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How To Use IndexDB – Code And Example « Ido's Blog. IndexedDB is an evolving web standard for the storage of significant amounts of structured data in the browser and for high performance searches on this data using indexes.

How To Use IndexDB – Code And Example « Ido's Blog

IndexedDB leaves room for a third-party JavaScript library to straddle the underlying primitives with a BTree API, and I look forward to seeing initiatives like BrowserCouch built on top of IndexedDB. Intrepid web developers can even build a SQL API on top of IndexedDB. I’ve work today to create this example in order to push it to MDC IndexDB page later… I found few things that didn’t work on Firefox 4 (but since we have Firefox 5 from last night) – I’ve just put them in the comments. Also, Chrome 12 (and above) works great. You might want to check that the pages you developing on are served from a server and not a local file, because on firefox it won’t work…

MongoDB. Apache CouchDB: The Apache CouchDB Project. MySQL Documentation: MySQL Reference Manuals. MySQL Documentation MySQL 5.7Reference Manual MySQL 5.7Release Notes Browse MySQL Documentation by: Product Topic General.

MySQL Documentation: MySQL Reference Manuals

Basho: Welcome to the Riak Wiki.