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Bar Plans - Free Bar Plans. Free technical plans, books, patterns, software... The Free projects category is dedicated to people who find pleasure in making various useful things from wood or metal.

Free technical plans, books, patterns, software...

Every single man that has done something with his own hands knows what a great satisfaction it is to look at a finished assembly. That satisfaction comes out from the quality time he spent, applying of knowledge and experience, overcoming many challenges and obstacles that emerge during the manufacture and also from the fact that he made some useful thing with his own hands and does not have to buy it. People are much more attached to the things that they made by themselves than to the industrial products, even if their own handwork is usually simpler. And because of that pleasure, here we are offering you the plans for manufacturing various items, regardless whether they are rarity in the market or common everyday objects – from a completely simple to quite complex ones.

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