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Shrediquette - a multirotor MAV by W. Thielicke. EasyDriver v3.1 Tutorial. Update: I've posted a new Easy Driver 4.2 Tutorial for those who are using the new design.

EasyDriver v3.1 Tutorial

A quick tutorial on how to get things up and running with the EasyDriver v3.1 Stepper Motor Driver Board. A big thank you to Brian Schmalz, the designer of this board. News. Blue Marble Navigator. NASA's "Blue Marble" pictures of Earth show each month of the year 2004 to illustrate changes in snow cover and vegetation.

Blue Marble Navigator

Here, you can browse their maximum resolution of four pixels per km², as well as a slightly coarser night-lights map, enhanced by town names and national borders. Blue Marble was initially created by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the night lights by NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center. Teensy USB Development Board. The Teensy is a complete USB-based microcontroller development system, in a very small footprint, capable of implementing many types of projects.

Teensy USB Development Board

All programming is done via the USB port. No special programmer is needed, only a standard "Mini-B" USB cable and a PC or Macintosh with a USB port. Submarine Cable Map. Freebox Open Source Software. GSM/GPRS. Blog » GM862-GPS. Interfacing Arduino with a Telit GM862. The Arduino can talk over a wide range of networks.

Interfacing Arduino with a Telit GM862

Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi, XBEE and GPRS to name the most known. I had a Telit GM862-GPS module laying around, unused for some time already. [Linux] Beagleboard GPS+GPRS (cellphone) Module. – 08/06/2011Posted in: General, PCB, PCB, Space Camera This is my design for a GPS/GPRS module that integrates and stacks upon a Beagleboard.

[Linux] Beagleboard GPS+GPRS (cellphone) Module

You can talk to it and power it through USB (or alternative). You can request GPS positions, place calls, textmessages, post to HTTP/FTP servers, HTTP requests, the whole shabang. The PCB design in currently in production in shanghai [white PCB color], due to arrive the end of July. They cost around $2 a piece, i ordered 10, so i have too much (any volunteers can have one if they like).

[Linux] Beagleboard GPS SMS Cellphone Module ready! This board i made for the Space Camera Live project, as a backup GPS system, that can also send SMS messages and make some calls.

[Linux] Beagleboard GPS SMS Cellphone Module ready!

Most importantly, it can get python scripts loaded to it. For instance, you can call it up (it takes a sim card) – then ofcourse it will not pick it up, but it will send you back an SMS message immediatelly containing its GPS coordinates! This module is spaced such that it can be hooked up to the Beagle Board easily, it has the same hole dimensions and sizes as the board. Also, ofcourse, this board can be used with any machine that has USB (every machine); so it can also be used as an evaluation board. Not bad for just $3 production costs.

Arduino based DIY time-lapse dolly / intervalometer - Unknown Pixels. The purpose of this post is to provide some basic information about my intervalometer / time-lapse dolly project.

Arduino based DIY time-lapse dolly / intervalometer - Unknown Pixels

Please note that this is my first post in English to this blog so there might be a lot of mistakes in spelling. All the other content on this site is in Finnish and if you would like to get some blog posts in English, please contact me. Geekaphone. Retro handheld games collection. Greg's Cable Map. The Verbalizer - An open source board to use with Google's Voice Search for Desktop. With Google announcing the launch of Voice Search for desktop, we couldn’t help thinking that there was even more fun to be had with talking to a computer.

The Verbalizer - An open source board to use with Google's Voice Search for Desktop

So, we went ahead and built an open source dev board to inspire people to build their own useful and wacky contraptions to take Voice Search to another level. Out of the box, the Verbalizer connects wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth and when triggered, opens in a new tab and activates Voice Search. An audio notification is played signaling google is ready for your query, which is spoken into the on-board mic. The board is Arduino compatible and we left some I/O pins open, so it's easy for anyone to jump in and create something nutty with it. To show off the extent of what can be created, we invited some electronics newbies out to our first ever Make 'n Break workshop to share some toys we built with the Verbalizer, as well as to let them have a play. COPENHAGEN SUBORBITALS - OPEN SOURCE AND NON PROFIT SPACE.

555 Timer Contest entry – Le Dominoux. Winner of the 555 Timer Contest: Artistic category. Winner of a Fluke Multimeter donated by 555 Timer Contest entry video: Description: Le Dominoux are “LED dominoes”, a blinking LED that propagates from device to device.

555 Timer Contest entry – Le Dominoux

GPS datalogging shield for Arduino. Would you like to use your Arduino to create geo-locative art?

GPS datalogging shield for Arduino

Or make a custom GPS device that can log sensor data along with the precise time and location? Perhaps you're looking to make a tracker, or want to make your own geocaching hardware. You are in luck! Here is my design for a Arduino shield that is perfect for any sort of project or artpiece that requires GPS precision time or location data. This shield supports any of four popular GPS modules and stores data on a standard DOS-formatted SD flash memory card. SEMAGEEK : Actualités High Tech, Robot, Électronique, DIY et Arduino.