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How to Use a VPN and Why You Need One. VPN helps secure your web traffic and bypass geo-restriction.

How to Use a VPN and Why You Need One

Here’s how to use a VPN and set up a VPN on Windows. Ever used a public Wi-Fi network and wondered if somebody, somewhere might be able to see your online activity? Considering the percentage of data breaches and the increase in cyber-attacks, it is a reasonable concern. But there’s a way to deal with this problem. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can protect your information from prying eyes and take control of online privacy.

What is a VPN? In simple words, a Virtual Private Network (VPN), helps protect your identity when you browse the web. If you are considering using a VPN and have doubts, you are at the right place. How does a VPN Work? VPNs forward all your network traffic via an encrypted tunnel thereby, hiding your real IP address. To make you understand the value of VPN, here are certain situations. After reading this, you must be like VPN is only needed when using public Wi-Fi. Top 10 CCleaner Alternatives To Clean Your Mac [Free & Paid] CCleaner is one of the most widely used tools to clean up your Mac and free up space.

Top 10 CCleaner Alternatives To Clean Your Mac [Free & Paid]

However, it doesn’t mean that every user is satisfied with CCleaner as it has its flaws and setbacks like the inability to clean deleted files from a hard disk or forceful running in the background. This is why CCleaner alternatives could help you to find the best Mac cleaner. Although CCleaner also provides a sleek interface with options like Uninstaller, custom folders cleanup and browser cleaning it lack a good updater, option for resetting applications, and time machine thinning. Considering all the additionalities that one may need, here is the curated list of CCleaner alternatives. 1. CleanMyMac X is a powerful alternative to CCleaner where it offers the easiest ways to eliminate outdated cache files, logs, corrupt downloads, and multiple other useless files.

Acer Monitor Not Working: Possible Fixes. Acer monitor not working, check here how to fix this.

Acer Monitor Not Working: Possible Fixes

What shall I do when my Acer monitor suddenly stops working. Several reasons cause the issue, including the following: Outdated or missing Acer drivers.Inaccurate or inappropriate power supply.Static electricity.Broken power cords or adapter.Monitor hardware issues. To resolve the error, we have created a quick troubleshooting guide to resolve the issue and get back your Acer monitor working properly. Beginning with the basic troubleshooting, it is important to check if it’s turning on or not. OnyX vs CleanMyMac: Which Mac Cleaner Is Best? Every Mac needs proper optimization so that it not only runs smoothly but also offers long-running capacity.

OnyX vs CleanMyMac: Which Mac Cleaner Is Best?

In this case, a good optimization tool is all you need to install, and the rest of the work is done in no time. When it comes to select the best Mac optimization app, the consumers can find two efficient products in their list i.e. OnyX and CleanMyMac. However, we can sense the rising confusion and it is also understandable. How To Fix Any NVIDIA Drivers Issues? Troubleshooting NVIDIA driver issues is one of the most concerning yet frustrating for a lot of users when you do not exactly know what’s going wrong.

How To Fix Any NVIDIA Drivers Issues?

Out of many issues related to NVIDIA drivers, the most common ones include- cannot install drivers after the latest update on the GeForce Experience. The common causes leading to NVIDIA Driver issues include- hardware failures, inadequate PC maintenance, Windows 10 updates, and more. If you are experiencing any sorts of issues with NVIDIA drivers, we are here to help you out. 1. Clean Dust From Your Computer If you have a laptop, you need not have to use the first method while if you are using a Desktop, this will be of great help.

How To Fix Bluetooth Driver Issues On Windows 10? Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 10 allow you to connect all your wireless and Bluetooth-enabled devices to your computer.

How To Fix Bluetooth Driver Issues On Windows 10?

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth drivers fail to connect your device to your PC. Having unresponsive Bluetooth drivers on your computer might lead to several issues and when it comes to automatic reconnection, the non-responsive Bluetooth becomes burdensome. To get rid of all serious issues related to Bluetooth drivers, it is important to have a know-how of the best resolutions so that anytime when you come across Bluetooth-related issues on your computer, you can immediately fix them up. How To Export All Your Passwords From Chrome, Firefox To TweakPass Secure Vault. Export Passwords saved in Chrome and other browsers into TweakPass Secure Vault.

How To Export All Your Passwords From Chrome, Firefox To TweakPass Secure Vault

Are you looking for a way to Export Chrome passwords? Want to generate random and strong passwords? If yes, then you’ve landed in the right place. Here, we will explain a quick way to export passwords stored on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and how to secure them. Cisdem Data Recovery For Mac- Complete Review. 10 Best PDF Editor For Mac In 2021. Do you know that PDF readers for Mac not only allow you to read, but also allow you to edit, annotate, and more on your MacBook or iMac?

