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The Ultimate Comparison Guide. Cyberthreats are increasing at an insanely rapid rate.

The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Hence, one needs to make sure that their device is loaded with the necessary cyber tools that can keep your sensitive data safe, and helps in defending your system from hackers and malicious threats. Installing a comprehensive antivirus tool to safeguard your device is always the best defense mechanism that you can adopt. So, what does antivirus software do? Do you think it’s just a myth or does it protect your device? Some individuals also believe that installing antivirus software degrades the performance of the device. If you make a quick Google search to look for the best antivirus software, your screen will be bombarded with millions of suggestions. Let’s begin the battle and figure out which one is better and why.

Also read: 5 Best Antivirus for Chromebook (2021) Free & Paid 1. No matter which software you’re picking, we’re always looking for the best features wrapped in an affordable package. Webroot Antivirus Avast Premier 2. How To Increase Phone Storage By Removing Unwanted And Hidden Images? One of the major limitations of any smartphone is its storage capacity.

How To Increase Phone Storage By Removing Unwanted And Hidden Images?

Unlike PCs, you cannot increase the internal storage of a mobile device like your cell phone or tablet. Some manufacturers allow users to add an SD card to their mobile device to increase its storage capacity. But it seems that the SD card fills up faster than the internal storage. Hence, to resolve the problem of storage capacity, I have come up with certain resolutions: Purchase a higher storage capacity deviceAdd an SD Card for extra storage.Remove redundant and unused applicationsDelete/transfer files and folders on your PC or external storage.Delete Unwanted & Hidden images All the above methods can increase your mobile’s storage capacity but there are certain limitations to each method.

The final method of deleting unwanted and hidden images seems appropriate because you would lose those images that you do not require or never knew existed on your device. Additional Tip. What Is Rundll32.exe and Why Is It Running (Updated) Ever heard about the Runndll32.exe error in Windows 10?

What Is Rundll32.exe and Why Is It Running (Updated)

Well, you may not even realize it but if this process is running in the background, it can degrade your system’s performance. The Runll32.exe is capable of running malware files and this is why it has a hazardous impact on your device’s speed and performance. If you open the Windows Task Manager and see the Rundll.exe process running, don’t be alarmed. There are a plethora of DLL (Dynamic Link Library) processes listed in the Task Manager. 7 Best Mobile Video Editing Apps For Android, iPhone & iPad 2021. From Facebook, Instagram stories to YouTube, videos have undoubtedly become an essential tool for marketing your business & get incredible engagement.

7 Best Mobile Video Editing Apps For Android, iPhone & iPad 2021

You might agree with the fact that over 87% of users love to see video content over graphics from brands. Do you? There’s a good chance that you already have good video editing software installed on your desktop. For Windows, most of the users prefer Windows Movie Maker and Mac users choose iMovie above several options. However, depending on the purpose of the video you are curating, you may need better alternatives than these. CCleaner Cloud vs Cloud Tuneup Pro - (The Ultimate Comparison) Optimizing your computer cannot be done manually as it requires a lot of time and expertise.

CCleaner Cloud vs Cloud Tuneup Pro - (The Ultimate Comparison)

However with the help of third-party applications like Advanced PC Cleaner or CCleaner, this can be done easily. But if you want to optimize more than one PC remotely or across various locations, then cloud optimization software is required. Using these applications common users, IT professionals, and Network Administrators, can optimize all their systems from one location. While researching for such applications we came across two such software that helps optimize all your computers remotely and maintain them. Calm Sage - The Relationship Between Mental Health and Spiritualism. Fixing “There Is No Connected Camera” Error With Mac FaceTime App. So, after tons of requests from several users, here is a complete guide about fixing the “There is no connected camera” error with Mac FaceTime or other camera apps.

Fixing “There Is No Connected Camera” Error With Mac FaceTime App

Earlier, the video chatting application was not equipped with potential features set, but now with every update, the app is getting stable and enriched with tons of functionalities. Since FaceTime activates automatically, I am assuming you aren’t wondering how to connect a camera on Mac. But sometimes, the entire activation process fails and you might witness the annoying error message “There is no connected camera”. There are a couple of ways to fix the annoying camera issue. Top 10 Best Mockup Software And Wireframe Tools Of 2021. If you want to change the design of your mobile apps to increase the number of users or update new changes as per OS, then you would require to hire a graphics designer.

Top 10 Best Mockup Software And Wireframe Tools Of 2021

However, this will cost you a lot and not always provide you with the desired results. An alternative to this is to use a mockup app that can elevate the design within minutes. These apps help users to create professional prototypes and wireframes without even knowing the basics of coding. A great app design can always help you to increase users and expand your business. Many organizations lose customers not because the services they provide through the app are compromising but the fact that their apps are difficult to understand and use.

How To Download & Update Oculus Driver In Windows 10? The Oculus is an amazing device that has enhanced the experience of digital gaming and Virtual Reality.

