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Stupid cat jumps into fan. Food-network.jpg (540×590) 200325_700b_v1.jpg (472×1374) XincF.jpg (607×602) Nine Hilariously Awkward Facebook Interactions. What happens when you insult the boss you’ve added as a friend and ask a friend if their child is stoned?

Nine Hilariously Awkward Facebook Interactions

The most hilariously awkward Facebook interactions ever: My Goatee Isn’t Stupid. Follow your heart. Shooting Fish In The Barrel, Why Is It That? (5:44am) Jokes your parents don't get. PICS THAT DON'T SUCK!!! D: Tumblr_lhwmm23fNk1qhgl62o1_500.jpg (500×338) Pictures - This is why you don't brag about sexual encounters on Facebook, people - National Comedy. Married To The Sea - 2,000+ comics by Drew & Natalie Dee - Updates daily at midnight.

97-34.jpg (640×959) Note to Pot-Smoking Neighbors. Did you hear the news? Peculiar randomness. Cruelest Thing I've Ever Seen Done to a Dog; Ultimate Dog Tease - How to Troll Your Dog. The greatest RL troll of all time.‬‏ Video. Log in Feed the Trollz Uzair Nazeer The greatest RL troll of all time.‬‏ posted 3 years ago.

The greatest RL troll of all time.‬‏ Video

Zoom.gif (640×252) Swear Jar. Zoom.gif (640×566) Glued To The Floor Slippers Prank. ← Previous Post Next Post → Glued To The Floor Slippers Prank jon August 25, 2011 0.

Glued To The Floor Slippers Prank

156969_1762167580828_1438257982_1956433_910974_n.jpg (450×600) Thermal Physics Jokes. As we all know, it takes 1 calorie to heat 1 gram of water 1 degree centigrade.

Thermal Physics Jokes

Translated into meaningful terms, this means that if you eat a very cold dessert (generally consisting of water in large part), the natural processes which raise the consumed dessert to body temperature during the digestive cycle literally sucks the calories out of the only available source, your body fat. For example, a dessert served and eaten at near 0 degrees C (32.2 deg. F) will in a short time be raised to the normal body temperature of 37 degrees C (98.6 deg. F). For each gram of dessert eaten, that process takes approximately 37 calories as stated above. 2010-09-14-657stop.gif (720×278)