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4195255-revisiter-l-aide-au-developpement-17-12-2012. Podcast » NipTech Hors-Série 5 – La scène des startups suisses. Actualités Publié le juillet 5th, 2012 | par NipTech Podcast: Téléchargement On finit notre tour d’horizon des scènes startups francophones avec la Suisse.

Podcast » NipTech Hors-Série 5 – La scène des startups suisses

Notre invité pour l’occasion est Sébastien Flury, qui aidait encore il y a peu des startups dans un incubateur (Creapole) avant de s’envoler vers ses propres aventures entrepreneuriales. La Suisse est connue pour être un pays d’innovation (Global Innovation Index 2012) mais comment cela se traduit-il en terme de startups? On commence comme toujours avec la communauté. Un des éléments intéressants mis en avant par Sébastien est que les centres de recherches suisses jouent un rôle important dans la création de startups. Malgré sa réputation d’innovation, la Suisse crée aussi des succès basés sur des modèles américains comme Housetrip (AirBnb) et DeinDeal (Groupon) qui servent aussi à dynamiser l’ensemble de l’écosystème. Le coup de coeur de Sébastien est Sublime Video, un player HTML5 pour les vidéos. Parlez aux auteurs. Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley.

How to Supercharge Your Dropbox or Google Drive with Wappwolf. K.lab Berlin - Wir verwirklichen sinnvolle Ideen für bessere Bildung. Neuigkeiten Unsere neue Android-App gibt es ab sofort im GooglePlay Store.

K.lab Berlin - Wir verwirklichen sinnvolle Ideen für bessere Bildung

Mit der App können Lehrerinnen und Lehrer die Noten Ihrer Schüler bequem auf dem Smartphone verwalten. Wir werden die App in den kommenden Monaten weiterentwickeln und freuen unsauf Euer Feedback. Die für Windows8/8.1 hat einfrisches Update bekommen. Ab jetzt kann direkt vomTablet auf noch mehr Unterrichtsmaterial von Fachver-lagen zugegriffen werden. Letzter Tweet klabberlin: We came in second at Microsoft's Innovate 4 Society Award at the CeBIT! The FNF – Free Information, Free Culture, Free Society. Our Complicated Love-Hate Relationship With Robots - Analysis. The official end of the Iraq war came quietly at the end of a tumultuous year, and with the now-obligatory shots of the last units to roll across the border into Kuwait, a reversal of how it started in 2003.

Our Complicated Love-Hate Relationship With Robots - Analysis

Only, we didn't view them in just one or two dimensions. Instead, we were able to watch the convoys pass out of the country the US has occupied for eight years from behind and overhead — a drone's-eye view. In the years since we were first shown “smart bomb” perspectives of the first Gulf War, we’ve become socially numb to the jittery black and white video of friend and foe alike scampering across desert terrain. This may be the first episode in which the public vantage point was the machine vision aspect of a robot shutting the door behind us. Looking back over 2011 for big themes, one common thread emerged, punctuated at the end of the year by the Iraq withdrawal: our relationship with ‘bots intensified and became more complex.

A Newspaper For The Twitter Age: The Size Of A Sales Receipt, And Edited By You. BERG bills itself as a design consultancy, but according to CEO Matt Webb, it’s really a product company.

A Newspaper For The Twitter Age: The Size Of A Sales Receipt, And Edited By You

And today the London-based innovators (who’ve made invisible-ink comics, augmented reality toys, holographic iPad light paintings, and a visual volume knob for Twitter) are announcing a product--in the works for a year--that shows just how committed to building the future of interfaces, media, and digital connectivity they really are. And it’s a printer. (A "Little Printer," to be exact.) This is the future? BERG is betting on it. Little Printer is the culmination of BERG’s experiments in "incidental media," a term BERG coined with Dentsu to describe ubiquitous-yet-unobtrusive digital content. But why paper? My first knee-jerk reaction to Little Printer was bemused bewilderment--really? And Little Printer isn’t just a dumb pipe, mindlessly spooling out Twitter updates and RSS headlines.

"I’ll tell you my favorite publication: It’s the Daily Puzzle," Webb continues. [Visit BERG Cloud] Hacker Typer.