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Talent (HR) Tools Home. Psychometric Games - Arctic Shores. The Predictive Index. Welcome to the Kenexa Individual Archetype Profile Survey. Lumina Learning. Overview Lumina Spark is the next generation of professional development tools supporting individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line.

Lumina Learning

It is unique amongst psychometric tools because it avoids any stereotyping. It provides a highly interactive colourful framework for better self-understanding and helps people identify how to improve their working relationships with others. By applying the Lumina Spark model, learners unlock multiple business benefits. The foundational Spark resources can be designed into different types of learner experiences such as short presentations, a broad range of training courses, inspirational coaching sessions or an in-depth group facilitation process. Distinct differences between Lumina Spark and other psychometrics Big 5 and ‘Best of Jung’ - The model is based on the latest Big Five research paradigm, and can also be viewed through the popular Jungian lens. Qualification. PSI - Pre-Employment Testing; Licensure & Certification Testing. IPAT. Personality DiSC Assessment. Pearson Assessment. Watson-Glaser II Critical Thinking Appraisal – Critical Thinking Test, Management Assessment. Available in US, UK, Australian, and Indian English, French, and Dutch Better thinking is as easy as RED Nothing is more important than how an individual thinks.

Watson-Glaser II Critical Thinking Appraisal – Critical Thinking Test, Management Assessment

The Watson-Glaser II is the leading critical thinking test used to assess and develop decision making skills and judgment. Thousands of organizations and schools use Watson-Glaser to hire great managers, develop high-potential employees, and admit students into challenging programs. Watson-Glaser is the gold standard in cognitive ability testing because it precisely measures critical thinking ability—one of the strongest predictors of job success and overall performance. Scores are based on our RED critical thinking model: Applications. CPP. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument (MBTI) Quick Facts Used by 89 of Fortune 100 companies to maximize individual and team effectiveness from entry to executive levels.

FIRO-B® Quick Facts Initial psychological research that the FIRO-B is based on was conducted for the United States Naval Research Labs.


FIRO-B is an acronym for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior. CPP has been the exclusive publisher of the FIRO-B for over 30 years. SHL. Practice Tests. Psytech International. JTI. What JTI Measures?


The JTI is based on the work of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, who identified how our preferences influence how we relate to the world and others around us. Jung’s model of Psychological Type identifies dimensions of preference: Extraversion vs. Introversion (EI), Thinking vs. Feeling (TF) and Sensing vs. Intuiting (SN). Advantages Assessing a person’s preferences and how they impact on areas including thinking style, interpersonal styles and problem-solving, the JTI is particularly effective for personal development, enhancing communication, counselling, guidance and team building.

The JTI Report Integrated summary and extended reports are available through the GeneSys Assessment platform. MBTI ® is a registered trademark of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust Available in EnglishArabicRussianFrenchSimplified ChineseTraditional ChinesePortugueseItalian. GRT1. SPI. The sales solution assesses a range of personality and motivational characteristics that represent a tendency towards effective sales behaviour.


The solution investigates the likelihood respondents may exhibit certain types of sales related behaviours. It can be used to identify potential gaps in performance, facilitate personal development or facilitate behavioural interviews in order to inform and support selection decisions. Sales Process Dimensions The behaviours used in the solution are derived from a typical sales process framework. This particular model was selected to provide a clear picture of respondents’ capabilities within a framework familiar to most sales professionals and trainers. CRTB2. What CRTB2 measures Verbal Critical Reasoning measures the ability to understand and accurately draw logical conclusions and inferences from complex reports.


Consequently, it forms a key assessment for managerial and professional roles which require accurate interpretation of written reports and rational decision making.Numerical Critical Reasoning measures the ability to understand and critically evaluate a wide range of numerical data and draw logical conclusions from this. Consequently, it forms a key assessment for managerial and professional roles which require the ability to understand financial, numerical and statistical information.

Advantages CRTB2 is quicker to administer than most other critical reasoning tests. GRT2. What GRT2 measures Verbal Reasoning measures basic vocabulary, verbal fluency and the ability to reason using words.


This test is appropriate for all jobs which require a general level of verbal ability (e.g. junior sales and administrative positions, clerical jobs). Numerical Reasoning measures the ability to use numbers in a logical, efficient way. This test is appropriate for all jobs which require a general level of numerical ability (e.g. accounts clerks and technical roles).

Abstract Reasoning measures the ability to understand abstract logical problems and use new information outside the range of previous experience. Advantages GRT2 provides a comprehensive assessment of mental ability. 15FQ+ What 15FQ+ Measures The 15FQ+ measures the fundamental building blocks of personality.


These provide insight into how people typically think, feel and interact in ways that may be productive or counter-productive for your organisation. For example the 15FQ+ can identify people who: OPP Pro. What OPPro Measures Providing a detailed assessment of interpersonal style, thinking style and patterns of coping with stress, the personality dimensions measured by the OPPro have been selected for their occupational relevance.


These characteristics are crucial in determining productive and counter-productive behaviour in your organisation. For example the OPPro can identify people who: Saville Consulting. Wave. Hogan Assessments. Motive,Values, Preferences, Inventory. Hogan Development Survey. Hogan Personality Inventory. Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory.