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Why to choose HP UFT: Automation testing tool. How To Choose The Best Test Automation Framework. There is a range of questions - Do we select a free and open source tool?

How To Choose The Best Test Automation Framework

Do we go with an enterprise automated test framework? How do I know this will work with my technology stack? The answers aren't always easy to get. This is because running complex and powerful tests are costly and time-consuming. These tests create ad hoc, their functionality can be challenging to track and reproduce, and they can be expensive to maintain.

When a group of developers is functioning on many modules of the same application, it is imperative to avoid using a hotchpotch of approaches. Some more benefits of using test automation frameworks include: • Recovery scenario • Maximum coverage • Minimal manual intervention • Easy reporting. Most Common Challenges faced by Digital Banks & E-Wallets. Banking and financial services are, however, rapidly transforming in the digital era.

Most Common Challenges faced by Digital Banks & E-Wallets

With the emergence of advanced technologies, banks are facing massive pressure to increase their efficiency and flexibility, and subsequently, lower their costs. Why to choose HP UFT: Automation testing tool. HP Unified Functional Testing is a functional testing tool that integrates the features of various other HP products (Quickest Professional, WinRunner, and HP Service Test).

Why to choose HP UFT: Automation testing tool

Functional tests are automated by recording the actions of a user on the application or system under test. Scripts are used to store the recorded actions in UFT. Scripts can be displayed in UFT in two ways either as a Visual Basic Script (VB Script) program (expert view), or as a sequence of steps labeled by icons (keyword view). With the help of UFT we can test the success or failure of any step by using checkpoint which compares the actual result produced by the system under test during execution with the expected results stored in UFT at the time of recording.

Introduction to testing in production tips to do it the right way. The Need for Mobile Automation Testing Services. Testing of mobile apps is a critical process and due importance should be given to it so that the apps are released in the market in a well – suitable manner, meeting the budgetary needs.

The Need for Mobile Automation Testing Services

In the present scenario, it is important that the solutions offered for mobile app testing provide for continuous integrated testing for both native as well as web based apps. This must also allow the testers to create, amend, or implement the tests in a jiffy. Companies can also integrate their test products with a continuous integration server, and consequently release incremental builds on the same day. The automation would cover all the unit, functional, and performance tests. As a tester, you must know what the app’s function is and whether it can perform the function it is intended to.

For example, mobile app testers often assume the thought process of different kinds of customers. About manual testing: It may be a painstaking process involving many manual hours, making it quite expensive. Introduction to Testing in Production & Tips to do it the Right Way. Testing in production (TiP) can be described as the process of performing several types of software tests in a production environment where it is accessible to the end users.

Introduction to Testing in Production & Tips to do it the Right Way

It is quite rare to find a test environment that is exactly the copy of production environment, so the scale is not the same. With most of the processes in software development, experts suggest considering the risks, rewards and best practices before moving to test in production. Why TiP? Testing in production introduces risks but it also provides several benefits, which is why a tester should consider it. Mobile Automation testing while using a framework. How to perform Mobile Automation using a Framework? With the growing demand for mobile applications, new applications are developed in order to cater various platforms.

How to perform Mobile Automation using a Framework?

Therefore, it has become imperative to have a robust automation framework that can help automate applications on any platform. Framework is a combination of test-data handling, coding standards, and object repository management that are followed during automation scripting which results in producing beneficial outcomes such as re-usage of the same code in multiple projects, higher portability and decrease the script maintenance cost etc. Types of Automation Frameworks: # Test Library Architecture Framework: Test scripts are initially created using "Record & Playback" method. After that tasks inside the scripts are grouped into Functions.

Challenges and Opportunities Faced While Migrating to Selenium. Why Quality Assurance is a Necessity for Digital Payments? - BugRaptors. Digital payments are responsible for empowering the individuals and establishment of upcoming businesses.

Why Quality Assurance is a Necessity for Digital Payments? - BugRaptors

The businesses that are established already are finding creative ways to not only stay relevant, but continue to stay dominant in the market. However, digital payments must be firmly integrated into the software and essentially hassle-free, for this it is important to employ robust software testing techniques. Digital payments have become a ‘standard’ as more businesses have crossed geographic barriers to mark themselves globally. Digital payments greatly influence the buying habits of the customers because of the available transactional features.

Today, the customers have found various ways to rent out the unused items, prefer to pay more for premium services, feel more secure about using the payment gateways. Manual Testing Vs. Automated Testing – From A Tester’s Viewpoint. In today’s business area and economy, sparing cash is the highest priority on the rundown for any organization.

Manual Testing Vs. Automated Testing – From A Tester’s Viewpoint

Testing is an essential part of any effective programming venture. The type of testing (manual or computerized) relies on upon different components, including Project prerequisites, spending plan, the course of events, skill, and relevance. Best Mobile Game Testing Services Provider Company. BugRaptors provides effective game testing strategy,which leads to a hassle free and responsive gaming vigor to the end users.

