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London Street Art

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Hookedblog's Best of 2015 — Street Art Videos. The last two years have seen us here at Hookedblog compile a collection of beautifully shot street art films and time lapses videos that we have featured / shared on the blog or on our social channels through out those year.

Hookedblog's Best of 2015 — Street Art Videos

As we are well into 2016 and most people are done with their Top 10 lists of this and that for 2015, we thought now was a good time to finally share our selection of videos that caught our attention or those that we enjoyed watching in this our Hookedblog's Best of 2015 — Street Art Videos post. Check out the selection of videos below and if you think we have missed anything feel free to share your links in the comments section at the bottom of the post. French duo ELLA AND PITR kicked off the year with this video PAR TERRE. featuring a collection of their drawing made between 2013 and 2015 in Chile, Portugal, Canada and France all seen from the sky. Banksy invited everyone to make 2015 “the year YOU discover a new destination” Femme Fierce Reloaded 2015 Review! It finally happened, Femme Fierce Reloaded hit Leake Street for the second year running to raise money and awareness for the Plan UK charity “Because I Am A Girl” campaign, which sets to end such acts as forced marriage and FGM in children.

Femme Fierce Reloaded 2015 Review!

All on International Women’s Day and with 150 or so female artists participating, travelling from all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the globe, in the largest all female paint jam ever. We at London Calling Blog arrived at just after 8am in order to be there to enjoy the fun and festivities of the next eleven hours, which promised to be an exceptional event and certainly didn’t disappoint. Just Incredible, anyone who took part viewing the days events and the magic worked will agree, I am sure. Bright and early at 8am, the artists were waiting to register and receive their paint, paid for through a successful Kickstarter campaign,and get the event started.

Fio Silva working away at a fast pace on her contribution to the festival. Stedhead. Login. Living for Love <small>Artist - Pegasus. Installed February 2015</small> It was over 80 years ago, when a coquettish, and somewhat salacious cartoon character slinked onto the silver screen, courtesy of Fleischer Studios, 1600 Broadway, New York.

Living for Love <small>Artist - Pegasus. Installed February 2015</small>

Her name was Betty Boop. Her enduring symbolism - as an independent, autonomous feminine icon - has continued to this day; the power of the caricature suddenly a resurgent token as the 21-st century struggles to find credible role models for society's leaders. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Betty Boop, a symbol of the Depression era, can communicate such simple, yet effective messaging. The appropriation of the cartoon and comic figure has evolved, through Pop Art in the 1960s, via the work of Lichenstein and Warhol, into the modern era, with street artists such as Keith Haring, and more recently the likes of Banksy, D*Face, Bambi and a legion of media-mocking urban art practitioners.

It is no coincidence that a Chicago-born, London-based street artist named Pegasus cites Warhol as an influence. Street artist captures UK wildlife in murals around London – in pictures. Why we painted over Berlin’s most famous graffiti. The sound of a megaphone shrills through the cold Berlin night air.

Why we painted over Berlin’s most famous graffiti

Some passersby yell at us in anger. Others silently wipe tears off their cheeks. “It’s the first time in my career as an artist that somebody is booing me,” says a voice next to me. We stop painting for a moment to watch the small crowd that has gathered on the other side of the fence, about 25 metres beneath our lifting platform.

But there’s little time for introspection: almost 1,000 sq m of brick wall still needs to be covered with black paint by tomorrow morning. Last week, from late Thursday night to early Friday morning, I and several others painted over two murals by Italian artist Blu in Kreuzberg, often referred to as Berlin’s most iconic street art. Seven years after the monumental wall pieces came into being, we felt it was time for them to vanish, along with the fading era in Berlin’s history that they represented.

Street Artists

Streetart, urban style, illustration and arts projects. Alex Senna: A NXNE Art Artist Preview. Water Lane in Camden Gets a Street Art Makeover as Boxhead adds to Londons Latest Outdoor Gallery. These days one of the most exciting places to see street art is in Camden as the sheds and walls around Camden Lock Market continue to be painted at a rate of knots.

