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Cloud, Compute, Storage and Network models and pricing. Koyeb raises €1.4 million to build the next generation multi-cloud provider – STATION F. Koyeb (Founders Program) raises €1.4 million in a pre-seed round led by ISAI with Kima Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures, Acecap, and business angels including Zachary Smith (, Justin Ziegler (Priceminister), Alexis Lê-Quôc (Datadog), Sébasiten Lucas (Oxalide), Marc Jalabert (Microsoft), Amirhossein Malekzadeh (, Eric Ouisse (Ziwo), Dominique Vidal (Index Ventures), and Fabrice Bernhard (Theodo).

Koyeb raises €1.4 million to build the next generation multi-cloud provider – STATION F

Combining Two Emerging Technologies: Serverless Computing and Multi-Cloud Launched in 2019 by three cloud industry veterans, Yann Léger, Édouard Bonlieu, and Bastien Chatelard, Koyeb is a multi-cloud service provider that enables developers to reduce time spent on operating complex infrastructures and to streamline the development of new features. “Over the past years, cloud development got more and more complicated. Many agree it has become a new branch of computer science that requires highly trained and highly experienced engineers. Gregsramblings/google-cloud-4-words: The Google Cloud Developer's Cheat Sheet.

: le serveur dédié pas cher ! Sans titre. Linux. Motoko Programming Language Guide. Each Motoko actor represents a service that one might want to deploy on the Internet Computer.

Motoko Programming Language Guide

The interface of each actor introduces async data whenever it returns information to its caller. This programming abstraction serves a key role in Motoko, as it coordinates with the transformations of the Motoko compiler pipeline and eventual execution behavior of Motoko actors on the Internet Computer. This abstraction represents a promise from the system to the caller, on behalf of the callee: Either the async value, when awaited, will yield a value from the callee of the expected type,or, an error --- system-level or callee-level --- will eventually arise. In general, the caller may not immediately await each call. Technical aside. We note that Motoko programs may avoid callbacks for many cases, but not all cases where they are used in other asynchronous, message-passing settings. Algolia hosted search engine. What is Algolia?

Algolia hosted search engine

Algolia is a hosted search engine, offering full-text, numerical, and faceted search, capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke. Algolia’s powerful API lets you quickly and seamlessly implement search within your websites and mobile applications. Our search API powers billions of queries for thousands of companies every month, delivering relevant results in under 100ms anywhere in the world. Discover Algolia Getting started. SaaS and On-Premise Load Testing - OctoPerf. Nextcloud. Data to Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Azure.

Plateforme d'intégration pour connecter les applications SaaS et d'entreprise. Integration Platform for Connecting SaaS and Enterprise Applications. Wescale - Expert Cloud et DevOps. Créez et diffusez vos formulaires facilement.


Software and technology stacks used by top companies. Openstack. OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.


Learn more about OpenStack's compute, storage, networking, take a tour of the dashboard, or dive in and learn how to get started with OpenStack today. If you're looking for OpenStack related products and services such as Distributions, Appliances, Public Clouds, Consultants, or Training check out our OpenStack Marketplace. Develop Apps With One S3 Endpoint Data Replication. Enterprise Cloud Storage - Why Scality - File and Object Storage. DFINITY - The Decentralized Cloud. Security.

DFINITY - The Decentralized Cloud

Speed. Scale. The DFINITY project was formed to research ways of enabling public decentralized networks to host a virtual computer of potentially unlimited capacity. The starting requirement was that the systems developed should be useful in joining 1 million or more mining clients. We also sought vastly superior performance than is available today. Our core approach is counterintuitive and ironically - for such a feat of organization - involves random numbers. Threshold Relay generates randomness by applying the BLS cryptography scheme from Stanford University in a new way. Dfinity lève 102 millions supplémentaires pour concurrencer AWS via la blockchain. Après une première levée de fonds record au début de l’année (CHF 61 millions), le projet blockchain Dfinity a bouclé un nouveau tour de table de CHF 102 millions a annoncé sur Medium le président de la fondation, basée à Zoug et Palo Alto, à l’origine de ce projet «d’Internet Computer».

Dfinity lève 102 millions supplémentaires pour concurrencer AWS via la blockchain

Sorte de Cloud 3.0 décentralisé grâce à la blockchain, cet «ordinateur Internet est conçu pour héberger la prochaine génération mondiale de logiciels et de services», assure le serial entrepreneur. Rien de moins donc qu’un concurrent à Amazon Web Services et Microsoft Azure et Google Cloud Platform à en croire l’ambition de celui qui veut attirer les meilleurs chercheurs et ingénieurs au monde et construire une «NASA de la décentralisation». Ces 102 millions levés notamment auprès de Polychain Capital de d’Andreessen Horowitz serviront principalement à convaincre ces talents de rejoindre ce projet dont la première concrétisation est annoncée pour «fin 2018, début 2019» avec le lancement du réseau. Hands on labs. Qualys Cloud Platform. Infrastructure & Application Monitoring as a Service. BlaBlaCar - BlaBlaCar Tech Stack.