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LED calculator. Multiplo | Open source robotics building system. Proyecto - Ardunno. Ce phare Arduino Dark Vador envoi des requêtes à un fichier php en ligne qui à son tour check le hashtag #ardunno sur Twitter. Quand il y a un un nouveau tweet avec le hashtag #ardunno, le phare Dark Vador lit le tweet puis le traduit en morse. The Mind of Bill Porter. Nothing means more to someone then a gift that took more time to make than money to buy. This is an example of such a gift. Set your way-back-when machines to 2002. Getting ready to finish high school, I had built up some hacker level of electronic knowledge. My parents; both nautical people; have a large lighthouse fountain in their backyard.

My mother’s only wish for Christmas that year was for me to build something that would illuminate the lighthouse as if it were a functioning beacon. Not actual fountain, but close The old LED board Fast forward 8 years. Enter the LED Lighthouse Keeper. The new design The design is simple. Schematic (Click for full) Not the most elegant solution to everyone I’m sure, but for the few bucks an ATtiny costs, it got the job done. The PCB had to be carefully designed to dissipate heat away from the blue LED. Board Design Video demonstration UPDATED: A video of it installed Now here’s the kicker. The source code is available for Download Here. Top view Side Back. Arduino lighthouse.

Arduino Controlled Lighthouse : Finished Project. Build an LED lighthouse. Lighthouse schematics and files | Catmacey's stuff. Update: I’ve revised the schematic for this project and had a proper PCB made, see the new version here. For anyone who is interested (Hi Richard) here are my project files for the lighthouse project. The project is written for the PIC12f683 using SourceBoost Technologies BoostC that I use as a tool suite in Microchip’s MPLAB. BoostC is fairly ANSI so if you’re using another C then it wouldn’t be hard to convert. There’s a free version of BoostC too and I think my program will fit within it’s limits. C source code here (7kb). : Compiled hex binary here (1kb zip).

The schematic and circuit are drawn up using the free version of Cadsoft Eagle. They were created using version 4, but the latest version of Eagle is v5 which I’ve not used yet, however the circuit is fairly simple so I doubt there would be any problems. High resolution combined print for top and bottom of circuit for toner transfer. (4800x2222px, 163Kb) Schematic layout of circuit. If you have any problems drop me a line. Like this: