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Obama: Time For Americans To Embrace My Dictatorship And Their Own Slavery, Or Else... NASA: Polar Ice Hasn’t Receded Since 1979. This Black Woman’s Response to George Takei’s Racist Comments is Brilliant. Following the recent legalization of gay marriage by the Supreme Court, former Star Trek actor George Takei issued some contentious statements about the court’s only black justice, Clarence Thomas.

This Black Woman’s Response to George Takei’s Racist Comments is Brilliant

Nobel Winner Openly Ridicules Obama Because He Said This. It was only a few weeks ago that President Obama went before the world and said our biggest problem as a nation, and as a planet, is the threat of global warming “ending us all.”

Nobel Winner Openly Ridicules Obama Because He Said This

Citing the rise in C02 levels (essential for plant growth) and rising temperatures he said if we didn’t get global warming under control the world would falter. And we’ll all die. Too bad some of the world’s leading scientists don’t agree with him. One has even said Obama is “Dead wrong” on global warming. One News Now writes:

Researchers discover a mummy belonging to an ancient lost Arctic civilization. Researchers have discovered a mummy belonging to an ancient lost Arctic civilization and artifact that originated in Persia.

Researchers discover a mummy belonging to an ancient lost Arctic civilization

ALERT: Gun Grabber's Myth That More Guns Lead To More Violence Officially DESTROYED... #2A #NRA. Since 2007, the number of concealed handgun permits has soared from 4.6 million to over 12.8 million, and murder rates have fallen from 5.6 killings per 100,000 people to just 4.2, about a 25 percent drop… Mac Slavo / - As gun ownership and the number of concealed carry permits have soared under President Obama, who has been dubbed history’s greatest gun salesman, new statistics show that the murder rate has dropped significantly during the same period.

ALERT: Gun Grabber's Myth That More Guns Lead To More Violence Officially DESTROYED... #2A #NRA

While the well-funded gun control lobby has attempted to an image of increased violence among populations where guns are prevalent, reality has repeatedly demonstrated that guns prevent crimes, not only lowering the rate of homicides and violent crimes, but deterring general crime as well. Freedom's Journal Institute for the Study of Faith and Public Policy. The confederate flag that once flew over the capital building of the state of South Carolina has come down.

Freedom's Journal Institute for the Study of Faith and Public Policy

No doubt soon to be followed by many, many more. And I don’t just mean flags. I mean is flags, symbols, statues, plaques, roadside historical markers, names of parks, etc., etc. That’s because the issue we’re running into headfirst in America has nothing to do with the confederate flag, it has to do with a (new) ideology that says, “No one should have to see anything they may find offensive” and the emergence of a nanny state government that’s determined to enforce the dogma. We’re seeing this all over the land, a massive shift in American culture and not only is it becoming a pervasive ideology but the kicker is that liberals are using the heavy fists of government and/or our education system to enforce this new “Thou shalt not be offended” mantra.

For example – a story broke a short while ago concerning a statue at Saint Louis University, a Jesuit university in St. 5 Things Obama Didn’t Mention When He Blamed America for the Charleston Shooting. At a predominately African American church in Charleston on Wednesday night, a South Carolina man named Dylann Storm Roof entered and later opened fire on the church attendants.

5 Things Obama Didn’t Mention When He Blamed America for the Charleston Shooting

The horrific mass shooting left nine people dead and the country shaken and searching for answers. President Obama delivered a speech addressing the nation on the tragic shooting that tilted towards condemnation of the U.S.’ gun culture. Obama Classmate Comes Forward With Huge Accusation Against "Suicide Bomber" Obama. Wayne Allyn Root, one of Obama’s classmates at Columbia University, Class of 1983, has come forth with some chilling news regarding President Barack Obama and his goals for America.

Obama Classmate Comes Forward With Huge Accusation Against "Suicide Bomber" Obama

Root claimed the most dangerous threat to America was Obama, and he came to this conclusion by examining Obama’s track record and connecting their shared past while in college. In a video discussing the matter, Root explained that Obama was taught about the “Cloward-Piven” plan, which was designed to destroy capitalism and American exceptionalism by overwhelming the system with “spending, entitlements, regulations and debt.” Under this plan, the “economy comes to halt, full-time jobs are killed, businesses fail in record numbers, the middle class is murdered financially, the debt implodes and the economy is overwhelmed,” says Root. Climate Change Skeptic: Greenland More Proof There's No Global Warming. Don't talk about global warming to residents of Nuuk, Greenland's capital city, where record cold is keeping the city still buried in snow, climate change skeptic Steven Goddard writes.

