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BugRaptors is a certified software testing company with extensive experience as a third party testing vendor, effectively proven as a global leader in software testing & QA Services. We provide Web and Mobile testing solutions, Test Automation Solutions, Game testing services, Security testing, ERP testing, Agile and Devops testing, Cloud testing, Big data testing, Regression testing, Installation testing, usability testing services to different domains or verticals.


Security Testing- Securing Your Customers Data. “It takes many more years to earn a reputation and few minutes of cyber attack to ruin it.”

Security Testing- Securing Your Customers Data

In the age of the internet, where high-profile companies like Target and Sony are vulnerable to hacking, protecting your customer’s data should be your responsibility, and if you can’t then don’t feel bad when they refuse to buy your product. Data Security and privacy is about far more than keeping hackers at bay; It is all about ensuring customers that the trust which they show towards the company’s product brand is warranted. Information and security protection should be at the heart of any business strategy as cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate and costs hefty money to organizations to keep their business at the desired stage.

Based on extensive research, the data collected from the cybercrime Magazine, it is seen that the overall worldwide cost of cybercrime damages is expected to be about $6 trillion annually by 2021 and it was around $3 trillion in 2015. Stuck into What, When & How? Localization and Globalization Testing Services - BugRaptors. EdTech Testing - BugRaptors. Introducing Best Guide On Testing AI Models Beyond 2020 - Tech Travel Hub. Introduction to Testing AI Models Self-learning and self-thinking systems play an integral role in society.

Introducing Best Guide On Testing AI Models Beyond 2020 - Tech Travel Hub

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the current trends indicate that machine learning is the fastest-growing field in computer science. Sadly, it is not clear to some consumers who are neither ML developers nor data scientists. Yet, they listen about AI from the market and know that they need to incorporate this technology into their products.

Ads code goes here Below are generally asked questions that we get based on the customer research about quality assurance within ML: SAP Testing: How It Would Be Beneficial For Intelligent Enterprises? There are two facts to remember about the SAP ecosystem.

SAP Testing: How It Would Be Beneficial For Intelligent Enterprises?

First, change is the spice of any business. Business users have a habit of dealing with complex infrastructures and quick releases. Second, the error margin has practically disappeared. Companies are in stress to do more with less. By increasing the test automation, you can reduce testing costs, achieve faster deployments, and experience bug-free production systems. Intelligent SAP Testing: the one-way to identify defects faster with zero quality compromises. In this article, you will get the info about: 1. How To Improve The Education App With Mobile Testing? Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the demand for eLearning apps is increasing day-by-day.

How To Improve The Education App With Mobile Testing?

From school teachers to students, everyone today stays active in virtual classrooms and learning apps. According to Statista, it is expected that the e-learning market worldwide will reach nearly 243 billion U.S dollars by 2022. The trend of learning and studying from mobile apps will continue to grow. Nowadays, many companies are focused on eLearning app development and simultaneously looking for the most effective education application testing services.

Best QA Strategies For Mobile App Testing. Mobile phones are like best friends, specifically for the modern generation.

Best QA Strategies For Mobile App Testing

They can live without food, but not without their smartphones. Due to the growing demand for power banks and smartphones, mobile app development companies are launching their apps one after another. But the point is, whether people care for their apps. The answer is sometimes ‘YES’ or sometimes ‘Not’. According to Statista, nearly 40% of all smartphone users say they use most of the social media apps, followed by communications and gaming apps. Another analysis was done by, 94% of users uninstall mobile apps from their phones after 30 days from download. Success comprises of 20% skills and 80% strategies.

Top Game Testing Companies You Should Know in 2020. By Claire Mackerras Certified Software Tester In a hurry?

Top Game Testing Companies You Should Know in 2020

We have prepared a list of top game testing companies for 2020 based on our market research and customer choices. We highly recommend you to read our fresh list for software testing companies. It will help you to know professionals providing game app testing services all across the world. After reading our blog thoroughly, you can review the official website of any game testing company, their work criteria and pricing charts. E-Commerce Application Testing - Challenges, Tips, Checklist and Test Cases. What Customers Look for on an e-Eommerce Website?

E-Commerce Application Testing - Challenges, Tips, Checklist and Test Cases

If you’re a buyer like me, you notice when you’re visiting a good e-commerce website. Featured products visible on the homepage, add to cart button works very fine; everything feels interactive. Pages take no more than a second to load. How Artificial Intelligence Can Groom the Scenario of Software Testing? Importance of Integration Testing in STLC. The process of testing the interface between two modules or two software units is referred as integration testing.

Importance of Integration Testing in STLC

It is a type of software testing in which various components such as hardware and software are combined to meet the wide variety of business requirements and expectations. Performing the integration testing in the Agile era is an integral part because it gives the utmost ease to communicate and collaborate with the development and testing teams. Moreover, according to the research, 97% of the software testing companies use the agile methodologies for the distinct phases of the software testing life cycle because it allows the organizations to solve the complex issues of the projects quickly and make them more convenient for delivering the 100% value in everyday tasks.