10 Best PDF Editor For Mac In 2021

With the increased usage of PDFs, now PDF readers come with advanced editing features. And with the outbreak of Coronavirus, we have to download huge numbers of documents through the internet for a range of purposes like school activities, official work, and more. Be it reading or editing, having the best PDF editor for Mac can make your life easier. There are a lot of free PDF editors for Mac however, there are some limitations with the free apps that can interrupt your work. Luckily, there are some strong contenders of PDF editors that allow various activities like editing, annotating, and e-signing. With plenty of choices, I have short-listed 10 Best PDF readers for you. 1. Visit: PDFelement.

10 Best Download Managers For Mac. Downloading any video, audio, or document from the browser is surely a quick-fix option but sometimes you need a little more from what has already been present on your Mac.

10 Best Download Managers For Mac

Well, it includes download managers for Mac which are designed specifically for downloading heavy movie files, music, video games, books, applications, torrents, and much more than a simple browser download cannot offer. Apart from downloading the files directly, download managers can also provide a wide range of customization options to keep a check on your bandwidth. With that, they let you save time and space on the hard drive by allowing you to decide which downloads you need to keep running and which need to be paused.

There are many download managers, free or paid, but this blog is dedicated to telling you the best internet download managers for Mac that shall work best as per your need. 1. Duplicate Finder and Remover For Mac: In-Depth Review. Are you struggling with storage space on your Mac?

Duplicate Finder and Remover For Mac: In-Depth Review

Luckily, there’s a way to save yourself from spending on a new hard drive. Surprised? Well, don’t be! By cleaning duplicate files that take unnecessary space on your Mac you can easily recover gigabytes of storage space. 4 Essential Ways To Uninstall Unwanted Applications On Mac. Introduce to Uninstall Unwanted Applications On Mac Uninstall Unwanted Applications On Mac , We have lots of programs installed on our Mac, but out of all those programs we only need few of them. 10 Best Audio Converters For Mac 2021. Listening to music across multiple devices and platforms might require you to change the format of music files. A good audio converter for Mac lets you take the music file from any platform, like Amazon Music or Spotify, compress it, and convert it into the required format. However, many of us face the problem of low music quality when the files are converted to other formats. Using third-party applications is not always favorable as a lot of them come with ads and unsolicited plugins.

Hence, choosing the right application can be a task. Top 5 CleanMyMac X Alternative to Clean Your Mac. Unlike the Windows operating system, Mac machines are very stable and don’t go cranky easily. All you need to do is just clean it on a regular basis and it will deliver the best performance. Manual cleaning and optimization may take up a lot of time and energy on a routine basis, hence we make use of auto-clean software like CleanMyMac X.

Apple never promotes using any optimization software however the manual process is not that user-friendly to enter each folder and subfolder to clean and optimize the device. CleanMyMac X is a very stable and effective optimization suite however in the recent past there were some complaints about the performance of this application. After the latest update of the CleanMyMac X version, 4.7.4 users started getting repetitive issues and started looking for CleanMyMac X alternatives. Best Mac Uninstaller to Remove Apps from Mac. Let’s learn the best and quick way to uninstall apps from Mac. If you think uninstalling an app from your Mac is as simple as dragging and dropping it into the trash, then you are wrong.

It isn’t that simple, because when an app is installed multiple corresponding files to get installed, and they aren’t removed when the app is uninstalled from Mac. This means even when the app is no longer on your machine its related files stay and take up unwanted space on the hard drive. After reading, this if you think you can remove leftovers manually, then again you are wrong. Because for that you need to know where to find these files. Luckily, we have found one for you and in this post, we will discuss this best app uninstaller for Mac known as Advanced Uninstall Manager in detail. What is an Uninstaller Utility? To put it simply, an app uninstaller for Mac helps automate the uninstallation process and it includes different steps: What Advanced Uninstall Manager Does? – Categorizes Scan Results. Top 10 Common Mistakes That Slow Down Your Mac.

Over time with continuous usage our mac gets slow down, and we start thinking of getting a new system. How to Clear the System and Internet Caches on a Mac. The cache is an integral part of any machine as it improves and fastens the processing time of any task a user wants to perform and also aids in fast browsing. However, the same should be deleted regularly failing which it coagulates and occupies a lot of disk space leading to a slow-performing Mac. This article will guide you through how you can clear cache both manually and using the top junk cleaners for macOS. 10 Best Video Compressors For Mac. Top 10 Common Mistakes That Slow Down Your Mac.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor For Mac: Complete Review 2021. The world is consuming video content at a huge scale today. This is why those who wish to deliver their thoughts, experiences, knowledge and talent to viewers have switched to online video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. However, one needs to have one of the best video editing software before they could present their videos on different websites.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro For Mac Review. Find and Remove All The Duplicates Quickly & Efficiently! Whenever we come back from a vacation, we love to upload all the images on our Mac and store them nicely. These pictures could be uploaded on social media pages or simply be put up in a library as a memory. With time, your Mac storage gets filled with a lot of photos, which could include duplicates too. Best Productivity Apps For Mac In 2021. Is It The Best Mac Optimization Tool? iMobie MacClean Review: Is It The Best Tool To Clean & Optimize Your Mac? Every Mac user wishes to keep their system in a fit and running condition so that it doesn’t create trouble in a longer run.