Climate Change Skeptic: Greenland More Proof There's No Global Warming

Normally by this date, around 20 percent of Greenland is melting, the Real Science blogger contends. Wife of Ousted President Sitting on Death Row Drops Bombshell About Hillary. The current front-runner for Democrat nomination for the 2016 presidential election is looking decidedly less electable almost daily.

Wife of Ousted President Sitting on Death Row Drops Bombshell About Hillary

And this new revelation isn’t going to help her case any. A complaint filed with Attorney General Hisham Barakat of Egypt argued that Naglaa Ali Mahmoud, the wife of imprisoned former Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi, admitted to collaborating with Hillary Clinton to oust current Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah Al-Sissi. But it gets better — although probably not from Clinton’s point of view. Feathered fossils from China reveal dawn of modern birds. Put yourself on the planet 130 million years ago.

Feathered fossils from China reveal dawn of modern birds

Most of the animals, from horned dinosaurs to swimming, predatory mosasaurs, would be deeply alien, not to say terrifying. But rising from the wetlands and winging across the sky were birds startlingly like today’s. That’s the message from two bird skeletons—spectacularly preserved with feathers and all—reported this week. Watch This Magician Casually Split His Body In Half And Terrify Everyone. Here's How To Delete Of All The Infomation Google Knows About You. Researchers Discover What Was Located on Top of The Great Pyramid.

The investigations of renowned Spanish architect Miguel Pérez-Sánchez that lasted over ten years, allowed him to rebuild via computer models and with great accuracy, the pyramid of Cheops and determine that it was “crowned” by a sphere of 2 meters in diameter. Pérez Sánchez announced his discovery in a publication of the book containing his doctoral thesis where he explained that “the pyramid of Cheops, according to analysis, demonstrates that it was an encyclopedia of knowledge.” The Great Pyramid is the most important building of the Old Kingdom, it is one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the only one that remains standing today. Devoid of its original coating blocks of white limestone, the great Pyramid lacks its summit which gave the pyramid another 9 meters in height. State Knife Carry Laws: Know Your Rights.

The US is based upon federalism and, for that reason, laws are created at the federal, state, and municipal level. With regards to knife law, this makes things particularly tricky since a certain knife can be legal in one state and illegal in the next as well as legal in one county and illegal in the neighboring county. The infographic below highlights where certain knives are legal and illegal at the state level.

This article goes on to explain some common misperceptions about knife law in the US. Did you know that ballistic knives are illegal in California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington? Ballistic knives are illegal on the federal level thanks to 15 USC § 1245 but federal law only applies when you are traveling between states, are on federal land (such as a federal park or in Washington D.C. or a DOD military base), or moving between countries. Natural News Blogs Pain Management: 7 Herbs For Back Pain Relief.

Are you plagued with back pain? Are you the Weekend Warrior who wakes up on Monday morning with back pain or tightness? Would you rather avoid costly and sometimes dangerous prescription drugs? Back pain can make your life a misery. If You Think Obama Won't Send Americans to FEMA Camps, Then Listen to This Former FBI Operative - This terrorist helped to launch Obama’s political career from his Hyde Park Chicago home. The Weathermen Underground Leader, Bill Ayers, told former FBI Agent’Informant, and my late friend, Larry Grathwohl, that he believed that when the Communist takeover happened, he would have to incarcerate 50 million Americans into re-education camps and exterminate 25 million of them.

Larry was an FBI special informant who had penetrated the Underground. Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dorne, launched Obama’s political career from the living room of their Chicago home. Microsoft unleashes Spartan with latest Windows 10 preview build. Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 Technical Preview build to those on the fast track release channel, and this update brings with it the company's highly anticipated Project Spartan browser. Build 10049 is just a week newer than the previous build, 10041, so Spartan is really the only major feature to be included with the update. Project Spartan features an entirely new and much more modern interface, which you can see above thanks to our friends at Neowin. Facebook. Expert Refutes FBI Data On 'Active Shooter Incidents'

(Shocking New Video) Of 9-11 The U.S. Government Doesn't Want You To See ⋆ Patriot Newswire. Amnesty: The Plan Obama Designed to Break America's Back - Tea Party. Discover Obama’s sinister plan to Break America’s Back: What Washington doesn’t want you to know…until it’s too late. Firefox plug-in warns users of NSA surveillance. Mounting evidence suggests President Obama preparing to “divorce” Israel. What are the implications if he does?