Test Automation: The Secret To DevOps Success - MindxMaster. How To Overcome IoT Security Threats? AI Adoption- Boosting Quality Assurance. Within a couple of years, Artificial Intelligence, virtual assistants will be as popular as smartphones.

AI Adoption- Boosting Quality Assurance

When we think about AI, the very first thing that comes to mind is robotics. But in reality, Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science, which covers developing computer algorithms to carry out activities that might require human intelligence. The algorithms of AI can handle cognition, comprehension, language-understanding, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. The technology can be utilized in various ways within the modern world.

AI algorithms are used in Amazon’s recommendation engine, Google Searches, as well as GPS route founders. Game Testing Services For Flawless Gaming Experience. How Agile Test Management Helps in Saving Cost & Reduction in Testing Time? Agile has gained massive popularity in the software development industry over the past ten years.

How Agile Test Management Helps in Saving Cost & Reduction in Testing Time?

It is expected that future apps will test more and more with agile methodologies. What is Agile Testing & Why is It Useful? Agile testing is the best practice or process of software testing that follows the theory of agile software development. It is also defined as the iterative development methodology in which self-organizing teams fulfill the client’s demands after healthy communication through online tools. Agile test management is crucial for breaking the entire project into simpler parts. So, if any project is easy to solve and demands less hassle while software development, then it has only one simple meaning that it will charge less money from the customers and, similarly, will save the testing time a lot. Types of Automation Tests You must Be Aware Of. 14 Nov,2019 Automation Testing is a software testing method to run a set of test cases without executing them manually. After executing a number of sets, we can compare actual test results with expected results.

In the Automation method, scripted data is executed by Testing Tools that examine the behavior of software, report outcomes, and compare the results. Types of Automation Tests There are different types of Automation Tests through which you will typically be running more than one set of tests:- • Layering test types • Input-output test. Usability Testing Services For Design issues. Testing of Online Educational Apps for Quality Improvements. 17 Dec,2019 No doubt, the rise of online mobile educational apps is improving the education system around the globe. Nowadays, most of the students prefer to learn with the help of online educational apps. What do you think might be the reason behind the increasing popularity of educational apps? Well, mobile educational apps not only give an in-depth knowledge of the concepts but also help the students with exam attempting techniques. Overall, mobile education apps have changed the face of Education by offering a different way of learning.

Influence of Online Education Apps on Global Education. Performance Testing Services- Bugraptors. All You Should Know About Web Services Test Automation. 05 Feb,2020 Web Services Test Automation is a framework for the conversation between two applications or software or machines to exchange information with each other, irrespective of their underlying architecture and the technology. In other words, Web Services Test Automation solutions are the ones that not only aid in testing but also help in knowing whether a particular web application communicates efficiently and able to gather accurate information from the web. Also, it helps to understand how a specific web service is associated with the server and functions in different circumstances. How RPA and Intelligent Automation Can Help Your Organization? Intelligent automation (IA) is a combination of two technologies that are robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Both of them work together to allow people to manage their end-to-end business processes with complete automation and address the issues of rapidly changing digital technology. AI & RPA: Individual Definitions and Functions The term ‘AI’ is artificial intelligence also refers to technology that can solve many problems with software testing. Many businesses have AI-based mobile and web applications because it allows them to make big decisions and reduce their mundane and tedious tasks due to testing and custom development. The technology has already improved the lives of customers by offering them unique software like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri that allows users to confirm the flights, check the weather, get answers to questions, perform searches, and much more.

How Does IA (Intelligent Automation) Perform? Assuring App Quality With Mobile App Testing. Navigate Agile Testing Strategies with Predictive Analysis. The Predictive analysis carries to extract valuable information from the data sets with the help of the statistical algorithms and machine learning to forecast the trends and performance patterns. When it comes to software testing, predictive analytics makes everything clear about what to test and predict the quality issues before and after the production. It is considered beneficial in case of the short development cycles of the latest DevOps projects.

The predictive analysis and never-ending feedback from end-users made everything effortless for QA teams to forecast various applications’ risk levels in their DevOps pipeline. So, analyzing the risk level of various applications is vital on the DevOps projects for the time being that the agile software teams may decide to take so many risks on the deployed applications. Compatibility Testing Services- BugRaptors. Quality Assurance: Strengthening Healthcare Technology. Did you even realize how the interest has risen in the past decade – especially when it happens to the safety and quality of the healthcare industry. Security Testing Service- BugRaptors. Agile Test Management For Saving Cost And Reduction In Testing Time - 2020.

How QA Plays a Pivotal Role in Embracing New Tech in the Health Sector? Image Source. Common Mobile Application Vulnerabilities & How to Tackle them with Testing Tacts! It is not surprising that we are living in a world where mornings are not energized by a drinking cup of tea but by seeing the messenger apps.

