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To App or Not? New Study Points the Way. To app or not to app.

To App or Not? New Study Points the Way

That is the question many brands struggle with in these digital days. They know they need to go mobile. But what they don't know is whether they should go all out and build an app? Or is a simple website, optimized for the mobile Web, enough? A new study from Adobe’s Omniture Business Unit might have the answer: Mobile users like apps when all they want is a self-contained experience, like a game. Omniture measured the preferences and behaviors of 1,200 mobile users in four key consumer categories: products and shopping, financial services, media and entertainment, and travel.

It makes sense. Mental Models. How to use GPS technology in the classroom. Skip to main content Browse All Briefs by Topic How to use GPS technology in the classroom.

How to use GPS technology in the classroom

eLearning Professionals: what did you want to be when you grew up? Office of Instructional Consulting: IU School of Education. Stories about time: interactive timeline tools. This post continues the theme of using digital storytelling tools for instruction.

Stories about time: interactive timeline tools

Good stories are usually about change or a journey that’s been made. Sometimes stories describe change in the context of events that have occurred over time. That’s where timeline tools come in handy. In this post, I’ll review some interactive timeline generators. Digiassass_eada. Google Goggles: The Future of Mobile Learning? « Designing Impact. Samsung Galaxy Tab to cost $399 on T-Mobile? 10 October '10, 08:03am Follow A leaked T-Mobile slide suggests that the US carrier will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab on its network, looking like it will set back customers $399 when the device goes on sale.

In the week, BoyGeniusReport suggested that Sprint would be launching the Galaxy Tab on its network on November 14, keeping the same price structure as T-Mobile. When UK pricing rumours surfaced, we were surprised to see the Samsung device coming in a little more expensive than the iPad, especially when the Galaxy Tab is tasked with taking the Android fight to Apple’s tablet market domination. Mobile Learning Environments (EDUCAUSE Quarterly. Key Takeaways With one billion devices expected to have mobile broadband Internet connections, the impact of mobile communication cannot be underestimated.

Mobile Learning Environments (EDUCAUSE Quarterly

With this growth in mobile devices, it seems appropriate to ask what completely new things might be afforded by mobile media for learning. The discussion of learning environments and mobile media grants educators an opportunity to adopt methods of situated, contextual, just-in-time, participatory, and personalized learning. Theory aside, it seems common sense that instruction should be performed in the most authentic context possible to practice and demonstrate useful learning, which mobile learning environments can facilitate. Paper on Continuing Medical Education through mobile devices for Health Care Workers in Developing Countries. 10 Unusual Sources Of Inspiration for eLearning. Sharebar We all need inspiration at times.

10 Unusual Sources Of Inspiration for eLearning

Here are ten websites where you can seek, browse and hopefully find inspiration to kickstart your creativity. Click the underlined name of the source to access each site. 1. is a site for exploring, sharing and creating visualizations. 2. If you crave a wide variety of ideas for conceiving information graphics, check out the sundry visuals at this site, where “form follows data.” 35 Excellent Wireframing Resources - Noupe Design Blog. Oct 05 2010 Wireframing is an important part of the design process, one that shouldn’t be overlooked by even the most experienced designers.

35 Excellent Wireframing Resources - Noupe Design Blog

Wireframes can save development time by outlining exactly how a site should look and function, in a manner that can be shown to and approved by your clients. But wireframing can be confusing, especially to new designers. What’s the right way to create a wireframe? Is there even a right way? Wireframing Articles The articles featured here discuss wireframing and prototyping both from a theoretical and a practical point of view.

Storify: Using Stories to Learn and Share. With the onslaught of information we’re subjected to, it’s tempting just to collect links in a never-ending to-be-read-later pile.

Storify: Using Stories to Learn and Share

It’s not exactly a habit that fosters critical thinking. Storify provides a fun way to assemble snippets of web information (Tweets, Facebook excerpts, Flickr photos, YouTube videos, Google search results, and RSS feed data) to tell a story. The technology (or what are my powers?) In private beta, you need an invite to get started with Storify. Is your website ADA-friendly? - Related Stories - SmartBrief on Workforce. Skip to main content Browse All Briefs by Topic Is your website ADA-friendly?

Is your website ADA-friendly? - Related Stories - SmartBrief on Workforce

Forward to a friend The Justice Department wants company websites to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some areas they are targeting include ensuring those with visual disabilities can change the type size or color on a website, and allowing users to ask for more time to respond to instructions, says Kimberly Colonna of McNees Wallace & Nurick. QR codes for mobile learning on Trailmeme. QR codes for moble learning on Trailmeme. QR codes for moble learning mlearning on Trailmeme. mHealth and Patient Education for the 83% As noted in a previous post, while smartphones represent an exciting tool for patient education and the support of health-directed behaviors, 80% of Americans don’t have smartphones.

mHealth and Patient Education for the 83%

What are the opportunities for mlearning for health when it comes to this population? Remembering the larger picture If you feel stymied by the limitations of non-smartphones, remember that mhealth services should be part of a larger picture of patient-centered services and that this larger picture includes human beings—doctors, nurses, and support networks of patients and patient advocates.

Thus, mobile phones, even the ones that are not so smart, are best used in blended learning strategies. Research Online. Jan Herrington, Anthony Herrington, Jessica Mantei, Ian Olney and Brian Ferry (editors), New technologies, new pedagogies: Mobile learning in higher education, Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, 2009, 138p.

Research Online

ISBN: 978-1-74128-169-9 (online). Complete book available here - individual chapters below: Table of Contents Preface: While mobile technologies such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and digital music players (mp3 players) have permeated popular culture, they have not found widespread acceptance as pedagogical tools in higher education.

