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Pedja Rogic Audio Pages - Chip Based Power Amp i.e. Gainclone. R2 is set to provide 5-6mA bias.

Pedja Rogic Audio Pages - Chip Based Power Amp i.e. Gainclone

R3 (470-1k) is optional; use it if the buffer oscillates at the lowest volume levels. Two recommended LPF combinations are: (1) R1=75 Ohms, C1=47nF, C2 is omitted; (2) R1=1kOhms, C1=4.7nF, C2=33nF. The buffer circuit above is the one I settled on after a few months experimenting with it. I ran it at higher currents but ultimately the fact it is more natural at some 5-6mA (this applies to the 2SK170BL) was most important to my ears.

As a current source (J2) I used J310 with R2=270 Ohms (which applies to the J310 I have; since Idss varies, better use higher value for the start). In my case the buffers are hooked to the same supply as the power chips. Considering a low pass filter, there are three options for R1: to omit it, to use lower value (75R) and to use higher value (1k). If any doubts: the point of low pass filtering is not in change of the frequency response inside the audio band, this is unwanted consequence. Untitled. CCPS. Dual Polarity Power Supplie Electronic Project Kits & Modules. Sjöström Audio - JSR06 Sjöström Super Regulator Power Supply.

Sjöström Audio - JSR04 Sjöström Super Regulator. Sjöström Audio - JSR01 Sjöström Super Regulator. Click on the pictures to get a larger view.

Sjöström Audio - JSR01 Sjöström Super Regulator

This design has been known at and elsewhere and it has been bescribed thouroughly in couple of articles in The Audio Amateur and also in other magazines, like EDN. The design presented below is a developed/altered version (not necessarily better) and not identical to the one in the articles nor to the pcb from Audio Express. Some of the changes has Andrew L Weekes done and some have I done. Interesting features Extremely low noise.Very low output impedance in the audioband.Small.Easy to change voltage, also to negative voltage.Well-known and well-tested in serious applications. Sjöström Audio - SPS01 Sjöström Power Supply. Click on the picture to get a larger view.

Sjöström Audio - SPS01 Sjöström Power Supply

This design is based on Jan Dupont's idea . The goal was to make a huge power supply with high-end rectifiers and as versatile as possible. Interesting features 2-layer pcb with 70 um (2 oz.) copper.2 mm thick pcb.Gold pads.Discrete High-End rectifiers.Option for TO218, TO247 and TO220 diodes.Snubbers at each diode.LED's as voltage indicators.Bleeder resistors.Option for three different pinouts of the big smoothing caps including the high performance models from BHC.Huge 16 sqmm (AWG5) terminals from Phoenix.Fuse holder, both for european and american types.Terminal for series inductor.

Sjöström Audio - QSXPS Rev.1 Regulated Power Supply. Click on the picture to get a larger view.

Sjöström Audio - QSXPS Rev.1 Regulated Power Supply

This power supply design did I make for the DAC and for the new ultra extreme RIAA amp . This design has very interesting features: Extremely low output noise.Very low output impedance in the audioband.Easy to change the output voltageHigh performance rectifier bridge built by discrete partsWell-known and well-tested in serious and demanding applications.LM431 as reference.Extra trimming resistors for tuning the output voltage.Frequency compensation for the opamp added as an option. By that you are more free of choosing opamp.All resistors 10 mm between the holes so it is possible to use a cut and bending machine for those parts.Current peak limiting resistor after the rectifier bridges. Reduces the harmonics in the raw voltage.Not particularly hard to make to independent regulators. Power Supplies Basics. Elliott Sound Products - Linear Power Supply Design.

Rod Elliott - Copyright (c) 2001Page Last Updated 12 Sep 2011 Main Index Articles Index Contents Introduction Having searched the Web for reference material (and found very little!)

Elliott Sound Products - Linear Power Supply Design

These supplies should not create any problems for anyone, because they are so simple, right? Audiophile Power Supply Module Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier From Uk - Avondale Audio. As quiet as the grave, this stunning power supply module offers a fresh insight into whatever music is being portrayed by your system.

Audiophile Power Supply Module Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier From Uk - Avondale Audio

In both lab measurement and listening tests, the TPX totally outshines both the Naim Audio Hi-Cap and the SuperCap. Simply add a suitable transformer and you have a power supply ready to do justice to your Naim pre-amp. (our own transformers come with push-on connectors already fitted) May be built up in any number to form a true 'State of the Art' Pre-Amp Power Unit with NO soldering!. Everything is on the PCB with the exception of the transformer - supply capacitors, rectifier, pre regulator, final regulator assembly and even a resistor for an LED, all are included on the module. Techy stuff The pre-regulator system reduces line noise, lowers impedance and provides a solid linear performance. Dual Polarity Power Supplies Electronic Project Kits / Modules. Audio:Sounds Good to Me! Audio:Power Supply Kits. Step By Step 9 - Power Conditioning. Power conditioning is one of those unsexy computing topics, like backups, that people generally only become enthusiastic about after a horrible experience.