Water Lane in Camden Gets a Street Art Makeover as Boxhead adds to Londons Latest Outdoor Gallery

Curated by The Real Art of Street Art, I first visited the project last month when Zabou was painting one of the sheds. Since then loads more have been completed and the only frustration is that you can’t see them all as when the market is open as when the doors are open the art is hidden from view. Given that the painted sheds are workplaces in their own right it means that you’ve just got to visit before or after closing time. S Blog: Search Results. I have a lot of street art (grafitti) photographs to post from the past couple of months (or longer, in some cases).

s Blog: Search Results

The street art scene in east London has also gotten busier at the moment as the weather has improved, and I have been noticing several new pieces that popped up since the end of last week. I'll be posting these in time, but for now, have a look at these pieces below. NZM and James Boy Unify Ben Murphy (covered here: Street Art: Ben Murphy and 616) has been busy this year, and this is a new piece that appeared on Great Eastern Street, next to Millo's work. Millo and Benjamin Murphy. PichiAvo – Art, design, graffiti.


616. Street artists unveiled #3 Interview with animator and street artist Dr Cream. Early this year I discovered playful stencils of jesters in the streets of Shoreditch.

Street artists unveiled #3 Interview with animator and street artist Dr Cream

No-one seemed to know who the artist was so I decided to post photos on Flickr and named the album ‘Who’s the new joker in town?’. Shortly after this, fellow Dutchie living in London Claude Crommelin, respected photographer and author of the book New Street Art, came to the rescue and revealed to me the artist name: Dr Cream. He told me that the ‘jokers’ I had spotted were actually called ‘Rolling Fools’ and sent me a link of a short YouTube video that really intrigued me. As a clever detective I managed to find Dr Cream’s contact details and wrote him asking for an interview. Just a few weeks later we met in a cafe and in a couple of hours, Dr Cream told me his fascinating story starting at art college to study pottery, after which he worked as an animator on famous films and now is a versatile street artist.

Living Legend by Adam Siemieńczyk. New Amy Winehouse street art appears in Camden Town. Bambi’s Amy Winehouse piece on a wall in Bayham Street Artist Jason Howarth working on his Amy mural in Albert Street Published: 12 September, 2013 by FRANKIE GOODWAY TWO new street art pictures of Amy Winehouse have appeared in Camden Town amid plans to mark what would have been the singer’s 30th birthday this weekend.

New Amy Winehouse street art appears in Camden Town

Bambi, the much-admired artist sometimes referred to as “the female Banksy”, has left a fresh work on a wall in Bayham Street. This adds to a picture of Amy which is a stopping point for passers-by in Camden Road. London 2012: Banksy and street artists' Olympic graffiti. For many, London is the number one place in the world for street art.

London 2012: Banksy and street artists' Olympic graffiti

But now as the Olympics approaches, many artists are complaining that artwork is being removed in some areas but not in others. Meandering among the market stalls and curry restaurants of Brick Lane in east London are people stopping to soak up the street art. Tourists armed with camera phones and art lovers with high-end cameras all stand to absorb the stencils and murals which adorn every available space. Get Rich or Try Sharing - Camden Town - News - Mau Mau. London Shoreditch Street Art Tours. The weekend of 10th and 11th of May saw a huge street art “rehang” in the ever changing gallery of Shoreditch walls.

London Shoreditch Street Art Tours

Despite the rain, the best of London’s spraycan painters had a productive weekend. Jim Vision assisted Louis Masai raising awareness of looming eco-catastrophe with the #saveTheBees mural. Save The Bees – Masai Perhaps by chance this was the wall where a few of our finest ran into a spot of bother with the feds the previous weekend, a truly bizarre situation partially rectified this weekend when the wall was painted not once but twice!! This piece featuring Blair Zaye, Ubangibangi and others lasted barely 24 hours. Dropping the bomb with absolute aplomb. Id-iom in Camden Town. We caught up with the London based duo last week in Camden Town. The brothers work is instantly recognizable for its quirkiness, bold use of colors and witty subject matters. This time they opted for a futuristic version of a sex doll (yes you read it right) partly inspired by the works of Isaac Asimov; disguised as a mock advertising with a “Coming soon” logo.

