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Blogs By and For Librarians. By Cristy Moran on December 26, 2012 There is no lack of literature on the use of blogs for libraries and librarians.

Blogs By and For Librarians

Prior to the use of Facebook and Twitter, librarians had long been creating blogs for their libraries. Blog to inform! Blog to market! Blog to stay relevant! Mrs. Orman's Classroom: New Books for Your Classroom Library. I've had more time to catch up on young adult literature over the past several months, so I'm sharing some of my favorites with you--and some that I am highly anticipating--that are essentials for your classroom (or school) library.

Mrs. Orman's Classroom: New Books for Your Classroom Library

(Click on the images to purchase via Amazon associates links.) I wrote about Tomi Adeyemi's book Children of Blood and Bone on my other blog here. It's a different take on police brutality--one that infuses the theme in a fantasy world. (Read my post for more specifics about the plot.) Penguin Random House Showcase - Teen Librarian Toolbox. If you’ve read my frequent posts detailing new books, you know the deal: I get lots of book mail.

Penguin Random House Showcase - Teen Librarian Toolbox

LOTS. Now, at the moment I’m in a bit of a reading slump (let’s be real: I’m in a bit of a life slump), so opening all of these packages daily is starting to intimidate me. I WANT to read them all. I will TRY to read them all. At the very, very least, I will share them with you here in the hopes that YOU will go read them! The Educator's PLN - The personal learning network for educators. Classroom 2.0. EdWeb: A professional online community for educators. 5 of the Best School Library Programs Changing Lives Today. Wild Outside by Les Stroud (Annick Press).

5 of the Best School Library Programs Changing Lives Today

From surviving a frigid night in northern Canada to munching on grubs in the Australian Outback, Les Stroud’s passion for the outdoors has driven him to some of the planet’s most remote and beautiful locations. In Wild Outside, he invites readers into his world of wilderness adventures with fast-paced stories, nature facts, and practical advice for spending time outside. Featuring kid-friendly activities and tips like how to safely observe wildlife, Stroud shows readers that adventure awaits everywhere—whether in a jungle or a city park. Andrew P. Barr’s dramatic illustrations amp up the excitement alongside photos of Survivorman’s adventures. Youtube. American Library Association (@ALALibrary) / Twitter. Summer Reading Activities. As soon as school is out, I am on the lookout for great summer reading activities.

Summer Reading Activities

It is so important for kids to keep reading over the summer, and fun activities can be just the encouragement they need. Why is Summer Reading so important? Statistics show that reading just 30 minutes a day can greatly decrease the effects of summer slide. The Art of Creating Book Displays (Part 2) - Knowledge Quest. This is the second post in a series about creating book displays in the school library.

The Art of Creating Book Displays (Part 2) - Knowledge Quest

There is a true art to creating a successful book display, one in which students will stop and scan the titles, maybe browse a few, and check out at least one. It is important to be intentional about the topic you choose and the types of books you include. The goal of the display is to be appealing to as many students as possible so the books get checked out! 5 Reasons Why You Should Plan School Library Events.

Last Updated on January 21, 2021 by Laura It’s no secret that I believe your library should be the center of your school.

5 Reasons Why You Should Plan School Library Events

School library events are a fun and engaging way to make that happen. I’ve got 5 reasons why you should start planning your school library events now! 10 Ways to Explode Your Students’ Excitement for Reading! - Kids Read Now. 10 Ways to Explode Your Students’ Excitement for Reading!

10 Ways to Explode Your Students’ Excitement for Reading! - Kids Read Now

How do you get kids excited about books? Over my 25 years of teaching, I’ve discovered many ways to spark excitement. Here are 10 to get you started: Start an After-School Book Club Invite a guest reader from the community to kick off the meetings. Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas. Get Inspired by These Amazing School Library Ideas - BookPal. 16 Inspiring School Libraries To Motivate Young Readers. School libraries are becoming a bit rarer these days, which makes them all the more precious.

16 Inspiring School Libraries To Motivate Young Readers

Treasure yours by filling it with motivating words and artwork that draw young readers in to explore. These inspirational school libraries will give you some ideas to fit pretty much any budget. Go ahead, build a literary wonderland! 1. Create Book Smiles. How a School Library Increased Student Use by 1,000 Percent. High School Library Activities. Unfortunately, most high school students do not see the library as a cool place to be.

High School Library Activities

Whether or not you can change that, you can plan some entertaining and enriching activities for them to perform during their scheduled library time. By putting some time into planning these library events you may be able to get them to voluntarily spend more time in the library. New school librarian? 10 things you should do first... - Mrs. ReaderPants.

Skip to content Menu Currently Reading... SLM19 Activity Ideas2. Free PD Webinars. All webinars are now available on-demand and include closed captioning in English and Spanish. STEM Subjects: Wonk Out with the Experts Did you know Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) jobs in the U.S. will grow by nearly 10 percent by 2024? STEM Without Sharing Materials - STEM Activities for Kids. One of the best things about STEM activities is the collaboration and cooperation skills integrated into every project. So hearing the recommendation from the CDC that students shouldn’t share materials has caused many a STEM teacher’s heart to break. Although necessary for the current times of COVID, it seems impossible to teach STEM without sharing materials.

It’s not impossible, though. We just have to go about it little differently for the time being. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, we may need keep kids apart, but that doesn’t mean students can’t do STEM activities. SEL and STEM: Using the Engineering Design Process to Develop SEL Skills. Presented by Jill Olson, Senior Director, Operations & Professional Development, EiE®, the Museum of Science, Boston Moderated by Heather Gunsallus, Vice President, STEM Education, EiE®, the Museum of Science, Boston Sponsored by EiE: Creating a Generation of Problem Solvers Register Here.

STEM Resource Webinars & Workshops - STEM Ecosystems. 200+ Exciting Elementary STEM Projects. The Ultimate Guide to STEM Boxes - The Stem Laboratory. Whether you’re creating Makerspaces, STEM centers or early finisher activities, these tips and tricks make it so easy to pull together effective and engaging STEM boxes in your primary classroom or homeschool. P.S. Grab our popular Endless STEM Challenge Bundle HERE! Find out tons of sanity saving teacher hacks. And, to help you get started fast, grab a set of free editable printables including:

January STEM Read Alouds — Carly and Adam. Just Do It ... Start Makerspaces. The Monthly STEAM Challenge - Knowledge Quest. Need makerspace supplies? Host a Community Supply Drive! The Show Me Librarian: All Things STEAM.