UPDATED: (Central Israel) — Is a divorce coming between the President of the United States and the State of Israel?


How Can You Protect Your Online Privacy? - FOX News Radio. The Gift Of Graft: New York Artist's Tree To Grow 40 Kinds Of Fruit. SPREAD THIS: Chuck Norris Demands the 50 States Do THIS to Stop Obama. Chuck Norris is calling on The States to launch an Article V convention that could make constitutional amendments while by passing President Obama.

Awesome Chart Shows Who The Most Conservative Candidate In Modern History May Be. Sen. Can cannabis oil cure serious diseases like cancer? - BBC News. Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate. The Heart Consciousness - a Neurological Perspective. THE RISE OF STATE MILITIA'S AND WHAT THEY REALLY STAND FOR! [VIDEO] Adolf Hitler Part 01 of 04. MUST GO VIRAL: American Military Beginning Drills To VIOLATE Posse Comitatus & Take Over Our Streets! Time Traveler Who Spent 2 Years in The Future 2749 Tells All. The Mind of Muhammad. Facebook. (Shocking) Obama Classmate: He Was A Lying, Drug Using, Homosexual Foreigner Named Barry Soetoro. Guess What Chick-Fil-A Is Forcing on People Now. Adolf Hitler. A Conservative Christian’s Case for Legal Marijuana -

Judge Jim Gray on The Six Groups Who Benefit From Drug Prohibition. Obama Admits His Wife is a Transexual Man Named “Michael,” Crowd Freaks Out on Live Camera. DNA Analysis of the Paracas Skulls Proves They Are Not Human. VALERIE JARRETT, WHITE HOUSE JIHADIST (read more here) #o4a #news. Facebook. Facebook. Texas lawmaker files bill to legalize marijuana. Proof That Our Thoughts Effect Physical Matter. You'll Never Forgive Your Teachers For Not Showing You These Math Hacks. LT.Dan (@bushido02) VIDEO: Black TV Legend ERUPTS on "Least Expensive Negro" Al Sharpton on Live TV. Weather Channel Founder Explains the History of the Global Warming Hoax. Here Are The Top 10 Questions To Ask A Liberal. Hold the Phone Obama: Islam’s “Golden Age” Was Not So Bright for Jews and Christians.

Freedoms Disciple. Untitled. John Proteus - AT A FRIENDS REQUEST.. HERE IS OBAMA'S... US Debt by President: By Dollar and Percent. This map shows where the world’s 30 million slaves live. There are 60,000 in the U.S. - The Washington Post. Climate Hoax Update: "Arctic Ocean Getting Warm, Seals Vanishing, and Icebergs Melting" Hassan Al Banna And The Muslim Brotherhood History Essay. There Is No Modern Islam. NEUROMORPHIC TECHNOLOGIES. NBA Legend Speaks Out, Obliterates Obama Politics. Walther PPQ M1 9mm 4" Barrel 15+1 Rnd *LTD - $460.00 (Free S/H on Firearms) U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Global Warming Scare. Article V Convention Part 1: Foreign & Multinational Interests. Random Enthusiasm Dumbest People on Instagram ! North American Infidels TKO of CAIR Texas – Houston! Any Questions ???

What this Fisherman caught in Australia dates back 80 million years... » Daily headlines. Newfound 'Gospel of the Lots of Mary' Discovered in Ancient Text. Video: Jamie Glazov Confronts Taqiyya. Real aikido greece. Rare archival footage thought to be lost; of the attack on Pearl Harbor has emerged. Aikido Women Demonstration-Perfect Technical & Move. 5 Things You Need to Know About Rights-Violating Police Checkpoints. The Case Against Being Too Sensitive - Tactical Sh*t.

U.S. TO SUPPLY JORDAN WITH WEAPONS TO FIGHT ISIS…. Royalty Free. Inspirational, Hilarious, or Notable. Open Source Projects. Innovation, science, philosophy. Hacks. Brainstorming. News Media Sources. Interesting Search Engines. Great sites. Learn how to code. Independent news. Cyber Security. Obama revealed his true colors at Prayer Breakfast, and true ignorance of history.