How To Download & Update Oculus Driver In Windows 10?

It lets you play or interact in 3D world simulations and the virtual world seems too real. However, if you are facing issues while floating through the Virtual World, then it could be due to drivers especially your graphics and USB drivers. CCleaner Browser Review: Fast, Private And Secure Browser For Windows 10. An internet browser is one of the most widely used apps on your computer.

CCleaner Browser Review: Fast, Private And Secure Browser For Windows 10

After all you cannot browse the internet without using a browser app. There are many apps that allow you to surf the internet and the most popular one being Google Chrome followed by Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera, Tor and the list goes on. But did you know that your browser collects data like your history, surfing details and other private information to influence your searches and recommended list? How to Fix Internal Power Error on Windows 10. The Internal Power error is typically a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) exception that may stop your device from further functioning.

How to Fix Internal Power Error on Windows 10

So, you just got stuck with this Blue Screen of Death stop code error message, we’re here for your rescue. In this post, we have covered a few solutions that will allow you to resolve the Internal Power Error on Windows 10 PC. But before we begin, let’s get a basic understanding of what is this error all about and why causes it.

Also read: How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death Error Or BSOD Error In Windows 10 Manually What is the Internal Power Error? Top 7 Best Video Editing Software For Windows 10/8/7 (2021) Believe it or not, but we also do a lot of video work here at Systweak. Being an IT Solutions & Services company, we need the Best Video Editing Software in the business and you deserve the Best too. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top editing suites for Windows 10 & other popular versions. All of these tools boast powerful features and even a few bells and whistles. Advanced Driver Updater vs WinZip Driver Updater.

The importance of Drivers is one of the most debated topics in the tech world and many tech enthusiasts often doubt the need of a driver updater software. In simple words, drivers are small codes or programs that help communicate between the operating system/applications and the hardware. A simple example would be when you decrease the brightness on your monitor through adjusting the slider in the settings interface and the effect is visible physically when the monitor brightness dims. The intermediator between any hardware and software is always the driver and hence it is important to keep them updated. 10 Best Remote Access Software In 2021 (Free & Paid) Taking remote access to another computer is a common feature nowadays and no great feat.

However, it is important to consider many factors while choosing the best remote management software. Factors like cost, security, file transfer, etc are of the utmost importance. This guide will help you determine the best remote access software in 2021. 1. RemotePC. How To Fix Connections To Bluetooth Audio Devices And Wireless Displays In Windows 10. In this quick Windows 10 How-To Guide, we’ll learn how to fix “Connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays” issue.

The problem usually occurs due to three main reasons: (1) The Bluetooth functionality might not be turned on your devices. (2) Incompatible Bluetooth drivers. (3) Faulty Windows 10 upgrade, which further invades Bluetooth devices (including headsets, mouse, wireless keyboard, speaker or headphones etc.) Follow the article step by step to know how to apply basic troubleshooting techniques for fixing Connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays on Windows 10 machines!

Resolve Connections To Bluetooth Audio Devices And Wireless Displays In Windows 10 Whenever you are facing connectivity uses, all you need to do is make sure you follow the methods mentioned below. These will probably solve the issues for you safely & effectively. How To Install, Download And Update Windows 10 Bluetooth Drivers. Windows 10 Bluetooth driver is as important as any other device driver in your computer.

It allows and enables your operating system to interact with Bluetooth devices, and it is also the other way round. Now, Bluetooth drivers in Windows 10 PC may further differ based on several factors such as processor type, system type and several other factors. Also, you may need to update your Windows 10 Bluetooth driver from time to time so that Bluetooth and its connected devices work properly on your computer. In this blog, we will discuss manual and automatic ways of downloading, installing and updating Bluetooth drivers on Windows 10 Computer. Two Finger Scroll Not Working On Windows 10. Windows users are able to enjoy Macbook style scrolling with various new laptops like Dell Inspiron, HP Notebooks, etc.

Reinstall Graphics Driver In Windows 10. What Is A Graphics Card And A Graphics Driver? Update Device Drivers on Windows 10. There could be a lot of reasons which causes hardware issues, however, mostly it happens when your device drivers are not working properly. As the drivers are either corrupted or outdated, it starts behaving abnormally, hence impacts the device’s performance. Essential Software For Photographers. Photography is not just a mere profession, but it’s a form of art that allows us to perceive the world from a different perspective. Clicking pictures is one full-time hobby that gives us immense pleasure, whether you’re traveling solo between rocky hill-steps or celebrating your kid’s birthday party, we all love capturing our favorite moments so that we can cherish them forever. But sometimes our pictures require some little editing, a fine touch of perfection that makes them look even prettier.

Yes, that’s right! How To Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Batch Edit RAW Image EXIF Metadata On Windows. Several professional photographers prefer capturing pictures in RAW file format, as it’s best for producing high-quality images. In fact, working with a RAW file in an image editor gives meticulous control over editing – you can achieve crisp, noise-free pictures without compromising much in overall quality.

