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Man Pays Mom's $.10 Parking Ticket 57 Years After It Was Issued. Pentagon Will Help Families Travel to Dover. Department of Defense, via PressAn undated photograph released by the U.S.

Pentagon Will Help Families Travel to Dover

Department of Defense shows the flag-draped coffins of U.S. war casualties arriving at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Updated | March 19 Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today that the Pentagon would pay for families to travel to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware if they want to be present when the body or remains of a loved one is returned from war. Mr. Gates announced last month that the Pentagon was reversing its longstanding policy of barring media coverage during the repatriation of fallen soldiers at Dover. The Department of Defense later made video of Mr. He said that if several bodies arrived at Dover together on the same flight, the media could record the repatriation ceremony only of those soldiers whose families had given permission.

If a family wants to be present and their travel would not delay the return to the United States of the soldier, Mr. Mr. Gods all bless, Veterans. The ones who are and the ones who have gone before.

Gods all bless, Veterans

Today and every day I think of you, what you are doing, what you have done, what you have been, what you have built, what you endure, what you represent, the good that so many of you have done and continue to do, the pain that so many of you have borne and continue to bear, the guilt and sorrow that are poor reparations for going to do what you were told was right and proper. Whoever you are, whatever your sex and race and sexual orientation, wherever you've served, whatever is laid to your account, I wish you an end to pain, good years on this earth, full nights of real sleep without dreams, and the comradeship of those who learned the same truths as you.

I wish you respect from your community, service from the government that promised to help you in return for hard work at thankless jobs, and promises kept. True Size of Africa. Freedom Rider Joan. They too needed emancipation...

Freedom Rider Joan

--Ulysses S. Grant This is Joan Trumpauer Mulholland's mugshot. She is the woman below whose sitting at the Woolworth counter with canister full of sugar emptied all over her. I got this photo from the website for the book Breach of Peace, which is itself an arresting and stunning artistic feat. I was surfing through Eric's site yesterday while working on the Rand Paul entry when I came across this letter, in which a superintendent of the jail where Mulholland is being kept, writes her mother.

I have your letter in regards to your daughter Joan Trumpower. I don't mean to pick on Rand Paul over this courage point. Sorry, I digress. I've got the movement in my blood, but no way can I imagine being white, nineteen, violating the law, and being sent off to jail. We need to be careful about talking up what we "would have done. " Inch by inch, Barack Obama is moving mountains - Times Online. What the fuck has Obama done so far?