The piece was completed with a tiny blue LED light bulb which was placed at the eye of the character. You can keep up to date with Id-iom via their blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed and on their Instagram account. In pictures: East London murals by Global Street Art. Global Street Art, in their own words: It’s hard to believe we’ve only been organising murals for two years – we start in March 2012! There was never a plan at the start – it was simply that my artist friends were painting the same legal walls again and again and their pieces didn’t last. We sought to take away the administrative burden from artists by asking for permission on their behalf.

Asking a landlord for permission isn’t easy if you have a full-time job or are just visiting London from another country. And with that, we started asking people if we could paint their walls, hoardings, shutters and trucks. As we built up a track record we found more people were open to having their spaces painted. Banksy street works to be auctioned in London. 24 April 2014Last updated at 14:08 ET The exhibition organisers believe the artworks could fetch more than £2m collectively A collection of street art by Banksy, removed from walls, has gone on display at a London hotel before the works are sold at auction.

The seven artworks on show include No Ball Games, Liverpool Rat and Girl With Balloon. Banksy said the exhibition did not have his consent. Auction house Bonhams said buyers should be wary of buying artwork which had not been authenticated. Organiser Sincura Group said it "sensitively salvages" artwork. No Ball Games was stencilled by Banksy on a wall in London Banksy's 2Rat mural has been valued at £200,000. LDNGraffiti Blog - London Graffiti Street Art documented. Ventures out and about, featuring streets, walls, halls of fame, exhibitions and just about anything found in and around London. New: Frontline Magazine - Call for submissions!

UKFrontline are looking for photos of London graffiti for submission to Issue 3 of 'Frontline', London's underground graffiti magazine. New: LDN Events updated - 09/04/2014 New events added including Rone at StolenSpace, Gustavo Ortiz at Pure Evil Department Store, YZ, Roy's People and more in London. Walls and Shutters - 31/03/2014. PLAY IS SOUL FOOD – LOS REYES. Los Reyes is a important part of the beginning of the PLAY IS SOUL FOOD project journey. :) :) :) It is located on the south east boarder of the state of mexico and the federal district (D.F/ mexico city).

A area where it has never really been the most economically stable, Los Reyes is, like many village areas in Mexico, over populated and still slightly under developed; cost of education is high, environmental, political and financial conflicts strongly determine the rate of development. However, although the people deal with many trying issues in their everyday life, there has always been a strong sense of community.

The everyday faces of the daily passers by become acquaintances, friends, family friends and even family members. This is a important teaching everyone should never forget. ‘Home is where the heart is’ and if you have heart within your communities, you will always find a home within your surrounding. Stonehenge. Location: Glastonbury, U.K. Banksy presented his on take on Stonehenge in 2007. 8. There Is Always Hope, 2007 — The 50 Greatest Banksy Works of All Time. Street artist Phlegm’s murals from around the world. Phlegm, Comic Frames, Sheffield. Phlegm, Comic Frames, Sheffield See more by Phlegm.

Phlegm. Paint the town: the best women graffiti artists – in pictures. Rachael Cutmore Art Blog. Bringing Street Art to your Finger Tips. Interview with Artista as She Talks Toast and Prepares for her Group Show at the Cre8 Gallery. The current character of choice is toast! Literally, it’s toast! Flying toast, toast with cheese, toast on cardboard, toast is everywhere and is the latest in the production line of fun cartoony characters from the mind of London based artist Kayleigh Doughty otherwise known as Artista. Never2501 on Instagram. Video: Last Breath II - with Phlegm / RUN / Christiaan Nagel. Street Art: Jonesy - Jenikya's Blog. I've been capturing some photographs across London of street art by an artist known as Jonesy.