Step By Step 9 - Power Conditioning

It’s a lot less painful, though, to learn from someone else's mistakes. Thanks to lightning strikes, industrial equipment, high-current household appliances and a variety of other events, the mains supply (a nominal 230 volts here in Australia; other voltages in other countries) can vary a great deal from its nominal value. Most household equipment doesn’t care much about its incoming power, and at worst hiccups a bit when the power drops out or surges. Computers, however, can corrupt data or just plain stop working when subjected to a power fluctuation that your microwave, freezer, TV and washing machine laughed off. If you value your hardware and your data, read on.

Know your enemy Mains irregularities come in four flavours - surges, sags, spikes and outages. Ubuntu Start Page. PA100 DIY 2x LM3886 in parallel gainclone audio amplifier. Welcome / Audio DIY PA100 GC - 100W per channel, 2x LM3886 in parallel power amplifier Power Supply Schematic : I did some DC measurement and the result is quite good, I got 7 mV of DC offset at the speaker terminal.

PA100 DIY 2x LM3886 in parallel gainclone audio amplifier

The voltage difference between the output of the 2 chips is less then 1 mV. The sound of this amplifier is similar to my LM3875 amplifier, which is very clean and detail. The TNT Hydra. A cool DIY mains distribution plug!

The TNT Hydra

[Italian version] Product: TNT-Audio Hydra mains distribution plug Manufacturer: Not for sale, do it yourself! Approx. price: 15 - 20 $ (depending on cable lenght and type) Author: Geoff Husband You've all heard it... "the best cable is no cable at all". Solid State Power Amplifier Supply Part 3. Part 3 [Italian version] Filtering Large reservoir capacitors notwithstanding, for really high quality power supply we need additional filtering.

Solid State Power Amplifier Supply Part 3

As seen on the Diagrams, small value capacitors, in the 100-220nF region are used to filter out the very high frequencies, where large capacitor efficiency has already dropped to unacceptable levels. This is no big deal, you can't really go wrong here whatever you do - the only way to go wrong is not to do it, and even that may not be critical, depending on actual circuit layout (if your large filter caps are next to the output transistors, for example, the effects will be smaller, but they will still be there).

Off hand, use 100nF for transformer filtering and 150nF for large capacitor bypassing. If you are using single capacitors for every supply line, I would strongly suggest you also use the RC filter as shown on Diagram 4. Filters have an added complication at no extra cost, that of placement. How I'd do it. Solid State Power Amplifier Supply Part 2. Part 2 [Italian version] Lastly, Figure 4 illustrates a serious power supply. For a start, we see that each half of the supply has its own full wave bridge rectifier. This allows for significantly improved rectification, as well as offering the designer greatly increased power handling capabilities, since two rectifiers now share the work load of one.

This approach is quite common in American High End units, and has during the last several years begun to trickle downwards, into higher middle class units. Solid State Power Amplifier Supply Part 1. Part I [Italian version] Many of us have over the years come across amplifiers, mostly from reputable sources and at rather steep prices, which have made us want to have them. More often than not, two aspects have drawn our attention - the bass and the treble. Somehow, probably due to our non-linear hearing, which is at its best in the midrange, and probably because we take the midrange for granted ("Well, if it doesn't do midrange, what does it do? ") Power Conditioner Buyer's Guide.

Audio Reality: Myths Debunked Truths Revealed - Bruce Rozenblit. Product Review - Manufacturers Report - "The Importance of the Power Supply" - May, 1997 Introduction: Electricity and Hydraulics Lots of people don’t understand electricity, but they do understand plumbing. Hydraulics provides a good analogy in understanding basic electrical flow. Bucking Transformer Reduce line voltage to achieve happy circuits :) Article By Jeff Poth. December 2012 Bucking TransformerReduce line voltage to achieve happy circuits :) Article By Jeff Poth "What's the matter with the transformer baby? " The Core Issues: Choosing A Power Transformer Article By Michael S. LaFevre Of MagneQuest Transformer Company. Spring 2010 Sound Practices Magazine Online! The Core Issues: Choosing A Power TransformerArticle By Michael S.

Modifying and building audio power supplies. Obviously see the recommended components and suppliers pages for links and information on these parts TRANSFORMERS Getting the transformer right can be a pit for the unwary. This is principally because off the shelf toroids are useless from an audio point of view and unless you know how to specify a custom one you'll probably get nothing better. However a good transformer can make a significant contribution to sound quality, giving a bolder, more vibrant and solid presention with 'darker' backgrounds and more instrumental seperation.

Power supply kits - Audio-GD PSU09 Alimentation stabilisée discréte +/- 12-24V. How to order ? FAQ. Audiophile power supply capacitor and rectifiers modules for hifi DIY builders : avondale audio.