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Questions Are the Answer. Questions Are the Answer Your health depends on good communication Asking questions and providing information to your doctor and other care providers can improve your care.

Questions Are the Answer

Talking with your doctor builds trust and leads to better results, quality, safety, and satisfaction. Quality health care is a team effort. Questions Are the Answer: Build Your Question List. Be prepared for your next medical appointment.

Questions Are the Answer: Build Your Question List

Create a list of questions that you can take with you whether you are getting a checkup, talking about a problem or health condition, getting a prescription, or discussing a medical test or surgery. Whatever the reason for your visit, it is important to be prepared. With the Question Builder, it is easy. Step 1: Choose the kind of appointment you need Why are you going to see your doctor? Artificial Anatomy. Human Body & Mind. DirectAnatomy, your online anatomy software.

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