Best DVD Burner Software For Mac In 2021. If you think that DVD and optical disc storage are all dead by now, you may want to rethink again. Despite the presence of USB and external hard drives, the world of CDs and DVDs is thriving for either keeping a backup of their important files or placing the media collection in a safe place. Not just this, the risk of data theft or loss also cuts down when data is present inside your almirah’s DVD. 10 Best Image Resizing App For Mac in 2021. Gemini 2 Review: Is It Worth Your Mac & Money? How To Uninstall Apps On Mac.

10 Best Password Managers For Mac 2021. 10 Best Video Player for Mac in 2021. Best 5 VPN Services for Windows In 2021. 10 Best Startup Manager Apps for Mac 2021. 10 Best Fastest and Safest VPNs for Mac - 2021. Best PDF to Word Converter For Mac in 2021: Free and Paid. EaseUS CleanGenius - Clean up Junk files and Monitor Disk Space. 10 Best Data Recovery Tools for Mac in 2020. Sensei - Next Generation Mac Performance Utility.

Parallels Toolbox For Mac - Tools to Simplify Everyday Tasks. 10 Best Video Editing Software for Macs in 2020. MacClean360 - Speed up and Manage Your Mac. Disk Inventory X - Disk Space Analyzer for macOs. App Cleaner & Uninstaller - Software Uninstaller For macOS. MacFly Pro Review - Smart Assistant for Your Mac. MacCleanse 9 - Save Disk Space Selectively Erase logs, Caches, Activity. Drive Genius- macOS Monitoring Software. Best Photo EXIF Editor for Mac In 2020. iBoostUp - Optimize Your Mac, Fix Performance and Errors. OS Cleaner Master-Keep your system clean & fast. 10 Best Disk Space Analyzers for macOS. Avira Optimizer for Mac: The best Mac Optimize.

10 Best Batch Photo Editors For Mac 2020. Quick Comparison - Disk Clean Pro Vs. OnyX. 10 Best File Shredder For Mac in 2020. Best Disk Partition Software for Mac in 2020. Top 10 MacBooster Alternatives For Optimizing Your Mac. EaseUS CleanGenius - Clean up Junk files and Monitor Disk Space. Memory Cleaner- Monitor Memory usage and clean up Your Memory. How To Repair White Screen Issues On Mac? Best Mac Antivirus Protection Software 2020. TuneupMyMac– A Comprehensive Review (2020) How to Access Task Manager on Mac. 10 Best Screen Recording Software For Mac in 2020.

Best Hard Drive Cloning Software For Mac In 2020. How To Delete Cache On a Mac? 10 Best Duplicate Photo Finder & Remover For Mac 2020. How To Fix It: External Hard Drive Not Showing Up On Mac. How to Downgrade to macOS Catalina from macOS Big Sur. How To Fix A Mac That Won’t Shut Down. TuneupMyMac – Mac Cleaner and Optimization Tool. How to save MacBook Battery Life. How To View Hidden Files On MacOS.

How to Format a Drive on a Mac. How To Empty The Trash On Your Mac & Securely Delete The Files. How To Empty The Trash On Your Mac & Securely Delete The Files. How to Clear Safari’s Cache and Cookies on Mac. Mac Won’t Turn On? How to Fix It and Make It Boot. How To Delete An iCloud Account. How To Delete Downloads On Mac. AweCleaner for Mac- Mac cleaner, speed up slow Mac. Umate Mac Cleaner - Clean Up and Optimize Your Mac Performace. How to Hide or Unhide Files on Using Terminal on Mac.

How to Uninstall or Remove Applications from Mac. How To Manage Limited Storage On Mac. How-to-Record-Mac-Screen-with-Audio. Best Fastest Browsers For macOS in 2020. 5 Best Mac Optimizer Software to Free up Valuable Disk Space. A Complete Review of cCleaner For Mac. Stellar SpeedUpMac Review - Speed up Mac OS X and Optimize Mac. How To Use Group FaceTime On iPhone And iPad. How To See Deleted Tweets On Twitter. Mac Cleaner Review: Smart Mac Care & Is It Worth To Clean My Mac. How To Speed Up Mac. Why Is My Mac So Slow? Top Mac Cleaner Is The Solution.