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Mining gear. Arduino. C# refs. Rasp. d1 mini. Cnc. Sccm. Backup ftp. Banana pi r1. FTDI PID Unbrick. Rc. 433 rasp. Arduino virtual kb. Ec ph raspberry. Touch. NrF24L01. Rf. Sim800l. Nfc. Ssr. RGB LED Common Cathode versus Common Anode. I am playing with the make arduino starter kit I got in the last week like crazy.

RGB LED Common Cathode versus Common Anode

I got so antsy to want to control more than one RGB LED, that I went to radio shack and saw they had a "full color" led. I thought, yay, this looks exactly like the common cathode RGB LED that came in my kit, I'll take 3... Long story short, the wiring for the 2 do not seem to work the same, and all of the info I am finding points to using PWM pins for common anode rgb LED's.

Pan / Tilt face tracking with the raspberry pi.