Best Mobile Game Testing Services Provider Company

Gaming industry is growing exponentially due to increase in apps usage in mobile and tablets. It is hard to define a standard strategy for game testing and testing methodologies need to be tailored as each game differs from the other. To start with, aspects like Functionality, Usability, Multi-player functionality, Regression, Endurance, Compatibility, Localization /Globalization, Performance, Content Testing, Hardware and Recovery Scenarios have to be analyzed. Based on colossal exposure to Game testing BugRaptors has gained expertise in this. Platforms iOS, android, Windows, Linux, Mac Memory Usage RAM, GPU usage, memory leakage. Why Test data management need for business success? Introduction to Mobile Application Testing. Challenges and Opportunities Faced While Migrating to Selenium. Organizations are getting digitally powered and are liable for ensuring digital empowerment for its customers.

Challenges and Opportunities Faced While Migrating to Selenium

The Gartner's CIO Agenda (2016) Survey data recommends that digitalization is mounting. Private sector CIOs are expecting that in the next coming five to six years digital incomes will grow from 16% to 37%, while the public sector is expecting a rise from 42% to 77% in digital procedures. In this persistent scenario, it is vital to make your web applications robust and guarantee desired GUI (Graphical User Interface) as well as the functionality. Mobile Application & Security Testing - Mobile Browser Test. Streamlining Mobile Compatibility Testing. Introducing a new breed of software testing professionals! by BugRaptors.

We know that software testing is going through some revolutionary changes in philosophy, practices, and tools; largely driven by current present business and the IT environment. There are various factors influencing the changes in testing space, emerging trends in testing and the impact they have on testing professionals in the 21st century. Drivers Improving Our Life as Testing Professionals. Test Data Management: Need for Business Success. Test Data Management plays a crucial role in the testing life cycle. It can be deployed on the premises and in the cloud. It provides integrated business classification, data discovery and policy-driven data for safe use of production data used in test and development environments. Reporting in test automation. All That You Need to Know About Manual Performance Testing Services. BugRaptors Software Testing Blog: All That You Need to Know About Manual Performance Testing Services. Manual & Automated Software Testing.

How “Extent Report” has enhanced and transformed automation test reports. Reporting in test automation and how “Extent Report” has enhanced and transformed automation test reports. Purpose and process of reporting: In software test automation after completion of the test suite execution we need to have a report for the execution status and it is the only way of evidence for the “Pass” and “Fail” status of the tests. And most of the clients bother about the detailed report of the execution status. Most of the licensed automation testing tools will have in built rich report option to show the execution status. But coming to open source automation tools lacking in this option. Same way, Selenium also does not have the automation report generation option by-default. Automation test engineers are supposed to test the application by running their automation test suit, find bugs and report it to team in such a manner that they can easily understand the execution result.

Strategies to improve effectiveness of Test automation & ROI. A Necessity for Complete n Better Performance. Website Application & Security Testing. BugRaptors focuses on testing software alongside the design document, business needs of application. It includes the whole integration system to estimate the system’s compliance with its specified needs. As testers, we need to be well aware of all types of testing. Since testing is such an ocean and the scope of it is so vast, we have highly skilled and dedicated testers perform different kinds of testing. While In functionality testing we test the essential application functions, text input, menu functions and installation as well as setup on localized machines, etc.

We ensure that an application is yet completely functional after localization. Imperative tools for testing cross browser compatibility. Understanding the Difference between Various Manual Performance Testing Services. Technological trends in software testing in 2017. Some of the major key factors to create a test automation framework. The Dos and Don’ts of Software Testing. Behance. Why do you need to perform application compatibility testing? The Evils of Test Automation. What will testing look like in year 2020. Behance. Behance. Cloud Testing Services. BugRaptors perform Cloud testing to verify and validate thorough cloud functions, encompassing severance as well as performance scalability. When executing cloud testing, testers face some difficulties like manageability, reliability as well as Security but we are well-experienced and skilled enough to overcome such difficulties. The major focus of our team is on Security Risks, Multiple web browser Support, User Interface Issues as well as User Data Accessibility.

Outsourcing Software Testing? Here’s All You Should Consider. 2016 has been a year of mashups in the technology space. How to Make Your Regression Testing More Effective. Big Data Testing Services. BugRaptors is Making Automation Efficient by Integrating Tools. Bots: the new perimeter & how to perform testing on IT? A bot is software that is designed to automate different types of tasks you would usually do on your own like, adding an appointment to your calendar or fetching and displaying information and making a dinner reservation .These are the progressively common form of bots, chat bots, simulates conversation.

They often live in the messaging apps or are at least designed to look that way and it should feel like you’re chatting like you are with human. When developing a cross-platform bot, one of the most annoying challenges is the difficulty in testing the bot in-channel across multiple channels like Slack, fbm, Telegram etc. Software Testing in the 21st Century. Choosing the Best Test Automation Framework. There is a range of questions - Do we select a free and open source tool? Do we go with an enterprise automated test framework? How do I know this will work with my technology stack? Selenium Automation Testing Services for the Best Open Source Performance Testing. Adapt - Members: View: Jane Robinson. Better Approaches towards Website Security Testing. Tips on How to Make Manual Testing Services Less Distressing. Manual & Automated Software Testing Services.

How to run parallel execution in Selenium Grid using TestNG? Top 5 software testing traps & how to overcome them- Bugraptors. Myths of Web Application Security Testing. Let’s Unleash the Challenges in Mobile Application Testing. Leading Web Application Security Testing Company. High-Quality Outsourced Mobile Application Testing Solutions. Redefining the Strength of Mobile & Web Apps with Performance Testing.