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Brandon Graves is a prolific blogger and web developer at HireWPGeeks. His primary focus is on WordPress, as he creates themes, plugins and custom WordPress websites for businesses. He loves writing informational blogs, exploring new things and sharing his experience with others.

What are the Key Changes in WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate 2? The new version of WordPress i.e WordPress 4.8 is about to release this month.

What are the Key Changes in WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate 2?

The tentative release date is June 8th, 2017. But before the final launch, the core development team of WordPress has announced the release candidate 2 for the latest version of WP to introduce three major changes. If you are excited about this new launch, then you should read out this blog post. Today, we will unveil the key enhancements available in the RC 2 for WordPress 4.8 to let web masters and web developers know everything about this new release.

What’s new in WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate 2? The team of experienced WordPress developers always bring some major changes to let users experience the new way of creating and customizing the site, adding/modifying/updating pages and posts and a lot more in a breeze. What will be new in WordPress 4.8? WordPress is an enormous CMS platform with over 27 percent market share across the digital landscape.

What will be new in WordPress 4.8?

Every year, WordPress introduces some of the few minor as well as major releases. Battle of the Best SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO Vs All in One SEO Pack. Yoast SEO (aka WordPress SEO by Yoast) and the All in One SEO Pack are two of the most comprehensive and popular SEO suites available for WordPress CMS.

Battle of the Best SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO Vs All in One SEO Pack

Joost de Valk and Semper plugins must be rolling in ‘$’ signs by now. In this post, I have taken the two plugins and put them against each other to determine once and for all, which one is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Here’s where things get interesting. • Ease of Setup. Jaw-Dropping WordPress Trends to Check out in 2017. The previous year has been great for WordPress.

Jaw-Dropping WordPress Trends to Check out in 2017

We have seen 26 successful official releases and also experienced thriving WordPress trends such as one-page design, hamburger menu and a lot more in 2016. The CMS platform is getting better and better with every passing year and we are still expecting something more to come from WordPress in 2017. WordPress 4.7.4 is out: What's new in this Maintenance Release? The success of WordPress 4.7 can be seen in the number of its active downloads – around 60 million downloads till now.

WordPress 4.7.4 is out: What's new in this Maintenance Release?

With this unbeatable results, WordPress has announced the release of 4.7.4, which is a maintenance release. The good news is that this latest update has 47 fixes and improvements, addressing both the minor issues as well as the major ones. 10 Best WordPress CV Themes for 2017. The very first impression that you make on the potential HR manager is through your CV.

10 Best WordPress CV Themes for 2017

It determines your capabilities and competency towards specific job profile. This means a resume is one of the most crucial aspects that takes just two minutes to decide whether it’s worth exploring or not. In this competitive digital world, you can’t restrict yourself when it comes to creating a professional-looking CV-based website to describe your education, expertise and working experience. Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses Using WordPress - Deliblogic. In today’s highly competitive online business landscape, content marketing is mandatory for all business firms/organizations that have a good online presence.

Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses Using WordPress - Deliblogic

A well-executed content marketing (the process of producing meaningful and user-centric content) helps them to convey their business message to the targeted audience and bring more traffic to their websites. It helps them to register a sharp growth in online business in a short period of time. However, achieving all these targets is not easy. Content development is a time-consuming process as it takes a lot of time to gather relevant facts and figures, write them in an organized way and ensure the uniqueness of the written stuff. Small business owners that have restricted resources and budget fail to implement their content marketing strategy in a proper manner. So, people often ask how they can hone their content marketing efforts and achieve the end goals? How to Migrate your WordPress Website to The New Host? - Ebuzznet. If you are planning to move your WordPress website to the new host or a server, then this blog post is for you.

How to Migrate your WordPress Website to The New Host? - Ebuzznet

Since WordPress is always hogged up with a ton of memory, it becomes crucial to opt for a web hosting plan, which is optimized for WordPress. If not, then you can migrate your site to the new server. However, most of the website owners find difficulties, such as potential downtime or loss of data while migrating their site to a new host. How to Fight Against Hacker to Protect WordPress Website? - Tech Sparkle. While the WordPress is considered as one of the best solutions for creating user-friendly websites, it is highly vulnerable to security attacks and threats.

