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16 Apps That Make Sharing Large Files A Snap. File sharing services are not as popular today as they were four years ago.

16 Apps That Make Sharing Large Files A Snap

It’s not that people are sharing any less. Rather, they just found easier ways to do it. Would you upload a funny video from a friend’s email to any of those services or would you search for it on Youtube and share only the link? Would you upload an MP3 file in order to share with whomever, or would you search for it online, grab the link and then share it? And finally, would you use a file-sharing app just to share a picture on Facebook when you can do it directly from your desktop to your Facebook profile? So why would you use an file-sharing app anyway? In this post, I compare 16 file-sharing services.

Most of the services suggested require no registration. Don’t get confused now. is probably the most commonly-known site featured here. Rapidshare is lacking in features & design, but if you’re looking for a one-click file host, you came to the right place. (Folder graphic by Photoxpress) How to turn your home computer into a web server; host files, do. Learn how to turn your home computer into a personal web server and host files, documents, music, web pages, photographs and other content from your computer for free.

How to turn your home computer into a web server; host files, do

Before getting into the actual process, let’s look at a couple of real-world situations that explain why you may want to turn your home computer into a web server. Situation #1. Say you have music MP3s, documents and other important files on the hard drive of your home computer. If you turn this home computer into a web server, you will be able to access all these files from office or any other Internet connected machine including your mobile phone. Situation #2. Situation #3. Now if any of the above reasons look convincing enough, here’s how you can convert your Windows, Mac or Linux PC into a web server in less than two minutes – no technical knowledge required. Download the Opera Unite software and install it. Here’s an illustrated screenshot of the configuration panel – nothing technical here again. [ file ai ] How to send files larger than 1GB. Rapidshare search files. How to store file online with File Dropper. 20 BitTorrent Tips and Tricks. Here's a list of 20 BitTorrent resources, tips and tricks, useful for both newcomers and more advanced users.

20 BitTorrent Tips and Tricks

BitTorrent For Beginners 1. How and Why BitTorrent Works BitTorrent is often referred to as the best filesharing protocol for sharing large files. But why? 2. Torrents are great, they are the best way to share large files with your friends, or even with people you don’t know at all. 3. uTorrent Beginners Guide The uTorrent website has a great beginners guide for BitTorrent newbies. 4. By now you probably know how BitTorrent works, now you need a good place to find .torrent files. Fight Throttling ISPs and be Anonymous 5. Some Internet providers try to slow you down when you use torrents. 6.

More and more ISP’s are limiting and throttling BitTorrent traffic on their networks. 7. Sometimes it is impossible to use BitTorrent, if you’re at work, school, Comcast! 8. The Swedish Pirate Party introduced a completely anonymous (VPN) service called Relakks. Speed up your BitTorrent Downloads. TransferBigFiles. Use BitTorrent / Wired How To's.