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Word 2016 quick reference. Excel 2016 quick reference. Powerpoint 2016 quick reference. Windows 10 quick reference. Office Sway - Create and share amazing stories, presentations, and more. Office Sway - Create and share amazing stories, presentations, and more.

Website templates etc

Create Your Free Website. Home - Mozilla Webmaker. In Pictures: the simplest way to learn office applications. Coding for kids. Learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript - video style tutorials. <Code/Racer> - Battle it out and learn the code... Brought to you by Treehouse.

Become A Programming Guru! Learn web design and development online free. Introduction. Alternatives to codecademy. Running my software company from 2009 to 2011 without a development background was challenging to say the least.

alternatives to codecademy

It is how I became involved with GirlDevelopIt (an organization offers programming classes for women) and why I started LearnRuby101. - Free video tutorials on interactive development. Code School - Try jQuery. Free tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP - Build your own website - A University for the Web. Built by an open community. It's even more Peer Powered We know learning is more fun with friends.

A University for the Web. Built by an open community

We've kept the best part of the School of Webcraft and made it the core of everything we do to #TeachTheWeb. We work alongside our peers, ask each other for help, and offer expertise to those in need. The Webmaker Community supports each other in our community forum. Come join us! 27 Ways to Learn to Program Online. Whether you are looking to switch careers and become a full-time programmer, want to try to build a website or app on the side, or are just looking to round out your skill set, learning to code has certainly been something a lot of people have started to do lately.

27 Ways to Learn to Program Online

And while being a programmer might not be for everyone, there is a lot to be said about gaining a better, more educated view of how all those pixels get moved around all those screens. Before we delve into our list of learning resources sites, we wanted to share some advice from Marissa Louie, a self-taught product designer for Ness Computing. A former startup founder, Louie told TNW that the hardest part of being self-taught – whether it’s design, programming, or any other discipline is, “gathering the courage. The most important barrier is just to overcome your fears” (she also said having the ability to follow instructions helps as well). 1. 2. 3. 4.

Courses. Course Catalog for Online Classes. Begin programming: build your first mobile game — University of Reading. Learn the basics of Java programming by developing a simple mobile game that you can run on your computer, Android phone, or tablet.

Begin programming: build your first mobile game — University of Reading

Programming is everywhere: in dishwashers, cars and even space shuttles. Browse our Course Catalog - University Consortium. Free Online Learning at Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. Teaching Geometry with Google SketchUp. The 7 best ways to learn how to code. It’s never been a better time to pick up programming.

The 7 best ways to learn how to code

No matter your age or experience, a plethora of tools are available to get you started or to help you refine your programming chops. Best of all, many of those resources are free. You no longer have to spend countless hours trying to deconstruct new programming languages with no help beyond sparsely updated message boards and the good graces of patient IRC chat buddies. (In my day…) Now there are expertly written tutorials, helpful videos, and a wealth of other resources online. Maybe you’re just curious about what all this programming stuff is about. And, if you’ll forgive us for tooting our own horn, you should also check out an eighth resource: our upcoming DevBeat conference, Nov. 12-13 in San Francisco. Codecademy Perhaps the most renowned online training resource — and for good reason, Codecademy offers easy-to-understand interactive tutorials for popular languages like Python and Ruby.

Home page. 30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows. Recently, I received a fresh new laptop from Dell.

30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows

Upon receiving it, I did the traditional “installation of Windows from scratch” on it to remove a lot of the garbage that is preinstalled on Dells. Then I got really busy installing tons of great software that takes care of pretty much every software need I have. Pro. 10 open-source alternatives for small business software. You can’t run a business—even a small one—without technology.

10 open-source alternatives for small business software

You need computers, smartphones, file storage, a website, and a whole host of other tech assets. So how do you afford it all with a budget that’s tighter than a hipster’s jeans? Sure, some costs simply can’t be avoided, but you can get the tools you need without maxing your credit line. One of the easiest ways is to swap out expensive commercial software for open-source alternatives.

The open-source community offers an array of programs that deliver professional-grade features without the big-business price tag. To point you in the right direction, we rounded up free alternatives for the most common software used by small and medium businesses. Office suite: LibreOffice With its word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, Microsoft Office is the heart and soul of productivity for most businesses.

LibreOffice offers the same general functionality in a free package. Email: Thunderbird Calendar: Lightning. A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. Can't find what you're looking for? Help make better. easy No Info Available Login to your account, go to parameters, click Delete my account. Confirm by clicking I want to delete my account. Free Software :) :) :)