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12 Top Quality Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials. Below are a few Photoshop light effect tutorials that have caught my eye while looking over the tutorial sites, for me these produce the best results while using brushes, blurs and other media such as textures to create a top quality effect.

12 Top Quality Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials

Create Awesome Abstract Nebula Circle Shape in Photoshop Covers using filters with textures such as the twirl filter and warp filter with a Nebula star texture making for impressive results. A Singular Creation Art Tips, Tutorials and Articles. 40 Amazing Papercraft Templates for the Geek Inside You. When considering papercraft, your first thought will most likely be of all that boring stuff you made in school, like paper flowers, printable seasonal cards or even scrap-booking.

40 Amazing Papercraft Templates for the Geek Inside You

It doesn’t exactly sound like a hobby that stimulates much excitement, for the most of us anyway. How wrong you are. In actual fact, papercraft can be really cool and loads of fun, especially when you build one of the geeky printable templates we have for you in this post. Can’t afford a Mac? Build your own paper version. All of the papercraft templates below, which may at first appear to be quite elaborate, are very easy to build.

Gaming Console Papercraft Templates Classic Miniature Pinball Machine These fabulous all classic mini pinball tables, available in many different designs (Terminator 2, Medieval Madness, Indiana Jones…), are very easy to build. Template Download Page → Vintage Arcade Cabinet You could have your own Desktop Arcade Machine model in under an hour. Template Download Page → Home. Inkodye - Light-sensitive dyes for textiles and more. You Creatives. ‪Crazy paper thing‬‏ Pinup Research & Development: Exercise : Body Constellations.

The approach outlined here (which will doubtless be the subject of some future live demo) should not be construed as an exact proportional guideline, but rather a loose armature for figure construction. Imagine you're a sculptor building upon a wooden base with a length of wire. The principle is the same. There are three primitive armatures you can get lots of mileage out of when inventing poses. If you're ever hard-pressed to think of a clear action to portray (and who of us isn't?) , one of these armatures may help jar something loose. -The Dipper -The Check -The Zig-Zag This comes from the idea that the distances from the ankle (first "star") to the knee (second "star"), from the knee to the hip (third "star"), and from the hip to the sternum (fourth "star") are approximately the same.

These distances will change depending on viewpoint/foreshortening, but let's look at how such "constellations" appear in Gil Elvgren's work. Notice also where and how the ground planes fall. Digital Timelapse Discussion - Index page. The How-to Manual That You Can Edit.

25 Free Adorable Hand Drawn Fonts For Your Designs. Hand drawn fonts or fonts in that style can really add a personal effect if used in the right way.

25 Free Adorable Hand Drawn Fonts For Your Designs

The use of hand-drawn images, icons and fonts are popular in website designs specially blogs for personalizing and giving a unique and artistic touch to designs. In this post, we present a list of 25 useful fee hand drawn fonts design. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase and feel free to share your opinion with us! Other useful related links: 1. Clementine Sketch 2. James Fajardo 3. Take Out The Garbage 4. DJ Gross 5. McCoy - Hello Lori 6. Jerry's handwriting 7. Just Me Again Down Here 8. HandVetica 9. Beautiful Paper Snowflake. The Infamous Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Now, I have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I swear by.

The Infamous Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love it, I think it is incredible, and I haven’t changed my mind about that. However, as much as it pains me to say it, these chocolate chip cookies by Jacques Torres are absolutely, without a doubt, the best chocolate chip cookies that I have ever made or tasted in my entire life. Tutorial: How to Make a Pomander Flower Ball. 50 Outstanding Illustration Designs for Your Inspiration. A great illustration contains a little concept called art.

50 Outstanding Illustration Designs for Your Inspiration

Art is a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. To showcase some of the best artworks, we decide to create this article. While browsing through the illustrations be sure to actually observe the artwork and find the hidden meanings. All of the illustrations are implying a specific message. It is the artists goal to tell you that message by showing you their piece of art. Top 100 Tutorials of 2010. How to Make Leaf Skeletons.

I wanted to share with you a project from one of my readers who shares with us how to make leaf skeletons.

How to Make Leaf Skeletons

I LOVE this! I have several leafs in various forms displayed in my home and knew I needed to make some of her leaf skeletons to add to my decor. I love how a pattern of leaves can enhance the beauty in your home. So I asked Heather if she would mind sharing her project with you. You can find more great projects from Heather at her blog The Other White House. Friendship Bracelets {Craft Camp} I am excited to be offering 30 days of fun crafts to keep kids active and entertained this summer!

Friendship Bracelets {Craft Camp}

You won’t want to miss a day of these fun crafts for kids from some amazing bloggers! Please be sure to pay them a visit! Hi I am Beckie from Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Décor and I am back here on STML showing you how to make woven friendship bracelets As I was thinking about what project to do for this series I tried to remember what my most favorite craft was when I was a girl. It was by far bracelet making! I have noticed they are making their way back on children’s wrists lately. These are different than the macramé knot tying bracelets. Supplies: Embroidery Floss Scissors.