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Santa Goes Social. Kyoo - Social Media Aggregation- Front End Dashboard and Back End Reporting. Social Media and the Evolution of Revolution. Sharebar With social media’s inherent ability to communicate, share and interact, it has the ability to make waves far beyond what we had originally foreseen.

Social Media and the Evolution of Revolution

It is much more powerful than just the benefits it provides for businesses or individuals; it fuels a new power for the people. Social media has changed the way we react to things from thinking about it, to doing it. It’s a mix of peer pressure, support and the effortlessness social media has for connecting like-minded people. Lately, social media has been a huge player in protests and events across the world, from the UK to Wall Street.

Social media has the power to help with every stage of a riot or event from organization of the people, coverage of the happenings and reaction to the chaos. Organization The UK Riots utilized Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry messenger to organize rioters to get together in certain locations. It’s not just one outlet, and there are no barriers to get involved. Coverage Reaction Image by @Lawcol888. 9 Reasons Your Company Should Use Brand Advocates: New Research. What would you say if you could add 5, 10, 100 or 1000 marketing reps to your team?

9 Reasons Your Company Should Use Brand Advocates: New Research

For free? What if these marketing reps would freely write about your brand and tell their friends and all they expect in return is recognition and access to insider information? Who are these free marketers? Brand advocates. BzzAgent has recently released a new research study giving us the skinny on the habitat, behaviors and motivations behind brand advocates. Who are brand advocates and what motivates them? This careful study identifies many attributes of brand advocates. Definition: A brand advocate is any customer who has been officially commissioned to speak on behalf of your brand without compensation. World Map of Social Networks. January 2017: a new edition of my World Map of Social Networks, showing the most popular social networking sites by country, according to Alexa & SimilarWeb traffic data (caveat: it’s hard to understand the impact of Google+ because it is part of Google domain traffic).

World Map of Social Networks

There are a lot of news since last January: Facebook is still the leading social network in 119 out of 149 countries analyzed, but it was stopped in 9 territories by Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and Linkedin. It’s interesting to see that in some countries, like Botwana, Mozambique, Namibia, Iran e Indonesia, Instagram wins and that some African territories prefer LinkedIn. Overall LinkedIn conquers 9 countries, Instagram 7, meanwhile VKontakte and Odnoklassniki (part of the same group grow up in Russian territories. In China QZone still dominates the Asian landscape with 632 million users and Japan is the only country where Twitter is the leader. But what’s going on behind the first place? InShare949 inShare949. How CNN Is Using Social Media for Tonight's GOP Debate. The web is revving up for Monday night's Republican debate between 2012 presidential hopefuls, and social media is set to play a large role in public discussion of the event.

How CNN Is Using Social Media for Tonight's GOP Debate

In the brief clip below, CNN's DC Bureau Chief Sam Feist describes how CNN will incorporate social media into the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate. 3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Social Search. Is your business ready for social search?

3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Social Search

In this article I’ll reveal what you need to know and what you need to do to prepare for social search. The Emergence of Social Search Earlier this year I predicted that this would be a breakout year for social search. It seems I was right—however, it’s unfolding differently than I expected, with Google leading the charge. It turns out that Google is not going to sit back and allow Facebook to eat away at their search advertising revenue.

What’s happened is Google recently changed its search algorithm that determines what type of online content is the most relevant—specifically placing greater emphasis on original social content. While Google didn’t specifically announce a focus on social content, the handwriting was already on the wall. Indeed, you may have already noticed that socially shared content is rising to the top of your Google search results. Social Content Matters for Search. Pixie Dust & The Mountain of Mediocrity.