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After Billions of Clicks, Players Near the Center of Peter Molyneux's Cube. When we last looked at Curiosity — What’s Inside the Cube?

After Billions of Clicks, Players Near the Center of Peter Molyneux's Cube

, we were curious to know why half a million people were compulsively working together to tap and destroy the imaginary green cube in this iPhone app. A few months later, they haven’t stopped. Modern Warfare 3 Delivery Truck Robbed In France. Top 10 Best Halo 3 Screenshots of All Time « Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play. Halo 3 was a groundbreaking game in numerous aspects but none so much as its Forge and Theater modes.

Top 10 Best Halo 3 Screenshots of All Time « Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

With the ability to capture both video clips and images combined with the instant availability of both online, creating and sharing content has never been easier. 5 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' Despite the immense challenges in bringing Zelda to the N64 and the 3rd dimension, Shigeru Miyamoto and his team crafted a superlative work that features some of the series' most iconic music, dazzling graphics and daring gameplay.

Now, more than a decade after its 1998 release, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is among the best loved and best known video games, ever. But did you know these five facts about " Zelda 64" dug up from around the Internet? Brag/bemoan how much you knew in the comments below. This May Be the Most Amazing Battlefield 3 Experience Ever. Guy chokes a kid after being made fun of in Black Ops, we're ... upset.

Portal Kombat Fatalities w/ Bonus Portals IRL! This is the game cover for Portal Kombat, a game that only exists in 'a Youtube video of the fatalities' form (video after the jump).

Portal Kombat Fatalities w/ Bonus Portals IRL!

Still, it's better than nothing. WoW Archivist: The Corrupted Blood plague. The WoW Archivist explores the secrets of World of Warcraft's past.

WoW Archivist: The Corrupted Blood plague

What did the game look like years ago? Who is etched into WoW's history? What secrets does the game still hold? In late September of 2005, the world was struck with a terrible, virulent plague. In the early days of this plague, it was believed to be well under control. Men, women and children were all infected. 5 ways Ocarina of Time changed video games forever. Battlefield 3 PC version won’t have in-game server browser. The tables have turned.

Battlefield 3 PC version won’t have in-game server browser

A day after we gladly reported that console gamers would be getting this great PC feature called “server browser”, we can now report that PC gamers won’t have an in-game server browser. DICE’s Alan Kertz has confirmed that in order to switch servers, you have to exit Battlefield 3, and use Battlelog to find another server and join. Granted, Kertz points out that BF3 “starts up really fast”, but we can’t imagine it being more effective than having an in-game server browser, which has been the norm in PC games for decades — in fact, there’s no other game that requires you to exit in order to switch servers. Considering that server switching is frequent among gamers, either because of rage quitting or trying to find a better game, or something third, this could cause some annoyance. Game over, iPad: Why Nintendo holds the key to fragging Apple's tablet.

Unlimited Detail’s non-polygon 3D gets more unlimited. When first (and last) we met the Brisbane-based technology company Unlimited Detail, it was promising to revolutionize the creation of 3D images in games.

Unlimited Detail’s non-polygon 3D gets more unlimited

Its technique was called a “point cloud,” a software-created collection of billions of dots that would bestow lifelike characteristics on graphics that, even when rendered by the best video cards on the market, have traditionally looked blocky and unrealistic. And it would do all this with modest, rather than excessive, processing power. AppBlaster lets you kill the aliens hiding in your home. The appBlaster is an iPhone accessory that allows you to shoot at virtual aliens in your real-life surroundings, via the Alien Attack augmented reality app(Photo: RED5) Image Gallery (5 images) Last month we reported on the Aurasma augmented reality (AR) app, and compared it to the special sunglasses in the John Carpenter movie They Live, that let their wearers see the aliens secretly living amongst us.

Not so fast: Sony's Playstation Network hacked again - TNW Industry. Less than 2 days after Sony started bringing its PlayStation Network back online reports are coming in that the besieged gaming giant’s platform has been hacked yet again.

Not so fast: Sony's Playstation Network hacked again - TNW Industry

MCV is reporting that the exploit allows for hackers to change users passwords using only a PSN account email and date of birth, two pieces of user information that were obtained in the original hack. Update: Sony has responded to the reports of a new hack. MCV says that the hack, which is really an exploit of Sony’s password reset system, was first reported by and then corroborated by Eurogamer. Now the PSN login option is unavailable on a number of Sony’s sites. Sony’s login site that is used to reset passwords using the email and date of birth is now down. According to Nyleveia the exploit was demonstrated to it personally by someone who knew the method. Meet The New Class Of Borderlands 2: The Gunzerker - Features - www.GameInfo... Over 1 billion PAC-MAN Dots Eaten by HTML5 users - Ubelly. Portable Nintendo 64! Behind The Scenes Of The Portal Proposal. Stephanie Harbeson - Stephy to her friends and loved ones - wasn't what you would call a core gamer.

Behind The Scenes Of The Portal Proposal

Sure, she played her share of casual games and would always offer to play co-op when her boyfriend Gary Hudston got something new, but no title ever really captured her - until she tried Portal 2. Suddenly, after five years of watching Gary play, she was playing with him - taking charge, in fact, and telling him where to go. For the first time, the pair had a game they both truly enjoyed. Survey: Modern Warfare 2 Loses Brand Awareness Without... The Trenches - Ship It.

Ship It.

The Trenches - Ship It.

Suppose you found a bug in a game that rendered a console unplayable? Suppose it was something akin to the original Myth II Uninstall problem where it basically formatted your hard drive, only worse? 127575281278.jpg (511×700) Fleet Commander: A Student-made Star Wars Game of Epic Proportions. ​Someone needs to offer Arthur Nishimoto a job in video game development with a quickness.

Fleet Commander: A Student-made Star Wars Game of Epic Proportions

This University of Illinois graduate student has designed an "unofficial" Star Wars game that's pretty much one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Creator of Xbox Blockbuster 'Fable' Blames Success on Baked Beans, Happy Accidents: Peter Molyneux, creator of the popular “Fable” gaming series and head of Microsoft Game Studios in Europe, recalls the highs and lows of a 22-year career in video games – GUILDFORD, U.K. — April 15, 2011 – Peter Molyneux, one of the video game industry’s most celebrated designers and the creative force behind hits such as “Fable,” “Populous” and “Dungeon Keeper,” credits much of his 22-year career to a happy accident involving baked beans.

Peter Molyneux, head of Microsoft Game Studio Europe, in 2007 shortly after receiving the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (The Knighthood in the Order of Arts and Letters). It happened shortly after he graduated from university.