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Software Testing Articles

Guidewire Testing: Achieve Higher ROI With Test Automation. The use of interventional radiology procedures in image-guided diagnosis and treatment of diseases has accelerated in the past couple of years.

Guidewire Testing: Achieve Higher ROI With Test Automation

Interventional radiology is absolutely important for hepatobiliary, gastrointestinal, and pulmonary and genitourinary complications. The benefits of such minimally invasive methods in the form of shorter hospital delays, minimum blood loss, and a smooth recovery process have made interventional radiology mechanisms more common today. The growing adoption of interventional radiology techniques has intensified the need for guidewires and is projected to continuously be used in the future. The global market for guidewires is anticipated to register a positive growth outlook, skyrocketing at a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast timeframe of 2020-2025.

Explaining the Process of Continuous Integration & Continuous Testing. Continuous Integration (CI) is a development process in which developers incorporate or integrate code changes into a shared repository quickly, usually many times a day.

Explaining the Process of Continuous Integration & Continuous Testing

Thereafter, the verification of each integration is done through an automated build and automated tests. The reason for performing regular integration is that it helps teams to identify defects and fix them quickly. Quick Guide to Understand Everything about Regression Testing. Definition: Regression testing is a kind of software testing that ensures that the software which you developed and tested just a few days before still performs as expected and even if there are so many new changes made in its code.

Quick Guide to Understand Everything about Regression Testing

In other words, it is a partial or full selection of already implemented test cases in which testers re-execute or re-run the tests to check whether existing functionalities in software are working fine or not. Software Testing Outsourcing - ‘How to Guide’ “For everything we don’t like to do, there’s someone who is outside of the company, who’s really good in the activity that you don’t want to do, but he can, wants to do it, and will enjoy it”.

Software Testing Outsourcing - ‘How to Guide’

This is outsourcing, which is not a new concept. The idea of outsourcing was started back in the 1700s when manufacturers decided to do the manufacturing of goods to other countries at cheaper rates during the industrial revolution. Takeaways A java programmer makes $60,000 a year in the U.S but $5,000 a year in India. In a survey, 90% of firms cited outsourcing as essential to their growth strategies. Game Testing: Importance, Types, Techniques, Tools and Benefits. The game development process is incomplete without the game testing because it helps identify and document defects/bugs that your game contains, such as functionality bugs, in which some functions of the game don’t work correctly.

Game Testing: Importance, Types, Techniques, Tools and Benefits

For example, the game app crashes when you just open the settings. Let’s check out some game bugs that help you know why it is vital to get a test before launching your game application. Game Bugs that Prepares your Mind for Game Testing: Interface bugs: Game graphics are misrepresented, meaning the game elements are not at the right place. Revolutionizing Quality through IoT Security. IoT (Internet of Things) is an exceptional analytics system and automation that uses big data, networking, sensing, and artificial intelligence technology to create extensive service-based applications or products.

Revolutionizing Quality through IoT Security

Such procedures help in better management, transparency, and performance when incorporated in any industry or process. However, IoT security is an on-demand cloud subscription service that people design to protect and discover the increasing number of connected things on your network. In other words, it covers both network security and physical device security, includes technologies, processes, and necessary measures for the prevention of IoT devices and networks. We all know the Internet of things can give companies several economic opportunities and allow them for interesting developments that vary from hospitality to mining, from childcare to eldercare, from education to transportation.

Various IoT solutions are available in the market. Network Hacking Conclusion. 10 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid While Testing Mobile Apps. In a world of technology, app stores are full of mobile applications, and this is an excellent thing for today’s mobile users.

10 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid While Testing Mobile Apps

Still, the immense competition in the market makes it challenging for businesses to achieve success with the mobile app. Around 80-90% of mobile apps that are launched in the app stores are dumped by users just after a single-use. Chatbot Testing Guide: How to Perform it Right - Tech World Times. Chatbots are software applications that use natural language processing and artificial intelligence to understand humans’ requirements and provide results that end-users actually desire from a particular service.

Chatbot Testing Guide: How to Perform it Right - Tech World Times

A well-designed chatbot is the one that uses existing conversion data to understand the questions which people ask, investigate correct answers to those questions through a training period, and uses both NLP & machine learning to learn context and give answers consistently what humans want for their questions. The adoption of chatbots increased in 2016 when Facebook introduced its developer platform and proved to the world what activities one could do with its Facebook Messenger Bot. The New Era of Smart Test Automation with AI. Automation empire: Digital transformation is the new normal, and digital maturity demands quick adoption of DevOps and Agile principles.

The New Era of Smart Test Automation with AI

Today, everyone in the market desires to achieve efficiency, quality, and business agility for their organizations, such as delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction, rapidly introducing new products and services to customers, giving an instant response to changing market demands, having a corporate commitment to the environment, and considering shareholder value as a leading KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are becoming successful in creating so much buzz in multiple sectors and encourage companies to make applications with it or run online businesses using these technologies. All over the internet, the popularity of using software testing and test automation is growing at a faster pace.

Software testing companies start using test automation more with manual approaches. Accuracy. Load Testing - How to Perform It Right? Load testing is a non-functional process of software testing in which the performance of the application or software is tested under a particular expected load.

Load Testing - How to Perform It Right?

It allows us to determine the software application's behavior when multiple users access it simultaneously. The purpose of getting the load testing service for any application is to ensure that its functions will work fine, and there will be no performance issues after the deployment. The load testing company gives focus on the following things while testing the load of an application: Check the application's capacity, meaning how much load the app alone can handle while working. Determine the current infrastructure if it is enough to run the program or not. How Business Can Increase Revenue with QA Automation. Increase business revenue with QA automation: Every single software, website, or mobile application needs to be tested comprehensively and carefully before putting it on release. Otherwise, significant security vulnerabilities, minor bugs, or other severe issues can occur, and that can put your business at risk.

Due to the pressure of releasing more frequent updates to mobile and web apps and fulfilling the development & designing needs of customers, it becomes necessary for companies to rely on quality assurance (QA) automation testing. User Testing Review: Get Some Knowledge from Here! - Techs Pro Hub. Investigating The Important Factors In Legal Software Testing. Fulfilling the digital transformation objectives with QA testing services has become an important phase for all industry verticals.

Today, every product deserves high-quality testing because the competition is increasing day-by-day and satisfying the customers from every end is extremely important. Otherwise, they will take a second to say goodbye to your company’s brands, products, and services. In the age of large-scale and open-source outsourcing, verifying the legal compliance of the real-time applications or software is as much as essential to ensure the quality before shipping the product. What’s your imagination for legal firm data security?

Top 7 Challenges You Need to Know for Retail Software Testing. “It is not your customer’s job to remember you, yet it is your responsibility to ensure that they don’t have a chance to forget you.” Digital is the new normal for all businesses, but for retailers, it is a necessity to meet their customer requirements and deliver them an omnichannel experience. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide retailers have shifted their physical stores to the digital world. Many of them have their own retail software to generate huge ROI and protect their businesses from being shut down. One bad experience of your retail customer can become your severe business risk. Top 6 SAP Testing Tools That You Must Know. SAP or System Applications and Products primarily provides customers with the ability to interact with common corporate databases.

It is used for a comprehensive range of applications. It makes the business processes work efficiently as it is an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). SAP Testing Services are in great demand these days. It is same as software application testing but for applications based on SAP ERP. Whenever there is a change made in the SAP software, test cases are created accordingly to verify the updated functionality.

Is Quality Really A Big Deal?