How to Fight Against Hacker to Protect WordPress Website? - Tech Sparkle

WordPress webmasters and site owners are continuously struggling to protect their site from hackers. Hackers are easily targeting the websites developed on WordPress platform due to its growing popularity across the world. They get into the site either to steal important information or document or to exploit the online reputation. Top 7 Best Plugins For Language Translation in WordPress - WPChandra. When you create a website, you want it to be accessed by as many people as possible.

Top 7 Best Plugins For Language Translation in WordPress - WPChandra

If you limit your website to just one language, you restrict your potential customers and business as well. If you want to open up your website to the whole world & reach out the global audience easily, you need to add a translation feature to your website. If you operate WordPress websites, you can use WordPress translation plugins to make them multilingual. Here is a collection of 7 best WordPress plugins for language Translation. Just scroll down and see yourself. Here is all plugins lists: 7 Smart Cart Abandonment WordPress Plugins for E-commerce Sites. A large number of online shoppers relinquish the checkout process. If you operate an E-commerce website, then it means that most of the buyers are adding products to their shopping cart, but they are leaving the website before making any buying decision. There might be various reasons of it such as a complicated checkout process, expensive products, complicated sign-up process, etc.

Missing out those potential sales can hurt your E-commerce if you don’t tackle the shopping cart abandonment rate issue as soon as possible. Top 7 WordPress Themes for Niche Websites - Outsource Blog Content. Your website matters. This post is dedicated to WordPress website owners who want to wear their niche on their sleeves (and websites), proud as an eagle. The themes listed in this post aren’t just here for the flashy/trendy design or number of sales. A theme that’s already used by millions just won’t cut it. 7 Best Premium WordPress Themes for Freelancer. There are many people who like to work from home instead of being confined in the four walls of a traditional office or work station.

When you work as a freelancer, you have flexibility to lead your life the way you want and your output remains maximum. Nevertheless, earning a lot of money through freelancing doesn’t depend only on your skills. You have to build a strong online presence, connect yourself with job providers (that offer freelance assignments) and choose the right work for yourself. 7 Smart Mega Menu Plugins for WordPress Website. 7 Best Plugins to Create Portfolio in WordPress. The plethora of WordPress portfolio plugins can help designers, photographers, and other creative artists to build beautiful portfolio websites in no time. WordPress makes it super easy for non-technical users to create and customizes a site because it requires no coding skills.

It means you can develop a fully fledged portfolio sites from the scratch with ease. The best part about these plugins are that they offer a host of advanced features that can help you add additional functionality to your portfolio site, without ever getting your hands dirty in coding. Well, there are tons of WP portfolio themes that can help you create a portfolio site in minutes.

These themes can help you customize the overall design of the site as per your needs. How to Overcome from Common WordPress Development Mistakes. Developing a top-notch WordPress site ( wordpress development )is a serious job. No matter how experienced or professional developer you are, making mistakes have become an integral part of development process.

You make mistakes, and re-correct them yourself. 8 Insightful Tips to Secure WordPress from Being Hacked. 10 Superb Event WordPress Themes 2017 OD N EVN. There are several entrepreneurs who organize conferences and professional events regularly to get in touch with their clients, fans, leads, everyone from whom they can get business opportunities. Generally, cards and invitations are used to organize such events. But, if you do the same thing over the global Internet, everything will change drastically. WordPress Guide: How to Debug your Website - Work Guru. Generally, WordPress websites run smoothly, but, many times it becomes necessary for you to monitor the performance and activity of various plugins and themes you are using on your site. 10 Best Practices to Increase Conversion on WordPress   - TipsFinale.

Brands and enterprises compete heavily for their shares of business over the Internet. Quick Guide: How to Secure your WordPress Site from Hackers. How to Improve User Engagement on Your Blog Powered by WordPress. User Engagement and User Experience of a website are one of the most determining factors of a successful web business.