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Watch This Guy Make the Cleanest Getaway Ever in Grand Theft Auto. Art of the Ball Control. Crazy ass football street stunts! from CindyFreak. Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys. Action movie by French kids. Learn how to throw lethal playing cards. If you watch the following video, you will be able to see one of the world’s leading card-throwing experts practicing his craft.

Learn how to throw lethal playing cards

With a business card and a flick of his wrist he can pop balloons, extinguish candles, hit targets, etc.: Around the 50-second point, you will also see him impale a tomato with a business card. This is where the lethality comes in. Around 3:15, Rick Smith demonstrates his technique very quickly. How to throw cards fast and effectively !!!!! See also: If you need a source of cheap playing cards, check out the dollar store – two decks for a buck. Qigong Master Boils Water With His Hands Pyrokinesis. Dominos with Beer Bottles - Video - StumbleUpon.

CubeStormer II Video. Glass Ball Street Magic [Video] - Catherine Forsythe. Serving Ice Cream Like a BOSS - Heladero de circo - How to Troll your Customer. Bricks Of War Is A LEGO Gears of War. And Yep, It Fuckin' Rocks. ​A stop-motion pop 'n stop spoof?

Bricks Of War Is A LEGO Gears of War. And Yep, It Fuckin' Rocks.

I'll take it! You know how you'll have those things in your life and love them, and also recognize that before you knew of them you never knew you needed them? Yep. That's exactly what this is. And I hope you understand what that sentence said, because I can only barely make it out. Anyway. A perfect representation of Gears of War, in LEGO form. Props to the team that made this, called Kooberz Studios. I want to see a Splinter Cell and a God of War version done LEGO. Join The Joystick Division! Real-Life Death Ray Built by Teenager; World Fears the Worst. Using a simple fiberglass satellite dish covered in mirrors, Eric Jacqmain, a 19-year-old from Indiana, created a ray that can vaporize aluminum and melt steel.

Real-Life Death Ray Built by Teenager; World Fears the Worst

Yes, the R5800 Solar Death Ray (that is literally what it is called), just 5-foot-9-inches tall and is 42 inches across, has achieved what Archimedes supposedly accomplished using bronze and copper shields. The video is fascinating. Set to odd electronic music, Jacqmain obliterates a wide variety of objects, even making concrete boil. We can only hope this young, evil genius doesn't move on to drills that bomb the earth's core or a device that controls the weather. Freezing beer - Magic Trick Video. Amazing examples of superhuman speed and accuracy. Real Samurai Sword Technique - Cutting BB Gun pellet by Isao Machii -...

Phoenix-Fly Wingsuit Flying: The Need 4 Speed on Vimeo. Impossible nail-through-wood trick. Giant Fire Breathing Robot. The Super Mario Bros. movie that should have been. Minecraft: Infinity Cannon. Moogaloop.swf?clip_id=29017795. The Pizza Box of the Future Has Arrived. Damage Plans Mans Worst Enemy. Giant Machete-Shooting Slingshot. What The Legend of Zelda Would Be Like with a Portal Gun. The Most Intense Sport You’ve Never Heard Of. Asian Chick's Awesome Hand Ninja Video Video. An American Sign Language interpretation of Cee Lo Green’s smash hit “Fuck You.”

Bruce Lee- Ping Pong (Full Version) Bubblicious on Vimeo. Cool Beer Pong Trick Shots&Video. Suspending Water Without a Cup Trick - CollegeHumor Video. Playing piano with balls. How To Build A Fireball You Can Hold&Video. The Master Of Dance Dance Revolution. Intermission: Vintage Video Games Recreated with Fire - Culture - GOOD. Best Gaming Achievement Ever: Zelda OOT, Listening in 3D, inside the Deku Tree. Tricky Free Kicks Video -, Video, Picture, Audio Sharing, Chat, Groups, and Ratings.

Charles Lim aka Ched – » Eccentric Guy is Straight Murder on the Keyboard. Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever Video. Physics-Defying Paper Airplane Trick. Reel Wisdom: Lessons From 40 Films in 7 Minutes. ‪Power of Meditation: Qigong Master Chi Energy‬‏ Interactive Birthday Cake? Yes, Please! The Body Part Bakery. Piano stairs - - The most amazing beat box video ever!!! 4 minutes hip hop history by Eklips... Transformer Owl. This is a truly odd animal video!

Transformer Owl

Not only is it in Japanese (which is odd if you're an American who doesn't understand Japanese, like me) but it shows an owl exhibiting some fascinating behavior. Check it out and be sure to watch the whole thing to see the strangest stuff. Then see my explanations below. How cool was that? While I'm not certain what the exact species of owl this is (while it looks kind of like a North American screech owl, I think it's a scops owls based on pictures on the Owl Pages) I know exactly what this little "Transformer owl" is doing. Check Out the Top 10 Animal Transformers (including the Common Scops Owl). You might not know that small owl species are sometimes on the menu for larger owl species. When faced with the second, much larger owl, however, it does the exact opposite.

(And in case you're not a child of the '80s and don't get the Transformers reference, this should make it all clear.) Thanks go to Jade Beinvenu for sending me the link to this video. Keith Barry does brain magic. Best uncut fight scene - Tony Jaa. Dr Dre When he was little. Kid plays instrument awesomely EPIC MUST WATCH. Duck Taping A GoPro Hero Camera To The Tip Of A Sword. Best Goal Celebrations EVER! Cristiano ronaldo vs freestyle champion jeremy lynch. Four-Handed Bad Romance on Devour. This Clip Is Proof That Birds Are Secretly Composers.