Jonesy creates sculptures and drawings (pasted up). Jonesy Street Art in London, the Artist Who is Our Little Secret. From The Bronx to Brick Lane: The rise of street art tourism in Shoreditch. Bright neon colours, socio-political messages and complex paste-ups regularly draw visitors down the alleyways of the East End. LondonGrafInterviews. Top 5 Street Art Picks. Arte urbano de Madrid para Madrid.

GRAFFITI – Plin face in London. Amid my latest trek to the Shoreditch area of London there was one face that kept popping up again and again, everywhere I went…. I didn’t instantly know whether they were all by one artist or by a whole host of different people but I’m assuming they are all by the artist PLIN. A quick Google search has revealed only one other image on Flickr and located the ones that I have already tagged on Flickr too. Out of all the faces only two have a signature with them reading Plin or actually is that Plim??

Rather than opting for one style the artist here has painted some onto brickwork, used aerosol cans for others, pasted a few pre-made ones up and even produced a few stickers aswell. Mjar — Print Release. New screen print release from Mjar. From the rooftops to the streets with The Lost Souls. After an eventful 2013, one of the most slickest group of illustrators in UK’s street art scene The Lost Souls which consists of fours members SPZero76, Captain Kris, Squirl and SiMitchell were back to doing what they do best for 2014 and that’s paint fun and colour characters. STATIC - LONDON.

Areas - Street Art

Jimmy C. Pure Evil — 25 Shoreditch Street Artists You Need to Know. Israeli street artists Broken Fingaz Crew street art in London. Guide to London Street Art: Banksy, Eine, Herakut, The Village Underground, Obey Giant, T Magic, Faile, K-Guy, Bortusk Leer, Invader Artist, Blu, Cartrain, D*face. Lost Souls Crew @ Rockwell HouseEndOfTheLine. Magazine » SpraycanArt. Warsaw Street Art. Just another site. Mobstr's conversation with the Newcastle City Council. MadC's Stunning New London Mural. THE ORGAN. London Art Spot: Stik Interview (Part 2) Red Squirrel: Stik @ Subway Gallery. Random Graffiti of the Week: Space Invaders! Interviews … Baroness Von Reichardt of the Treatment Rooms. Chiswick's Local Web site. Mosaic Matters - Feature Items. 40ft mosaic for incarcerated Black Panthers. The 2013 Inspiring City Street Art London Review of the Year. Parsing out the urban art grab bag. Street Art London – fresh London street art, graffiti & culture.

The Surreal Side of Street Art. George the Dog John the Artist exhibition at Howard Griffin Gallery. Walton Fine Arts - Bambi Street Artist - Exclusive Agent For All Original Artwork Contemporary, Modern, Pop and Street Collectible Art - Bambi Artist Agent for All Original Art. Street Artist Art Collaborations in Shoreditch London. Outstanding Art By 9 of the Best Street Artists. Professional vandals. Guide to London Street Art: Banksy, Eine, Herakut, The Village Underground, Obey Giant, T Magic, Faile, K-Guy, Bortusk Leer, Invader Artist, Blu, Cartrain, D*face. The secret colonies of graffiti artists and skateboarders. Artofdavidwalker. Street art tours reveal hidden treasure. Stik and Eyes Cream by Ink Fetish. Street Art London – fresh London street art, graffiti & culture. Brazilian Street artist Cranio's new London mural - This is id-iom. Conor Harrington x Maser New Mural In London, UK StreetArtNews.

LDN Blog - Mobstr, 616 and more: The end of the story so far - 17/02/2013. Malarky. Louis Masai Michel. Street art. 11 More Pieces of London Street Art. Street Art London – fresh London street art, graffiti & culture. LSD (London Street-Art Design) Magazine. Street Art. London street art tours from Street Art London – Gallery.