On one side, the mobile apps are overtaking our lives by providing us an ease to purchase the goods & services with a few taps. Machine Learning & AI: Bringing New Dimensions to Software Testing. With the advancement in the technological front, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are undoubtedly acting as a game-changer in the software testing domain. Developers and testers, working diligently to deliver Quality Assurance for their products, are overwhelmed to see the progress and are have complete faith in the advancements turning up due to AI and Machine Learning.

The latest software testing trends do not bring along the difficulties as faced with the traditional approach, like breaking, rebuilding, and regressing. Earlier, the QA engineers witnessed numerous challenges while adding new changes to the existing code, which had been tested already. Top Business Benefits of ERP Testing. ERP solutions are used in all organizations these days, be it small enterprises, SMEs, or large organizations. Robotic Process Automation vs. Business Process Automation. Industries are looking forward to various emerging process transformation and automation technologies.

Acronyms like BPA, RPA, AI, MI, are gaining immense popularity in the software industry. Top 12 Business Benefits of Robotic Process Automation. With the emergence and increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence, all over the world, businesses are looking out for ways to automate processes. Enterprises can leverage by implementing RPA or (Robotics Process Automation) by saving their time and money. Software Testing Services. Top 8 Soft Skills That Every Software Tester Must Have. In today’s competitive digital landscape, an individual or business needs to be a pro in multiple aspects to stay ahead of rivals.

Home. Hire Functional Testers - BugRaptors. 5 Reasons Why Software Testing Is important - BugRaptors. Web Testing Services - BugRaptors. Essential Features to Test in E-Commerce Web & Mobile Application. Why Is Bitcoin Wallet App Security Necessary? The trend of digital currency is booming globally, and its growth rate expected to be increased by approximately 18% between 2018-2023. According to a report of Report Linker, the expected turnover of digital currency will reach $87 billion by the end of 2023. Basically, there are two types of digital money – Virtual currency and Cryptocurrency. With an 82.70% rate of investment, Bitcoin was the highly invested digital cryptocurrency in 2019. Need For Predictive Analytics for Your Software Testing: Here's Why.

Guidelines for Quality Assurance and a Technique for Advanced Software Testing. Testing of EDI Based Applications. Role of Shift Left Testing Towards Better Software Quality. Mobile Application Testing - Emulator Vs Simulator Vs Real Device. 10 Steps to Enhance IoT Security. What Role Does Predictive Analytics Play In Software Testing? IoT Testing: Defining Essential Elements. How Industry 4.0 Can Harness The Power of Quality Assurance? 5 Key consideration of Cloud Testing. How Agile Model Works in Software Testing? Leading Methodologies Used by a Penetration Tester. How To Achieve Great UX With The Help of QA?

Advantages To Outsource QA Software Testing. Exploratory Testing: Technique to Enhance Your Software Quality. How Test Automation and DevOps Will Impact QA? How to Perform Testing for Your Application? How to Find Bug in E- Commerce Website. Test Management Guidelines for Large Scale Projects. Progressive Web App (PWA) Testing - BugRaptors. Application Security Testing – Challenges And Benefits, BugRaptors. Browser Automation Using Selenium Automation Tools. Software Testing In The Era Of AI and ML - BugRaptors. How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Software Testing? Top Factors Of A Successful Mobile Application Testing Strategy. QA vs QE - Moving From Quality Assurance To Quality Engineering. Important Steps for Mobile App Testing Process. Advantages of Outsourcing to Grow Your Business.

Criteria for Selecting a Software Testing Company. Top Practices to Ensure Successful Software Testing Project. Compatibility testing in Mobile Application. The Need for Performance Testing: Business Perspective. Have You Tried These Steps To Make Your Website Bug Free. Yourstory. Why Website Performance Testing Is Required? Appointing Third Party QA Team Works for one’s Software Business Success. Why You Should Use AI in Your Automated Testing Procedure for Applications. FinTech Industry And The Need Of QA. Things you should Never Miss While Performing Mobile Security Testing. JMeter- A Powerful Automation Performance Testing Tool » TechLogitic. QA Plan For Your WordPress Website - How To Create It? Best Software Testing Services. Agile Testing: The Way It Can Help Your Business - BugRaptors. Testing & Test Automation. Librairies/Framework. Agile Software Testers.

E-Mobility. Technological Trends In Software Testing In 2019. Need For Software Testing In Utilities Sector - BugRaptors. ETL Testing Importance For Business. How Can Digital Payment Solutions Be Better With Test Automation? Cucumber: Best BDD Tool For Automation Testing. What Is IoT, IoT Testing And What Are Its Challenges? Importance And Benefits Of Software Testing In Telecom Industry. Why To Use DevOps in Software Testing? What is the Role of DevOps in Software Testing? Monkey Testing: Which Boosts The Power Of Manual Testing - BugRaptors. WINIUM – A Desktop Application Automation Tool.