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The Latest Digital: Chanel, Valentino & Montblanc - Luxury Society - The Latest. Hugh Jackman, Valentino Garavani, Anne Hathaway and Giancarlo Giammetti unveil The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum at New York’s MoMA Valentino Garavani unveiled a game changer this week in New York, launching fashion’s first virtual museum, in the form of a downloadable desktop application Fashion exhibitions became an increasingly important part of the luxury communications landscape in 2011.

The Latest Digital: Chanel, Valentino & Montblanc - Luxury Society - The Latest

For consumers, it has become clear that they are an increasingly popular medium in which to experience luxury, couture and outstanding craftsmanship. The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty installation – staged at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York – was first extended one week and then, in a first for the museum, remained open until midnight to cope with the overwhelming demand. The exhibition was viewed by a total of 661,509 visitors, making it the eighth most popular Met exhibit of all time, up there with Tutankhamen. Top 10 social media luxury marketers of 2011. Missoni for Target It takes a special kind of luxury brand to reach out to consumers on an informal platform and maintain the persona of elegance and luxury.

Top 10 social media luxury marketers of 2011

Burberry. Annoncer ici La Maison Burberry n’aurait pu rêver meilleur cadeau pour conclure 2011 en beauté.


Burberry utilise pour créer une entreprise plus sociale. Annoncer ici Angela Ahrendts, PDG de la maison Burberry créée l’évènement en utilisant la plateforme « » pour rendre son entreprise plus sociale.

Burberry utilise pour créer une entreprise plus sociale

Pour celles et ceux qui ne connaissent pas, et bien sachez que cette entreprise américaine, basée à San-Francisco distribue des logiciels de gestion uniquement basés sur internet et héberge des applications d’entreprises. Elle est surtout reconnue au niveau international pour ses solutions en gestion de la relation client CRM). Pour en savoir plus cliquez-ici. Ils ont pensé le futur : Nathalie Lemonnier (extrait de #Luxe et Digital)) Etude Synthesio - Attrait du luxe en ligne. Web and Luxe - Blog Luxe Marketing Mode Web et Nouvelles Technologies. Sur base de case studies, comment envisager Internet et le Digital ...

Blog e-Luxe. Mémoire Luxe et Internet. Gucci Group: How luxury brands fast track their way to social media, community and new customers. This week I had the great pleasure of speaking at the Gucci Group Conference in Miami.

Gucci Group: How luxury brands fast track their way to social media, community and new customers

Not only were they the best dressed group of attendees I have ever seen – no surprises there – which was thoroughly intimidating – still no surprises – but their conference was a wonderful example of how a brand (or brands) react to the emerging social web in a way that is truly creative, effective and inspiring. As such, I wanted to share the steps they took to demonstrate how successful creative brands are rethinking their strategies to suit a new consumer-driven marketplace. 1. The How of Tomorrow The first aspect I want to highlight was the theme itself: ‘Embracing Uncertainty’. 2. The Gucci Group, led by Global CEO, Robert Polet, then challenged their teams by dissecting uncretainty from various angles. I followed Jeff showing creative examples of how leading brands around the world are engaging social media to build community. 3. 4. 5. 6. 5 Commandments For Luxury Branding On Facebook. One of the reasons luxury brands are, well, luxurious, has to do with the fact that they are exclusive.

5 Commandments For Luxury Branding On Facebook

As a result, some worry that Facebook deomocratizes things to the point of sacrificing exclusivity. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you do your marketing right. Because you are a luxury brand, you need to maintain that image throughout your marketing campaign. Even the affluent are on Facebook, and you need to make sure that you engage them there. However, you don’t want to have your image associated with second-rate digital marketing. The design of your Facebook page, the videos you post on Facebook, and the Facebook ads you create must all be of highest quality. Remember: You only maintain your luxurious and exclusive image if you can keep it online as well.

One of the great ways to grow your brand, while maintaining your exclusivity, is to focus on the people who want to buy your products, but can’t. Encourage these types of interactions, and your brand will spread. Le luxe version 2.0. Social media, les marques de Luxe, la Mode. Pourquoi le Luxe et la Mode se positionnent-ils sur le social media après des années de réserves?

Social media, les marques de Luxe, la Mode

Comment passer de l’éphémère, l’élitisme à la démocratisation, sans altérer son image ? Plusieurs de nos billets détailleront les stratégies des marques aujourd’hui. Quels objectifs pour le social media marketing du Luxe ? Démonstration au travers des actions des top 3 stratégies de marques du Luxe dans ce secteur à travers le Monde : Burberry (5.5 millions de fans +219% 31ème marque), Gucci (4 millions +147% 45ème marque) et Chanel (3.3 millions +103% 54ème) selon les social media KPIs socialbakers sur les 6 derniers mois. Les marques de luxe ont encore du potentiel sur les réseaux sociaux, selon une étude de Benchmark Group.