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Free Beautiful Online Survey & Form Builder. The easy online portfolio website. Typify - A personal web page without the hassle. Email Delivery and SMTP Service Packages and Pricing. Découvrez Symbolset : la police aux icônes intelligemment intégrées. Samedi 23 juin Web - 23 juin 2012 :: 09:34 :: Par Nicolas-Lecointre La police Symbolset permet à ses utilisateurs d’utiliser des icônes et logos dans leurs pages web avec zéro prise de tête.

Découvrez Symbolset : la police aux icônes intelligemment intégrées

Développée par Oak, une startup aux projets très esthétiquement soignés, cette police basée sur une sémantique symbolique affiche en effet au moindre mot-clé saisi une icône ou un logo approprié. Ainsi, si vous tapez “twitter”, vous aurez tout le loisir de voir ce mot disparaître pour se faire remplacer par le fameux petit oiseau du réseau social. Il en est de même pour des mots-clés tels que “check”, “user”, “cart”, “love”… La police fonctionne sous tous les navigateurs (modernes) et est sensible à la casse (elle prend les majuscules en compte). Pour les intéressés, Symbolset devrait très bientôt être disponible au prix de 30 dollars (15 dollars pour les pré-commandes jusqu’au 29 juin). (source) Plus d'infos sur : adaptation, Navigateurs, Police, Police de caractères.

Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley. Open Source Community Software. JotForm · Le Plus Facile des Générateurs de Formulaire. Wufoo · Online Form Builder! Create your blog for free with - Blog Directory. Demo - Easel. CrazyEgg. Over 200,000 businesses Convert Better with Crazy Egg, The Original Heatmapping Technology A heatmap is an easy way to understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks - which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.


A Crazy Egg heatmap lets you collect more than 88% of the data you would using a traditional eye-tracking process. At a fraction of the price. With no hardware. Almost no IT involvement. Because Google Analytics & Site Catalyst Leave Questions Unanswered, Trust Crazy Egg Visualizations to Help You Understand Your Users. Wouldn't you like to fill in the gaps left by analytics… without A/B testing every little assumption… and without breaking the bank on in-lab usability studies? Heat Maps: At a glance, see the hotspots on each page - so you know what to change, preserve or delete "Do our users think they can click greyed out buttons? " Click-Tracking Overlays: Find a hot spot? KISSmetrics Customer Web Analytics - Event Tracking, A/B Testing and Conversion Funnel Software. Free Web & Mobile Mockup and UI Prototyping Tool.

Freebie: Extended Entypo Glyph Set (EPS, PDF, PSD, Typeface, Web Font) Advertisement After endless suplications from the design community Daniel Bruce finally finished his update of the Entypo Glyph Set1 — a free set of universal 284 carefully crafted pictograms for regular design projects.

Freebie: Extended Entypo Glyph Set (EPS, PDF, PSD, Typeface, Web Font)

The icons are available as EPS, PDF and Photoshop PSD files as well as desktop typefaces (TrueType, OpenType) and Web fonts. Download The Set For Free! This set contains a large collection of glyphs for all occasions and uses — common pictograms that shouldn’t be missing in anybody’s arsenal. Each glyph was drawn and optimized to make sure that it fits the overall style of the suite. The freebie is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license2. Behind The Design As always, here are some insights from the designer: “The first Version was released in February 2012 and had around 120 glyphs. Thanks, Daniel! (jc) It's done. 22 Essential Tools for Testing Your Website's Usability. The Web Design Usability Series is supported by, an easy way to instantly share your screen with anyone. lets you collaborate on-the-fly, put your heads together super-fast and even just show off.

22 Essential Tools for Testing Your Website's Usability

A site's ease of use, or its usability, is an integral part of its success, especially with websites becoming more and more interactive, complex and packed with features. User-centered design is all about building websites that fulfill the goals and desires of its users, and at the heart of this concept is that a user must be able interact with your website effectively. Testing usability is an art and a science. There are many times when usability testers rely on qualitative measurements, intuition, opinions and feedback from users and experience. However, there are also factors you can test quantitatively to ensure that a site is usable. In this post, we'll discuss six crucial factors that affect usability. What other tools have you used to test website usability? 1. 2. 3. 4. What Font is.