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jQuery Sparklines. News 15 June 2013 - Version 2.1.2 Relased This release adds support for jQuery 1.10.0 and other bug fixes and minor improvements.

jQuery Sparklines

See the full changelog for details of all changes. 26 January 2013 - Version 2.1.1 Relased This release adds support for jQuery 1.9.0 along with a couple of other bug fixes. SVG Sparklines | overstimulate. Here is a screen capture if you don't have a SVG plugin: Sparklines Sparklines are Intense, Simple, Word-Sized Graphics to display more information than a graph or table could in the same amount of space.

SVG Sparklines | overstimulate

Read about them in an excerpt from Tutfe's book . Javascript Who knew this langauge was so cool? Sparklines in data: URIs in Python | 2005-04-25. Sparklines, as defined by Tufte, are intense, simple, word-sized graphics.

Sparklines in data: URIs in Python | 2005-04-25

Kind of like this: . I seemed to stumble across them at just the right time, as I have regression tests I am adding to on a daily basis. The result is a flood of information. I believe sparklines may be the answer to my information avalanche. Sparkplot: creating sparklines with matplotlib. Edward Tufte introduced sparklines in a sample chapter of his upcoming book "Beautiful Evidence".

sparkplot: creating sparklines with matplotlib

In his words, sparklines are "small, high-resolution graphics embedded in a context of words, numbers, images. Sparklines are data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics. "