One of the best advantages of the RAW file format is its ability to store maximum image metadata. Photos Exif Editor To Modify Metadata Without Hassle. Maybe, John McAfee would have dodged his arrest if he had used Photos Exif Editor before his interviewer, a Vice journalist, posted a picture with him on social media, leading the authorities to him using the picture’s EXIF data. EXIF data is the information that is recorded in a picture that you click via your professional or mobile camera. Now, this information is added to the image by professional photographers to provide copyright information and tune up the picture’s search on the web by adding keywords.

Reviewing Photos Exif Editor: Modify Metadata Without Hassle. Best Duplicate Photo Cleaners For Windows 10. Photos are beautiful memories, that’s why we store them safely. With time these images only get piled up, therefore to make sure they remain secure on our computers, we look for enough space. But this won’t be possible if we clutter our PC with duplicate images.

Finding & removing duplicates images manually is a tedious and time-consuming task. Configure Your Smartphone Into Vlc Remote Control. Objective: Turn your Android/iOS phone into a remote control that can control all the multimedia actions of VLC Player on your computer. One of the best multimedia players is the VLC multimedia player. The Windows operating system does not come with a built-in multimedia player (Windows Media Player should not be categorized as a media player at it does not function most of the time). Make A Facebook Avatar On Android And iPhone. Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool. Zapier Alternatives To Automate Your Work. Google Discover Feed And How Can You Manage It. Update Graphics Driver In Windows 10 PC. Best Alternatives To Driver Easy In 2020. Best Music Player Apps For iPhone. Best WhatsApp Mods in 2020. Driver Updater Tool To Keep System Drivers Updated. How To Enable/ Disable USB Ports On Windows 10?

How to Automatically Turn the Screen Off in Windows 10? How to View Private Instagram. How To Convert Audio Files To Text In Quick And Simple Steps? Best Free Browsers for Android TV or Smart TV. How to Add a Watermark to Photos with Free Watermarking Software? Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone in 2020. How to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android Device? Online Meeting Software for Video Conferencing in High Quality. The Best Tools to Print to PDF in Windows 10. How To Use The Voice Changer Plus App On Iphone? Dangers That Make Mobile Phone Tracking A Creepy Nightmare. How To Backup All Your Gmail Emails. How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode On Android Device.

Some Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Bookmarks in Chrome. Best Call Recording Apps For Android And iPhone. How To Stop Your Phone From Spying On You. Why Purchase Android Device With Latest Android Version. Should or Shouldn’t You Deactivate Facebook Account. How To Stop Windows 10 From Crashing. How to clear iPhone Cache. Best KeepVid Alternatives in 2020. Best Google Trips Alternatives. Best New iPhone Features Introduced in iOS 13.4 Beta 1. Best Android Apps For Singers.

How To Set Up Google’s Advanced Protection On Your Device. Home Security Cameras in 2020. How to Detect Spyware On Android Phone. Sleep Tracking Apps For Apple Watch. Duplicate Photo Finder Tools to Remove Duplicate Images. Duplicate Photo Finder Tools to Remove Duplicate Images. How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently. How To Disable Sticky Keys In Windows 10. How To Delete iPhone Backups In macOS Catalina.

Best Ways To Protect Google Sheets. How To Disable Autocorrect On Android. Best Ways to Record iPhone XR Screen. Smart WhatsApp Text Formatting Tricks For Android. Some of the Common macOS Catalina Issues And Their Quick Fixes. Hidden AirPods Pro settings and Features. Some of the Best Windows 10 Hacks In 2020. Ways To Transfer Files To New Windows 10 Computer. Best Compass Apps For Android 2020Best Compass Apps For Android 2020. How To Unlock Android Phone Without Factory Reset. Top Fitness Gadgets And Apps For Android. Why My Android Phone’s Battery Draining Fast.

Methods To Recover Deleted Facebook Conversation. Bulk Image Resizer for Windows and Mac. Some Of The Best Photo Management Software. Best Exif Viewers To Edit And Delete Exif data. Cleaner For Android :Phone Booster & RAM Optimizer. Best 15 Free Windows 10 Themes. Some Of The Best Identity Theft protection Services In 2019. Some Of The Best Duplicate File Finder For Mac To Remove Duplicate Files. How To Protect Your Mac And Toughen It's Security.

10 Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac to Remove Duplicate Files. Some of the Best 14 Free Duplicate File Finders and Removers For Windows. Some Of The 14 Best Free Driver Updater Software For Windows 10, 8, 7. Tool To Eliminate Data Theft Risks- Advanced Identity Protector. Some of the Best Duplicate Music Files Finder And Remover To Delete Duplicate Songs. Ways to get back your Deleted Facebook Account. Bulk Email Software To Send Mass Email in 2019. FaceTime Alternatives? Android Users Can Enjoy FaceTime Too! Best YouTube Educational Video Channels. Whatsapp Status Messages and Quotes : Discuss Everything About Them.