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Technology to Explore (Later On)

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My Best of series. I’ve separated my “The Best…” lists here by topics.

My Best of series

A number of the lists, though, can fit into multiple categories, so it still might be useful to scan all of them. The Websites Of The Year page on this blog, on the other hand, has these lists in the chronological order in which they’ve been written. Please note that I continually update and revise all of the lists. The best way to search is using “Control + F” on your keyboard. Web 2.0 teaching tools to enhance education and learning — Edjudo. 3D Projects Alice – Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment (free) Blender – Excellent open source 3D content creation suite (free, must install)

Web 2.0 teaching tools to enhance education and learning — Edjudo

50 Animation Tools And Resources For Digital Learners. 50 Animation Tools & Resources For Digital Learners by Lisa Chesser, A purple monster with wild curls spiraling out of control explains the economics of oil production in the Sudan to students in Los Angeles, Sydney, Berlin, Jerusalem, and Riyadh.

50 Animation Tools And Resources For Digital Learners

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day55 Content Curation Tools To Discover & Share Digital Content. 5 Tools Tech-Savvy Teachers are Using for 21st Century Learning. By Troy Lambert Great teachers at schools everywhere are taking advantage of technology to become leaders in the evolving educational field.

5 Tools Tech-Savvy Teachers are Using for 21st Century Learning

The traditional school system was set up to teach kids about the workplace of their future: the bell system taught them about factory whistles and lunch and recess taught them about rigid break and meal times. However, kids now need to be prepared for an entirely different kind of workplace, one filled with open spaces and focused on employee collaboration. Not to mention the tech skills most employees are now expected to have. Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier in the Fall. By Thom Gibson During the summer months, in an effort to avoid feeling overwhelmed two weeks before school starts, I usually make time each week of the summer to work on plans for next school year.

Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier in the Fall

This involves reading books on pedagogy, revising curriculum, and researching various tools that may make my life easier—I’m sure it’s the same for you. Here are a few of the best tricks and tools I’ve discovered in summers past that have made my life more manageable when back to school comes around. 10 Teacher Tools to "Techify" Your Classroom. By Bethany Petty The classrooms of today have the potential to look vastly different than those of the past.

10 Teacher Tools to "Techify" Your Classroom

Many teachers have access to a vast array of technology tools that can be used in the classroom to increase student engagement. Sometimes, however, the world of educational technology can seem daunting and extremely overwhelming—especially for newcomers. Use this list of teacher tools to “techify” your lessons one step at a time. Each one has the potential to enhance your classroom biome and get students excited about your content. 10 Ways to "Googlfy" Your Classroom. By Bethany Petty Google has taken the world of educational technology by storm with its fantastic suite of tools for the classroom.

10 Ways to "Googlfy" Your Classroom

These tools provide seemingly endless possibilities for teachers to enhance the learning environment and increase student engagement. Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP) - Goethe-Institut USA. EDUCAUSE Homepage. Chromebook Challenge. Resources for Technology Integration. In this section, you will find materials and resources for teaching about how to successfully integrate technology into the classroom, whether you are conducting a two-hour session or class or can spend a day or two on the topic.

Resources for Technology Integration

We believe you will find much here from which you can build a set of experiences tailored to class participants for the purpose of exploring technology integration: More Resources on Technology Integration: Top Case Study Videos on Technology Integration: Back to Top Additional Resources Elsewhere on the Web: Become a Google Apps Ninja. It looks like word finally broke on Twitter yesterday about a project I’ve been working on for about 5 or 6 weeks at my school.

Become a Google Apps Ninja

It started as a “I wonder what would happen if….” project and has turned into a pretty awe inspiring, self-motivated, get-out-of-their-way, dare I say fun project. When I was going through the process of becoming a Google Apps Certified Trainer I was taking the required tests on all the Google Apps. The tests run on Google’s own system and once you press start you have 90 minutes to finish. Google also gives you all the training materials which are public and anyone can learn from. Free Technology for Teachers. TPACK Explained – TPACK.ORG. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) attempts to identify the nature of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching, while addressing the complex, multifaceted and situated nature of teacher knowledge.


The TPACK framework extends Shulman’s idea of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. The Seven Components of TPACK At the heart of the TPACK framework, is the complex interplay of three primary forms of knowledge: Content (CK), Pedagogy (PK), and Technology (TK). The TPACK approach goes beyond seeing these three knowledge bases in isolation.

Web 2.0 Tools A-P. BACKCHANNELING5 Ways to Use Twitter to Avoid a Backchannel Disaster- from 7 Things You Should Know About Backchannel Communication Chatzy-have your own private chat room simply by inviting people and giving them the URL Donut Chat- filter words, manage many rooms and embed in your web site Edmodo- classes can have their own micro blogging network; students can communicate in real time, teachers can post assignments, questions for discussion MicroMobs- "name your mob" and "create your mob"; easily create your group discussion and share info, images, links etc.

Canva Design School — Tutorials. Text message (SMS) polls and voting, audience response system. Free Technology for Teachers. 7 Apps for Special Needs Students. By Jana Rooheart As a special needs teacher, you face new specific challenges with every fresh student. Whether you work in an inclusive classroom or in specialized groups, each child is unlike any other. They have different needs, different behavioral patterns, different challenges and different talents. That is why employing apps and other digital tools for personalizing your approach is very beneficial. EdTech Researcher. Educational Apps Checklists Every Teacher Should Have. The ' checklist mentality ' is something very common among teachers and educators.

We use checklists alot in our work and I personally find them very effective in getting things organized. I use them not only with my students but in my day to day life as well. I have a checklist for my MEd courses in university, another one for blog posts to write about for the next day and so on. Today, I am introducing you to another kind of checklist that you might not be used to before. This one here helps you select the right educational apps to use with your students.