rendre efficaces. Le monde de l’entreprise se base sur les chiffres, les tableaux et les graphes pour évaluer les choses et prendre des décisions. Visualisation : au Tableau !

Pendant deux jours, la rédaction du a reçu la visite de Maxime Marboeuf, data-analyste chez Tableau.

Visualisation : au Tableau !

Tableau est une entreprise de gestion et visualisation de données, mettant à disposition de tous son outil de visualisation appelé Tableau public. Sa présence fut l'occasion d'expérimenter l'outil pour l'intégrer dans des articles. Tableau public est utilisé notamment par The Guardian au Royaume-Uni et par La Nacion en Argentine. Évacuons rapidement les principaux défauts : Tableau ne fonctionne qu'avec Windows, le format de données attendu ne permet pas de traiter n'importe quel fichier immédiatement, et seul un plugin d'Excel permet de transformer ces données au bon format. Passés ces détails, l'application nécessite un temps restreint de prise en main, et permet de sortir rapidement des informations des données recueilles.

La facilité d'utilisation tient au fonctionnement de l'outil, une fois les données chargées.