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An Early Rider for Easy Riders earlyrider5 – Inhabitots. There’s a new wooden bike on the block.

An Early Rider for Easy Riders earlyrider5 – Inhabitots

And with features such as embossed flames, an embroidered chopper-styled seat, and a fat black-walled rear tire, it’s bound to quickly race to the head of the pack. According to the website, Early Rider mini cycles are the “most stylish, perfectly made and safest bikes available.” While there really isn’t a quantifiable way to prove that last bit, just one look at these bikes confirms the first two claims. Early Rider, a British company, was created by dad, Andy Loveland, who set out to design a stabilizer-free bike both he and his son would love.

The first prototype, the ‘Classic,’ was completed utilizing British innovation, and borrowing copious amounts of West coast lowrider flair. Yet with a wooden bike this mean looking, I am surprised that the Early Rider website does not yet offer helmets in their “complete the look” section – even biker dudes wear those. +Early Rider. Anthropologie. Greenchamp crafts sustainable bamboo balance bikes for children. May 15, 2014 greenchamp crafts sustainable bamboo balance bikes for children greenchamp crafts sustainable bamboo balance bikes for childrenall images courtesy of greenchamp the pint-sized product is made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials honey is infused into the bamboo fiber to prevent cracking nature-based joints and bamboo framework promote the smoothest ride possible designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.

greenchamp crafts sustainable bamboo balance bikes for children

DIY Balance Bike. During this summer holiday I decided to give my 20 month old son his own set of wheels, he had already been eyeing the bigger kids on their cycles for some time and I a summer project to hone my woodworking skills as well.

DIY Balance Bike

Some internet research got my mind set on a balance bike. As it so happens I had some lumber lying around the house for over a year hoping to put to good use. This is one of those projects which I almost entirely eyeballed with no pre-determined design or plan. If you have any questions about dimensions I can measure it and let you know. The main raw materials for this project are the 12" wheels, 1/2" X 3" soft wood planks from a pallet (wood unknown), screws and some nuts and bolts (6mm dia). And last but not the least enjoy making it with your son / daughter if possible (safely ofcourse). Ideas y material gratis para fiestas y celebraciones Oh My Fiesta! DIY CATAPULTS FOR KIDS!!!! (video) DIY Hand Puppets – Of the Kids – By the Kids and For the Kids – DIY real. Etsy Mibo Printable Paper Animals. Pocoyó para colorear. Pocoyó es el protagonista de esta serie.

Pocoyó para colorear

Tiene 3 años y le gusta mucho jugar con sus amigos Pato, Elly, Loula, Pajaroto y Pajarito. Aquí tenéis algunos dibujos para colorear: Dibujos para colorear online y manualidades de Pocoyó Vídeos de Pocoyó del canal Clan Si quieres ver vídeos y jugar con Pocoyó haz click en los siguientes enlaces: Juegos online de Pocoyó Páginas web de juegos, vídeos, manualidades, descargas, concursos, tienda,... de Pocoyó Juegos para tablets y móviles de Pocoyó Si quieres descargarte juegos para tu tablet o móvil haz click en los siguientes enlaces: Esperamos que os guste Pocoyó tanto como a nosotros. Blog de los niños: Pocoyó para colorear. Manualidades para niños - Manualidades fáciles. ¿Sabíais que mientras hacéis las manualidades para niños de Pocoyó estamos desarrollando habilidades de nuestros pequeños como la creatividad, imaginación, psicomotricidad, autoestima o las habilidades sociales?

Manualidades para niños - Manualidades fáciles

Para los niños cada manualidad es un juego. Sin embargo, para los padres las actividades de Pocoyó generan múltiples beneficios para el desarrollo de las capacidades de los más pequeños de la casa. Gracias a las manualidades, los niños aprenderán valores como la organización, el trabajo en equipo, la solidaridad, el reparto de tareas, la paciencia, la toma de decisiones... además de que conseguirán aumentar la confianza en sí mismos. También, dichas actividades infantiles permitirán ayudarles a desarrollar su creatividad, aumentar su capacidad de concentración, la coordinación, la capacidad de expresión y de lenguaje de los más pequeños, así como les facilitarán el aprendizaje de conceptos, colores, formas, números entre otros.

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