Twitter Directory and Search, Find Twitter Followers. Keeping Your Eye on the Search. Given the importance of visual elements in elearning, it’s interesting to note that many instructional designers rely heavily on text-based research at the outset of a project and then consider visual elements when the text-based content has been developed. However, conducting text-based searches in parallel with media searches can allow you to find information and discern patterns that you might have missed with a traditional approach. Expanding your search engine horizons In addition to searching the image and video collections of standard search engines, like Google and Bing, there are a number of search engines that create different visual outputs of a search. These can help you broaden your outlook on any given research topic.

ViewziViewzi gives you the option to view your search results in a number of different formats including: and many more. Miio. Health Literacy Month and e-Patients: A Ways to Go. It’s probably appropriate that right on the heels of the e-Patient Connections 2010 conference that we enter health literacy month. If the conference, and the e-patient movement more generally, point to a population of active and engaged patients, health literacy month reminds us that there’s much to be done when it comes to creating effective physician-patient partnerships and helping patients take charge of their own wellness and health care decisions. As stated (or restated) by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) (2010), “‘health literacy’ is a person’s capacity to find, understand, and use basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.”

As noted in a previous post, health literacy and overall literacy are not the same thing. US QR Code Statistics for MSKYNET « SPARQCode BLOG. What students need to know about Google. Screen sharing - share your desktop using Skype. QR Codes, Augmented Reality, and Learning for Health. Another Tablet Computer – Blackberry Playbook. Blackberry's Playbook tablet has medical community in mind. Yesterday Blackberry announced it’s answer to Apple’s iPad – the Playbook. Zoho notebook for learning and collaboration. Zoho notebook is part of the suite of programs that Zoho offers which allow you to collect and share information. Although designed to serve business needs, many of the tools provided by Zoho have educational applications.

For example, Zoho notebook allows you to collect multimedia resources to tell a story and teach at the same time. How to game a cure. Kno adds single-screen tablet to double-screen plans for education market. Stickybits: Scan your mobile world for social learning. In my last post, I described instructional strategies for using QR codes, particularly in augmented reality applications. QR codes, a type of data matrix code, can be scanned by QR scanners, or mobile phone/smartphone cameras with QR readers. Becoming a Twitter power user on Trailmeme. Fall colors depend on weather changes. So, why do the leaves change color each fall? "Every autumn across the Northern Hemisphere, diminishing daylight hours and falling temperatures induce trees to prepare for winter," says Bassam Shakhashiri, chemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Broadleaf, green trees turn to brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red. Their color changes because the tree's growth factory shuts down for the winter.

Winter is a bad time for growing: too little water, too little sun, and too much cold. So the tree stops producing chlorophyll, stores sugars for antifreeze protection, and sheds tender leaves. "During summer, the leaves of trees are factories producing sugar from carbon dioxide and water by the action of light on chlorophyll [photosynthesis]," says Shakhashiri. Water and nutrients flow up from roots through branches and into the leaves. Chlorophyll, however, breaks down easily in bright sunlight. QR Codes: Augmenting Augmented Reality.

Telephone coaching cuts medical costs, study says - White Coat Notes. Dr. The New York Times > Books > Interactive Feature > A Literary Map of Manhattan. Free Web chat tools. In this post, I’ll take a look at some of the free Web chat services out there. What can an embedded Web chat box do for my learners? Exploratree: A Metacognition tool. The Exploratree platform by Futurelab provides tools and templates to stimulate reflection and creative thinking. The platform is an outgrowth of Futurelab’s Enquiring Minds Project, a three-year program run by Futurelab and funded by Microsoft. The goal of the project is “to enable students to take more responsibility for the content, processes, and outcomes of their learning.” iPhone vs. Android? The answer is “both”. It didn’t take long, and nobody was surprised, but the iPhone versus Android battle has heated to a level that has become nothing short of a “mine’s bigger than yours” match from both sides. Mobile learning for health: Initial design considerations.

Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources. The Practice of Mobile Learning. Designing Mobile Experiences. Mlearnopedia. mHealth Meet mLearning: The Opportunities. Healthcare Mobile Learning Revenues Will Reach $306.67 Million by 2014. Gizmos-for-seniors: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. Powerful examples of using the iPad on the wards. The Rise of Apps Culture. Ambient-Insight-Mobile-Learning-Healthcare-Leads-the-Way. Glass: A New Annotation and Collaboration Platform. Glass: Turning the Internet into your collaborative sharing website.

Free eLearning Books. How Are Adults Using Mobile Phones? Best content in Mobile Learning. Best content in mobile health. The Augmented Reality Library. Untitled. Online Training, Learning Management System, Blog. Litmos. Analyst: Android To Get 50% of Mobile Market, iOS Only 20% 7 Brilliant iPhone Apps for Teachers and Bloggers. Mobile Device CME: A Bright Future Ahead. Optimizing Web Media for Mobile Learning. Academic social-media site to integrate with Facebook. Notre Dame embarks on a paperless course with iPads. 100 Extensive University Libraries from Around the World that Anyone Can Access « mary & mac design.

Mobile Learning Portal. Smartphones hustle to maintain pace with rapid rate of change in oncology - Cancer Network. What do teachers really want in an "Educational App"? Elearning. University Learning = OCW + OER = FREE! My PLN (Illustrated) Free Mobile Internet for Educators - In YOUR U.S. City! Mobile health shows promise in emergency medicine - Comments - eHealth SmartBrief.